2015 Clean Up Day

FOCL Clean Up Day-2015-32

The 2015 All Lake Clean Up got started dodging weather as Claytor Lake was plagued by showers on Saturday and cooler temperatures and wind on Sunday. The Friends of Claytor Lake kept at it getting volunteers both by land and water to help collect trash floating along the shoreline and in the water. Tires, plastic bottles, styrofoam, diapers, cigarette butts, and more were all collected and put in dumpsters provided by Pulaski County for disposal.

Mountain 2 Island Paddleboard Company also got involved in the evening during calmer waters collecting trash in the upper part of Claytor Lake.

FOCL Clean Up Day-2015-02

There were 3 locations to drop off trash from volunteers and boaters.

  • Claytor Lake State Park Boat Ramp
  • Harry DeHaven Park Boat Ramp
  • Shop-Eez Boat Ramp


The Friends of Claytor lake were able to collect:

  • 45 bags of trash
  • 9 large blocks of styrofoam
  • 1 raft
  • 1 basketball
  • 2 plastic chairs
  • 2 large buckets
  • and a toaster oven.