2013 Clean Up Day

The morning started off gloomy with a sky full of clouds and rain at Claytor Lake’s Harry DeHaven Park to kick off the second annual All Lake Clean Up Day by FOCL. Shortly after the first few volunteers arrived, skies began to dry up, blue was being seen over the cliffs at Claytor Lake, and the Clean Up Day Began!
Clean Up Day 2013-20
Jackson & Valerie Beamer, Cheri Strenz, Larry Moore, and Laura Walters all gathered to begin cleaning up Claytor Lake and accepting bags that residents, boaters, and volunteers brought into Harry DeHaven Park.

Clean Up Day 2013-01photoClean Up Day 2013-39
Harry DeHaven public boat launch getting a good cleaning as well as Mattern and Palmer Voorhees on their sea doo helping clean up shoreline.

Clean Up Day 2013-16Clean Up Day 2013-50Clean Up Day 2013-27
The Friends of Claytor Lake brought in 107.1 WPSK for a 2 hour live remote getting everyone in the listening areas to come on our and help clean this beautiful lake.  The Waterway Cafe was launched and floating donating ice cream to volunteers turning in bags as well as our FOCL Barge, the Miss Pulaski, out accepting bags with two of our clean up crew, Tony Stammers and Richard Meredith, taking time on their weekend to help out.

Clean Up Day 2013-41

Not to even begin to mention the mammoth job Virginia Shoreline www.vashoreline.com did filling up their pontoon boat and other boats full of bags and other sunken items.  Jamie Riggins and his crew pulled off the record for one haul of our Clean Up Day!


2013 Clean Up Day Results:

(more coming in..)

178 Bags of Trash
11 Tires
14 Tires with Wheels
2 Truck Tires with Wheels
1 Boat Floorboard
1 Metal Strap
20 large and small pieces of styrofoam
10 plastic chairs
1 refrigerator
3 buckets (5 gallon size)
1 plastic bucket
2 buoys
1 55 gallon drum
1 white 5ft pipe
1 message in a bottle (more to follow…)

Estimated over 10 tons of trash from Claytor Lake!

The Friends of Claytor Lake could not have accomplished any of this without the support and dedication of our supporters, our Board of Directors, Our fantastic supporters of AEP, Pulaski County, VDGIF, VDEQ, VDCR, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Virginia Eagle Distributors, and Virginia Shoreline,

Dumpster Divers today: Mike & Carol Hoffman, Darryl Sarver, Larry & Irene Killough, John Johnson, Mike Mcleod, Jan Woodword, Jackson & Valerie Beamer, Cheri Strenz, Larry Moore, Ranny Akers.

Special Thanks to Our neighborhood Captains:

Amy Hunter – Little Wytheville
Jim Kelly – Blackberry Lane
Chris Meade – Peak Creek
Larry Bandolin – Cecil’s Chapel
Jan Woodward – Cecil’s Chapel
Virginia Ash – Cabinland
Larry Moore – Lakeview
Jackson Beamer – Claytor Lake Estates
Cheri Strenz – Woods on the Lake, Felts Hollow, Smith Hollow
Judy Nelson – The Cliffs & Redwood
Fran Baldwin – Hidden Valley
Sara Metcalfe – Texas Hollow
Stu Vaught – Twin Coves
John Johnson – Merry Point
Bill Cunningham – Lakeland
Laura Walters & Jeff Arnold – Dublin Hollow
Jeanie Jones – Dam area, West
Danny & Lynn Morris – Waterway Cafe

Chris Doss for all his help at the Claytor Lake State Park

Ronnie Nichols for all his work with Pulaski County and donating the dumpsters for our event.

Harold Chrisley for allowing FOCL to utilize the Shop-eez parking lot at Lowman’s Ferry Bridge

And, of course, a huge thank you to the FOCL supporters, residents, boaters, fishermen, skiers, sea dooers, and everyone that jumped on board and made 2013 3 times the clean up day than last year.  Our beautiful Claytor Lake deserves it!