Claytor Lake Clean Up

The Friends of Claytor Lake (FOCL) is hard at work year around collecting trash and debris from all over Claytor Lake. Learn more about our efforts and contact us to help keep Claytor Lake beautiful.  For our 2012 clean up drive we have worked hard to make clean up efforts easy for lake residents and boaters.  We have placed several trash dumpsters on the lake ready to receive trash that you have collected in our designated bags.  These dumpster locations are marked on the map below.  FOCL will be handing out free tote bags to boaters dropping off trash at any of the dumpsters or clean up boats.

View Clean Up Map 2012 in a larger map

The Friends of Claytor Lake in conjunction with lake residents, visitors, and many great organizations organized its first annual clean up day.  Several trash bins were strategically placed in areas around Claytor Lake so participants could easily deliver clean up material to FOCL.  The FOCL barge and pontoon boat, as well as boats provided by Pulaski County, were motoring around the lake to accept trash from residents and boaters. All culminated into a great day for Claytor Lake and our community.  The results of clean up day are below with additional drop offs continuing in the late afternoon.

  • 48 – bags of trash
  • 5 – Tires
  • 9 – Pieces of styrofaom
  • 3 – Chairs
  • 2 – Plastic Barrels
  • 1 – Plastic trash can
  • 1 – piece of plywood
  • 1 – Broken Canoe
  • 1 – Wheel



The Friends of Claytor Lake would like to thank everyone who came out and assisted in the clean up program.  It is the people and organizations like this which make our community a terrific place to live and visit.  FOCL would like to thank the Sea Scouts and Tim Ritchey, Chris Doss and the Claytor Lake State Park, Claytor Lake Watersports and Johnny Garrett, Coast Guard Auxilary Flotilla 83 and Dave Gruber, Mike Burchett and the Rockhouse Marina, Conrad Brothers Marina, Pulaski County and Ronnie Nichols & Peter Huber, Claytor Lake Fishing Group and Scott Cook, The Boy Scouts of America and Chris Dempsey, Blue Ridge Jet Ski Club and Dennis Jones, WaterWay Cafe and Danny Morris, Gary Roseberry, Mike McCloud and the Virginia Deparment of Environmental Quality, and George Santucci and the National Committee for the New River . FOCL would also like to thank its members and neighborhood captains for their extraordinary effort.

  • Little Wytheville – Amy Hunter
  • Blackberry Lane – Jim Kelly
  • Lakeridge & Waterfront Farms – Tom Kullis
  • Peak Creek – Chris Meade & Todd Brewster
  • Cecil’s Chapel – Larry Bandolin
  • Cabinland & Shadowlands – Virginia Ash
  • LakeView – Larry Moore
  • Claytor Lake Estates – Jackson Beamer
  • The Cliffs & Redwood – Judy Nelson
  • Woods on the Lake – Felts Hollow – Smith Hollow – Cheri & Bob Strenz
  • Hidden Valley – Fran Baldwin
  • Texas Hollow – Sara Metcalfe
  • Twin Coves – Stu Vaught and Chuck Long
  • Merry Point – John Johnson
  • Lakeland – Bill Cunningham
  • Dublin Hollow & Roseberry Hollow – Laura Walters & Jeff Arnold

Also a special thanks goes out to the FOCL members who stood by our drop off points to help residents and boaters:

  • Allisonia – Brian Bongard
  • Lowman’s Ferry Bridge – Cheri & Bob Strenz
  • Rock House Marina – Deborah Pepe 
  • Claytor Lake State Park – Laura Bullard & Ranni Akers
  • Hidden Valley – John Johnson & Mike McCloud
  • Harry DeHaven Park – Larry Moore & Jackson Beamer

Special thanks to Gary Roseberry and the cleanup crew for working the barge, President Laura Walters & Jeff Arnold for working the FOCL pontoon boat and especially Cheri Strenz and FOCL’s Educational, Communication, and Public Relations Committee for the hard work in getting the word out along with Mike Hoffman and our Environmental Committee for working with the community and organizations in putting together the necessary resources for a successful Claytor Lake Clean Up Day!  We would also like to thank terrific people like the Bass family (Henry, Lisa & Ethan), George Valach and his family, and also C.C. DeHoff and her family who took a moment to check out FOCL’s website and called us for information on how to help and all the other families and individuals that took time out of their Saturday to help clean up the lake.

If you still want to help your community, bags are still available for individual clean up efforts.  Please contact FOCL and help us keep Claytor Lake beautiful.  If you would like to Donate to The Friends of Claytor Lake and help play a key roll in continued efforts and next year’s clean up day, please don’t hesitate to contact us or make your donation!