Fish Habitat Project

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland, along with AEP, The Friends of Claytor Lake, and local anglers began installing more substantial fish habitat this year in Claytor Lake.  These projects included the annual “Christmas for the Fishes” program, installing Spider block, as well as using recycled concrete, trees, and rock to construct mounds of habitat stretching from Peak Creek to Roseberry Hollow on Claytor Lake.

Claytor Lake


Claytor Lake April 2015 (Ian) Decals

The 2015 “Christmas for the Fishes” project which placed close to 100 recycled Christmas Trees together and sunk around the Claytor Lake State Park for fish habitat.

Above are spider block style fish habitat that VDGIF, AEP, and FOCL installed in Claytor Lake along with help from local anglers to locate them in prominent fishing areas on Claytor Lake.