2017 Drawdown Approaching

FOCL pushes for a 5 foot Drawdown!!!

Claytor Lake

Starting on November 6, 2017, American Electric Power will be starting the 2017 drawdown on Claytor Lake. The lake will be drawn down 1 ft per day until it reaches 5 feet below full pond (1841′) on Saturday.  The lake will begin to refill on Sunday November 18th with full pond being reached by November 22nd.

Claytor LakeThe purpose of the Drawdown is to provide lake property owners opportunity to perform shoreline maintenance, stabilization, cleanup, and dock and seawall repairs. Permits are required for stabilization and dock expansions. The Friends of Claytor Lake also perform an extensive mussel salvage operation which will be conducted Saturday morning November 11th. The salvage will include teams of volunteers covering important areas of the lake and gently putting exposed mussels back into the water for survival.

This is where you come in!!

The salvage operation is done in cooperation with VDGIF, AEP, VDCR, and Pulaski County. If you would like to volunteer to help FOCL do mussel salvage on Saturday November 11th, please contact Laura Bullard at sunnyside@psknet.com or (540) 392-3055.

When/where to meet: 
9:00am, Saturday Nov 11 at
Claytor Lake State Park (CLSP) (Marina Meeting Facility)
or Harry DeHaven Park (off Owen’s Rd)

It is critical for homeowners to help FOCL continue drawdowns. FOCL needs homeowners help by performing mussel salvage around their shoreline by gently tossing mussels back into the water as well as letting FOCL know what other projects were accomplished during drawdown. IT IS CRITICAL that all property owners either fill out the drawdown cards included in the recently released Fall Newsletter or below is a form you can fill out submit to FOCL to help us keep Drawdown on Claytor Lake. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (540) 395-FOCL.

Drawdown Form: