2016 Minutes


Present:  Cheri Strenz, Bill Cunningham, Jeff Caldwell, Laura Walters, Jeff Arnold, John Johnson, Dave Dobyns, Laura Bullard, Larry Killough, Cecil Doyle, Larry Moore, Darryl Sarver, Ranny Akers, Pete Huber, Chris Meade, Jackson Beamer, Michael Valach, Dean Jackson, Page Brookshire, Dave Stevenson, Joan Stevenson

Minutes from the October 10, 2016 Board meeting were approved as written.

President Cheri Strenz:  Cheri presented Page Brookshire, RU student, who might serve as intern for FOCL this winter.  Christmas Dinner is Dec 8 at 6:00 at MK’s.  We are participating in Toys for Tots again this year.

Organizational Development:  Laura Bullard presented Bylaw amendments recommended by the Committee regarding Board term limits, a President Elect position, and committee chairs.  A motion was made, seconded and approved to continue discussion about the amendments via email with the intention of voting on them at the January 2017 Board meeting.

Clean-Up Report: Dave Dobyns shared that clean-up operations are drawing to a close for the year.  Collected to date have been 190.25 loads of woody debris, 48 tires,  410 trash bags, 11 (55 gal) barrels, 14 docks, a picnic table, miscellaneous pipes, and a set of metal steps.  Woody debris will be burned in December.  On Nov 22 the crew will work with the fish habitat project.  Equipment will then be winterized.  Cheri calculated 7 mil pounds of woody debris were collected over this season

Financial Resources:  Report for November 10 provided by Bill Cunningham was approved as presented.

Environmental Resources: Laura Walters reported that FOCL has received a $4,000 grant from the Community Foundation for small boat for the clean-up crew.  A fish habitat project has been planned for Nov 22 along the State Park shore from Park cabins to Hidden Valley.  Trees will be felled and cabled at 5 to 6 sites; maps of these locations are available from Laura.

Donation Committee:  According to Darryl Sarver total donations are down 37% from 2015.  What do we do?  Cheri recommended that in the spring Board members write individual notes to people who have not donated. Jeff C. suggested a different strategy for donation reminders.

Events Committee:  Meeting will be scheduled soon per Cheri.

Executive Director Report:  None.

The meeting was adjourned.   

Closed Session was held to discuss Board concerns.


Present:  Cheri Strenz, Bill Cunningham, Jeff Caldwell, Jeff Arnold, Laura Walters, John Johnson, Dave Dobyns, Cecil Doyle, Chris Meade, Dave Stevenson, Jackson Beamer, Larry Killough, Steve Rapp, David Peake, Joe Guthrie, Mike Burchett, Pete Huber, and Michael Valach

Minutes of Board meeting September 8, 2016 were approved as written.

President Cheri Strenz:  Christmas Dinner has been scheduled for December 8th at MK’s. Cheri discussed the letter to intervene for the pipeline proposal.   

Organizational Development:  Cheri Strenz talked about the 25th Anniversary for next year. Will schedule an Events committee meeting to plan Spring Splash at a tentative May 7th date. Mike Burchett talked about the FOCL Fall Classic results and success and noted improvements to the event for next year. Cheri talked about no longer doing the Bass4Grass tournament in lieu of the Fall Classic. Cheri talked about the open forum meeting at Rockhouse Marina with anglers to address their concerns about vegetation and clean up. Cheri also discussed upcoming By-Law amendments that will be presented at November’s Board Meeting.

Clean-Up Report:  Dave Dobyns reported that collected to date have been 180.25 roll off loads of woody debris, 67 tires, 368 trash bags, 10 barrels, 10 docks.  They are now between Spooky Hollow and Ridpath Hollow.  The abutment is completed and will be certified by the Army Corp of Engineers.

Financial Report: The report for Sept 8 by Bill Cunningham was accepted as presented.

Environmental Resources:   Laura Walters reported that we are still planning on more artificial habitat from the Camp Powhatan dam concrete. Already planted piles of concrete is starting to be silted in and less visible for angler sonar. Follow up on the water celery planting are starting to produce pods for further growth. Pulaski County High School is set up and ready to start growing vegetation for the lake. Laura wants to discuss other planting areas along with angler suggestions.

Donor Report:  Jeff Caldwell stated that donations are still not up to the 2015 level. Jeff asked the board for help in drumming up more support within their communities.

Events:  Jeff Caldwell discussed different ideas for the 25th Anniversary which would include a more social event in replacement of Spring Splash without auctions and possibly consider going back to Nesslerod. 

Executive Director Report: Jeff Caldwell expressed concern about reporters wanting detailed financial information and donor information for the Fall Classic tournament and asked the board for recommendations on information we would be willing to divulge. 

Other Business: Joe Guthrie talked about the Pulaski County rowing team and asked for more financial support for the team.

The meeting was adjourned.


Present:  Cheri Strenz, Bill Cunningham, Jeff Caldwell, Jeff Arnold, Laura Walters, Laura Bullard, John Johnson, Dave Dobyns, Ranny Akers, Darryl Sarver, Cecil Doyle, Chris Meade, Dave Stevenson, Jackson Beamer, Larry Killough, Steve Rapp, David Peake, Joe Guthrie

Minutes of Board meeting July 14, 2016 were approved as written.

President Cheri Strenz:  FOCL’s Fall Classic fishing tournament will be Saturday, Sept 10.  About 200 boats have registered so far.  Bass Nation will handle registration, flight out, check in, weigh in and returning fish to lake.  People are needed for parking and security in lots; also shuttling fishermen within the park.  All funding for the event has been donated. 

Organizational Development:  No report.

Clean-Up Report:  Dave Dobyns reported that collected to date have been 147 roll off loads of woody debris, 35 tires, 307 trash bags, 9 barrels, 7 docks, a large pipe and one picnic table.  They are now between the Park cabins and Hidden Valley.  The abutment is coming along slowly but looks good and will be ready for next year.

Financial Report: The report for July 14 through Sept 8 by Bill Cunningham was accepted as presented.  Fall Classic funds will go into a separate fund.

Environmental Resources:   Laura Walters reported that the placement of additional concrete in the lake for fish habitat will be postponed to Sept 17 and 18.  That same week water celery (“eel grass”) might also be harvested for Pulaski Co. High School to grow over the winter.  Jeff Arnold and John Copeland have finished sonar mapping of aquatic vegetation.  Laura is working with Joe Guthrie on a DGIF grant to sponsor the High School’s rowing team.   According to Joe, the High School is also looking for an adult volunteer to help with the team; a stipend might be available.  The rowing team is now officially a club and is getting more interest from students.  Laura reported that they are still working with VDOT about the vegetation cut along the road to Lowman’s Ferry Bridge; and she is also working on a Community Foundation grant for a flatbottom boat for FOCL.

Donor Report:  Darryl Sarver stated that donations have been better since July 14, but are still not up to the 2015 level.

Events:  Laura Walters announced that the Angler Committee has scheduled a public meeting for 6:30 p.m.  Sept 28 at Rock House Marina to discuss concerns within the fishing community and to provide information.  A panel will consist of representatives from AEP, the County, DGIF and FOCL.  Board members are asked to attend. 

Executive Director Report: Jeff Caldwell recommended cancelling future Bass4Grass fishing tournaments in favor of doing  only the Fall Classic tournament since the benefactors want to do it annually.  Following discussion, it was decided to first see how this Fall Classic turns out.  A contract with the benefactors was recommended.  Jeff is looking into broader liability for the Board.   Darryl Sarver will also look into coverage. 

Other Business:  The new swing sets are being used at DeHaven Park.

The meeting was adjourned. 


Present:  Cheri Strenz, Bill Cunningham, Laura Walters, Jeff Caldwell, Jeff Arnold, Dave Dobyns, Buddy Johnston, Ranny Akers, Pete Huber, Cecil Doyle, John Johnson, Darryl Sarver, Maggie Whitt, Jackson Beamer, Dean Jackson, David Peake, Laura Bullard, Larry Killough

Minutes for the June 9, 2016 Board meeting were approved as written.

President Cheri Strenz:  Complaints were received about clear cut of trees and vegetation by VDOT along road and cove at Lowman’s Ferry Bridge; Cheri & Laura W. asked that replanting be done by VDOT, and that before VDOT cut again next to the lake they notify AEP or FOCL.  DeHaven swings and volleyball court are in and finished.  Information about the Annual Meeting scheduled for Saturday morning, August 18 at AEP picnic grounds was provided by Laura Bullard. FOCL is considering filing for intervener status against the Mountain Valley Pipeline in case the pipeline is planned through Pulaski Co.  Motion was made, seconded and approved to file for intervener status.  Three more buoys have been ordered and placed around sunken island near dam to make up for missing buoys.  Chandler Concrete was acknowledged for providing concrete for buoys.

Organizational Development:  Laura Bullard for Chris Meade reminded Board of Renew the New clean up day along Radford August 27 and asked for volunteers.

Clean Up Report:  Dave Dobyns provided collection data to date: 72.75 rolloffs, 168 bags of trash; 23 tires, 3 barrels, 1 dock, 1 pipe.  They are currently working in Peak Creek and will be moving toward Phelps Hollow; Twin Hollow will be next, then Big Hole and on to the State Park.  All equipment is working fine.  GatorAide donated 35 cases thanks to a grant application by Laura W.   The abutment area up lake has been cleared and steel beams are being driven; they hope to start installing wood for bulkhead toward the end of next week.

Financial Resources:  Finance Report by Bill Cunningham was accepted as presented.

Environmental Resources:  Laura Walters reported they’ve been busy transplanting 3800 water willow plants from State Park to island at head of Roseberry Hollow; Bass Nation provided 140 water celery plants; Pulaski H.S. will grow more water celery plants.  Mossback artificial fish structures from $5,000 grant matched by AEP  will be placed off State Park and DeHaven shorelines the first week of August with help of Americorp youth; they will also help transplant more water willow.   Sonar mapping of whole lake will be done by Jeff Arnold during August to determine location of aquatic vegetation including hydrilla.  Bass4Grass is August 20 and all hands are needed; be there by 11:00.  FOCL is providing $1000. 

Membership Committee:  Darryl Sarver reported that we had a large donation total for the last month, but is still down from this time last year.   More discussion was held about how best to solicit donations, including use of signage.

Events Committee:  No report.

Executive Director Report:  Jeff Caldwell stated that money budgeted for advertising this year has not been spent yet and suggested doing some internet advertising.  After discussion, motion was made, seconded and approved for Jeff to use up to $1500 on signage and internet advertising.

Other Business:  Laura Walters got a call suggesting that FOCL talk with dock and other builders to keep building debris out of the lake.  After discussion it was suggested that it would be best to ask AEP to put wording about debris in the permitting process.  Jazz Fest is July 27 in Jackson Park, Pulaski.  John Johnson suggested FOCL go to Blue Ridge PBS about doing a show on lake.

Meeting was adjourned.


Present: Cheri Strenz, Jeff Caldwell, John Johnson, Pete Huber, John Schutte, Dave Stevenson, David Peake, Darryl Sarver, Buddy Johnston, Mike Hoffman, Laura Walters, Laura Bullard, Chris Meade, Dave Dobyns, Cecil Doyle, Jackson Beamer, Jeff Arnold, Russell Alls, Carolyn Alls, Todd Alls

Minutes of the Mary 12, 2016 Board meeting were approved as written.

President Cheri Strenz:  All Lake Clean Up is June 25.  FOCL needs a report of the number of trash bags not dropped off at dumpsters.  Trash but not woody debris will be accepted. Volunteers are needed from 12-1 at Shoppe Ease.  Bass4Grass, Aug 20 :  according to Laura Walters all hands will be needed that day including 2 people at 4 a.m. to help with registration. They will set up and start cooking around 12:00; participants will use tickets in order to eat.   They had a good Angler Meeting last night, and are already getting in prizes. Tell Laura if you want a specific task or if you can’t be there. Nominating Committee will be Dave Dobyns, Dean Jackson and Laura Walters.  Board members up for re-election at the Annual Meeting Aug 13 will be Jackson Beamer, Mike Burchett, John Johnson, Mike Hoffman, Cheri Strenz, Ted Bostic and Buddy Johnston.  Board member bios will be sent out for Board members’ review prior to the Annual Meeting.  Erosion study of Peake Creek was done by RU student Cadie Goulette.  Cadie found that most of the erosion is coming from the section from the Town of Pulaski to the lake.  Cheri would like to ask her to do a study of the entire lake to show the main erosion and sedimentation areas.  The study would overlay historical data on current data to show trends/changes in the original shoreline and river bed. The information would be useful for future projects and would provide data for grant applications.  The cost of the study would be about $1,500 to $2,000.  There was agreement among Board members to do study so Cheri will ask Cadie to proceed with it.  Coloring Book Project with Friends of Peake Creek is being expanded to create a Coloring Book for Claytor Lake.

Organizational Development:  Laura Bullard reported on the meeting June 1.  Discussed were FOCL’s upcoming summer activities, next year’s options for Spring Splash/25th anniversary, term limits for Board members and a succession plan for officers.  She asked for anyone interested in being on a FOCL team for Renew the New on August 27. 

Financial Resources:  Financial Report  provided by Jeff Caldwell was approved as presented.

Environmental Resources:  Laura Walters shared that water celery planting and caging will be next week at two sites off the Allisonia boat ramp; the water celery and cages are being provided through Virginia Bass Nation.  Water willow planting will be June 28 – 30; they will be working out of the State Park to plant at the island at the head of  Roseberry Hollow.   Mossback fish habitat structures will be placed along the State Park  Aug 2-5 with the help of Americorps youth volunteers.  More concrete reefs will be put in Sept 7 and 8 using Boy Scout concrete and FOCL’s cleanup crew.  Anglers are in favor of stocking F1 Tiger Bass in Claytor Lake; Laura W. and John Copeland are happy to answer questions.

Clean Up Report:  Dave Dobyns reported that collected to date are 38.75 roll off loads, 8 tires, 85 bags of trash, 2 barrels, and a large plastic pipe.  They have been in DeHaven Park and have finished Lakeview.  They will start removing trees at the abutment site next week, and move equipment above the bridge soon.

Membership Committee:  Darryl Sarver reported that we are still behind 2015 donations year-to-date,  and that donations trended down sharply for the May to June report.  The Board discussed the reasons for the drop in donations and ways to increase donations, including calling people who haven’t donated in the past two-three years, encouraging donations within neighborhoods, and creating yard signs to encourage donations to FOCL.

Events Committee:  Buddy Johnston said they are wrapping up Spring Splash 20106 evaluations.  The current profit is about $18,500 which includes $13,000 in sponsorships.  A total of $53,000 has been raised over the three Spring Splashes held so far.

Executive Director:  Jeff Caldwell shared that the website was hacked last week.  Two ladies are looking for a tour around the lake.

The meeting was adjourned.


Present: Cheri Strenz, Laura Walters, Jeff Caldwell, Laura Bullard, John Johnson, Dave Dobyns, Larry Killough, Cecil Doyle, Ted Bostic, Darryl Sarver, Dean Jackson, Larry Moore, Dave Stevenson, Joan Stevenson, Chris Meade, Mike Hoffman, John Schutte, Jeff Arnold, Michael Valach, Jackson Beamer, Buddy Johnston, Joe Guthrie, Pete Huber, Troy Phillips, Bob Strenz

April minutes were approved as written.

President Cheri Strenz:  Kid’s Fish Day was last Saturday May 7. Troy Phillips expressed thanks to FOCL for its support; they had a great crowd and good weather.  All Lake Clean Up Day will be June 25; trash will be accepted, no woody debris.  Asked to marshall everyone; need 2 people each for CLSP, Harry DeHaven and Shop Eze.  June 5 is Veteran’s Fishing Day; FOCL will be supplying desserts for 65-70;  boats are also needed to give families rides.  For Give Big Day FOCL had 98 donors and won $1,000 for most donors in Pulaski County.  May 24 will be 8th Grade Day and another boat and person are needed to help with boat rides.  Larry Moore asked for a donation on behalf of the Friends of Scouting program. A motion was made and approved to donate $500 to be used for the Claytor Lake Aquatic Center.

Organizational Committee per Chris will be meeting within the next 2 weeks.

Clean-Up Report:  Dave Dobyns reported that on April 21 crew members attended traffic flagging certification training required for the abutment that will be built.  The burn site was cleaned up and the first load of debris was gotten on the 28th  in Peak Creek; so far 8 loads have been gotten.  The conveyor barge is being worked on.

Financial Report provided by Jeff Caldwell was approved as presented.  Discussion was held Hydrilla Fund has been rolled in to Clean Up

Environmental Resources:  Laura Walter announced FOCL has received a $2, 520 Community Foundation Grant for a swing set at Harry DeHaven.  RU student Cadie Goulette has worked on her own on a sedimentation study of Peak Creek.  New River Conservancy, FOCL and Friends of Peak Creek are working together on a sedimentation project for Peak Creek.  Water quality testing is begnning at the end of May. 

Membership Committee:  According to Darryl Sarver we continue to be behind 2015 donations.  Hopefully putting starting cleanin the abutment will help encourage   

Events Committee:  Buddy Johnston expressed thanks to those who have served on Spring Splash events over the past 3 years and all those worked on the event this year.  Jeff Caldwell estimates an $18,000 net profit.  The Committee will get together mid-June to go over survey.

Laura Bullard shared information about water testing being done through the Virginia Cooperative Extension. 

Pete Huber County needs a 60 hp outboard boat engine; for emergency on the lake, call 911 ; Aug 27 Renew the New clean up of the River between 81 bridge and 114 bridge through Radford

May 13, hope to do ground breaking for abutment weather permitting after TAC meeting.


Present: Cheri Strenz, Jeff Caldwell, Bill Cunningham, Cecil Doyle, Jeff Arnold, Ted Bostic, Ranny Akers, Larry Killough, Laura Bullard, Dave Stevenson, Dean Jackson, John Schutte, Jackson Beamer, Mike Hoffman, Laura Walters, Buddy Johnston, Joe Guthrie, Brendan Guthrie, Dave Dobyns, Mike McLeod

Minutes of March 10, 2016 Board meeting approved as written.

President Cheri Strenz: Saturday April 16, at 2:00 is the opening at Wilderness Road Museum in Newbern of an exhibit about the river before the lake; Talmage Stanley will be speaking. Kids’ Fish Day is Saturday, May 7 and volunteers are needed. Eighth Grade Day is May 24; FOCL will provide boat rides. Veterans Fishing Day is Sunday, June 5; desserts are needed. FOCL will also provide boat rides for families. All Lake Clean Up is June 25.

Pulaski Co. High School rowing team: Brendan Guthrie modeled the jacket financed by FOCL. The team will be competing in the fall. They are practicing on the lake Sunday afternoons. They will be helping with parking at Spring Splash.

Organizational Development: No report until after Spring Splash.

Clean Up Report: Dave Dobyns reported that the boat is in the water and they are getting it ready to start clean up.

Financial Report presented by Bill Cunningham was approved as presented.

Environmental Resources: Laura Walters reported that FERC’s approval for the new abutment has been received and construction will hopefully start by May 15.

Membership Committee: Jeff Caldwell reported that donations were better than the previous month, but are still behind the total amount for this time last year.

Events Committee: Buddy Johnston reported a phenomenal job is being done preparing for Spring Splash. Tickets are slowly being sold. Cheri Strenz shared the menu being catered by Draper Mercantile. Laura Walters reported the goal for sponsorships is $15,000; currently just over $9,000 has been received. Laura Bullard shared that over 95 auction items have been committed or received so far. Cash bars will have beers and wines donated by Wade’s. Set up by 3:30 Sunday May 1st; event is 4-7 p.m. Barn will be back up in case of rain. A new Moss print will be sold with half of proceeds going to FOCL.

Executive Director Report: Jeff Caldwell asked whether FOCL should continue to have a presence at the Claytor Lake Festival. After discussion, it was decided to discontinue setting up a tent at the Festival. Instead, Jeff will explore having a FOCL banner at the Park entrance and including FOCL in the Festival flier. Also, after discussion, it was decided by the Board to send out FOCL’s spring newsletter after Spring Splash in order to include the abutment ground breaking. Wednesday April 20 is Give Big Day and everyone is encouraged to participate and get others to email in donations ($10 minimum).

Meeting was adjourned.


Present:  Cheri Strenz, Laura Walters, Bill Cunningham, Jeff Caldwell, Ranny Akers, Jeff Arnold, Jackson Beamer, Cecil Doyle, Larry Killough, Laura Bullard, Darryl Sarver, Dave Stevenson, Chris Meade, Mike Hoffman, Larry Moore, Buddy Johnston, Dave Dobyns, Stephanie Pravia, Tait Bradford; Pete Huber, Joe Guthrie, David Peake, Steve Rapp, Michael Valach, Lauren Black, Randy Bandy, John Stoner

Minutes for February 11, 2016 Board meeting were approved.

President Cheri Strenz:

Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) meeting is scheduled for March 15 with AEP to go over concerns about the SMP.  Danny Wilson, Pulaski County’s Zoning Administration, will also attend to discuss zoning ordinances and the SMP.

Cheri asked Board members to be thinking about what FOCL can do to commemorate the lake’s 80th anniversary in 2019, perhaps in partnership with the County and other groups in the area. 

The Wilderness Road Museum in Newbern will have an exhibit about the New River before the lake was formed.  Cheri will let the Board know when they will have their opening. 

Pete Huber shared the County has met with Liz Parcell and Wayne Alexander of AEP about issues.  He said there is genuine appreciation between AEP, the County and FOCL.  He asked if anyone knows of boathouses with plumbing fixtures to let AEP know.  Randy Bandy and John Stoner with Precision Construction would like to know how much dredging is needed at the lake. Danny Wilson has gotten scanned the map showing the original course of the river and is working on making it available on the internet.

Organizational Development:  Chris Meade reported Committee members are focusing their efforts on Spring Splash.

Clean Up : According to Dave Dobyns the equipment should be ready by April 1.  Laura Walters added they hope to have the abutment under construction by the end of the month.

Financial Resources: Bill Cunningham provided the Finance Report that was approved as presented.

Environmental Resources:  Laura Walters announced that of the three national grants applied for through Bass Nation, FOCL has received two:  one to have water celery grown by Pulaski County High School; and the other the Mossback Fish Habitat grant for $5,000 to be matched by AEP for shallow water fish habitat.  FOCL was runner up for the Berkley grant and will receive a trophy but no money.  Laura invited the Board to join the Friends of Peak Creek and the New River Conservancy at Pulaski ‘s train station 10 a.m. March 19 to plant live stakes along the creek.  Everything will be provided and live stakes will be available for people to take home for free. 

Membership:   Darryl Sarver reported that donations are behind the amount received by this time last year.

Events Committee:  Buddy Johnston reported on plans for Spring Splash May 1 at Rockwood Manor.  Invitations are going out next week.  Pre-purchase of tickets is being encouraged ($40/$50 at door) with April 22 as the “soft” deadline for pre-purchase. Cheri is taking care of the food; Chris Meade will have a greeters’ team; Laura Walters is handling sponsorships, and Laura Bullard auction items. Cheri’s sister Marie Reid will provide the music as she did for Spring Splash 2014.   Pat Moss will be back with a new Claytor Lake painting.  FOCL needs $15,000 in sponsorships and 80 auction items including a big ticket item.  Pulaski County High School rowers will help with the parking; SW Times will do an ad campaign as their donation; Rockwood has a barn in which to hold the event in case of inclement weather.  Set up May 1 will be from 10 to 3, and clean up after event and Monday morning.    

Executive Director Jeff Caldwell:  Spring Splash countdown is on FOCL’s website.  Jeff is working on a drone to get lake photos and videos for the website.

Other Business:   Clean-up crew members will be reseeding at DeHaven Park; they are waiting on topsoil.   More information about Renew the New in August will be shared at a later date by Pete Huber.  Joe Guthrie said the High School rowing team will be out on the water next week and their jackets are coming in soon.  VT is putting on a small rowing regatta April 9 at Claytor Lake, and they are looking for a better structure in which to store their boats at the lake; Cheri and Laura W. said they will check on it.  Tait Bradford asked about getting driftwood from the debris burn site but it is privately leased and liability is an issue. 

The meeting was adjourned.


Present:  Cheri Strenz, Bill Cunningham, Jeff Caldwell, Jackson Beamer, Jeff Arnold, Laura Walters, Laura Bullard, Larry Killough, Ted Bostic, Chris Meade, Darryl Sarver,  Steve Rapp, Jamie Riggins, Tonya Riggins, Trevor Riggins, Dave Dobyns, Ranny Akers, Cecil Doyle, John Johnson, Dean Jackson, David Peake,  Joe Guthrie, Pete Huber, Lauren Black

November 2015 Board minutes were approved as written.

President Cheri Strenz:

Shoreline Management Plan (SMP): AEP’s FERC license was approved five years ago and the SMP is now being reviewed.  A committee is working on a list of concerns and with Pulaski Co and the updated Zoning Ordinances as they relate to the SMP. One difficulty is that SMP language doesn’t match zoning laws.  Cheri is happy to receive any SMP concerns by email.  She considers one of FOCL’s mission to be to educate people how to navigate the SMP.

Donor Direction for 2016:  Cheri would like to concentrate on outreach to people on lake we haven’t reached before; several areas have been devoid of FOCL donations/participation. She would like to have a speech we can all use to promote FOCL.

Organizational Development:  Chris Meade summarized retreat evaluations/surveys and the areas identified as needing more focus. 

Clean Up:  According to Dave Dobyns, the woody debris pile has been burned; equipment is being worked on in hopes of starting clean up operations April 15.  Crew members have had a chain saw safety class. 

Financial Resources:  Bill Cunningham provided an income and expenses report that was approved as presented; Pete Huber abstained.  Investment strategies for 2016 will be reviewed as they relate to the Legacy Fund.   

Environmental Resources:  Laura Walters announced that three grants for fish habitat are being applied for.  The committee is also working with the Boy Scouts to get more concrete to add to the hardscape fish habitat.  They have decided not to accept the Friends of Reservoirs grant money because the grant doesn’t fit the habitat work being done here.     Bass for Grass Tournament is scheduled for August 20, 2016.  Laura passed around storm water runoff fliers that have been developed.  The Committee is also considering working with area hardware stores to encourage use of non-toxic fertilizers.  RU GIS students are researching sedimentation and watershed erosion.

Membership:  Darryl Sarver announced that donations year-to-date are ahead of last year at this time.

Events Committee:  Ranny Akers for Buddy Johnston reminded the Board that Spring Splash is coming and everyone needs to be getting sponsors and auction items.  Spring Splash packet has been sent out by email.  Auction item forms are to be completed for each item; the form is available at FOCL’s website under “Community; Spring Splash; Spring Splash 2016 Entry Form.”

Executive Director Report:  Jeff Caldwell’s weather station data is now on FOCL’s website

Other Business:  Pete Huber said Giles Co. has an excellent event for cleaning the New River (“Renew the New”) and there is interest in doing the same on a regional basis.  Also the County has a map of AEP’s land acquisition for Claytor Lake that could be helpful in identifying the original river bed as it impacts dredging requirements.  A dock builder is interested in getting involved in dredging and Pete suggested FOCL might be helpful in determining how much demand there might be for dredging.  Joe Guthrie announced he is the County’s Board of Supervisors’ representative for FOCL.  He reported the rowing team is working out and is available to help out with Spring Splash. 

Regular meeting adjourned.  Closed session called to discuss financial issues.  Closed session was adjourned.