2015 Minutes

Claytor Lake

Present: Laura Walters, Bill Cunningham, Jackson Beamer, John Johnson, Dave Dobyns, Larry Killough, Ted Bostic, Buddy Johnston, Darryl Saraver, Dean Jackson, Dave Stevenson, Chris Meade, Jeff Arnold, Jeff Caldwell, Cheri Strenz, Cecil Doyle, David Peake, Michael Valach, Steve Rapp, Ranny Akers, Katie Goulette, Joe Guthrie, Pete Huber, Becky Cox, Bob Strenz

October Meeting Minutes accepted as presented; Pete Huber abstained.

President Laura Walters
Harry DeHaven riprapping going well. Also making repairs to wall behind swim area.

Organizational Development: Per Chris Meade, the Committee will meet in December to work on the Board retreat scheduled for January 30.

Clean Up Report: According to Dave Dobyns, the crew has stopped for the winter. Total collected this year: 232.75 roll-offs of woody debris, 452.5 trash bags, 42 tires, 6 barrels, 13 docks, 1 tractor tire, and 1 propane tank. Dave considered this was good considering the weeks on the habitat project and repairs to equipment. Clean up will start again in April 2016.

Financial Report by Bill Cunningham was approved as written. Pete Huber abstained.

Environmental Resources: Laura Walters reported that Clear Creek Water Works presented the water quality report at a recent Committee meeting. Peak Creek and Dublin Hollow are within the acceptable range but not as good as the main body of the lake. Next year they will be able to start doing trends. Laura Bullard reported on the mussel salvage event that took place Nov 7, the first full day of the three foot drawdown. Close to 100 people participated and 1,363 mussels were salvaged. She also expressed frustration at the rise in the water level during drawdown due to rain that disrupted shoreline work. Jeff Caldwell also reported receiving many calls from property owners and businesses complaining about the increase in the water level. Following discussion by the board, motion was made, seconded and approved with abstention by Pete Huber to request a week’s extension of drawdown through AEP. Pete Huber reported that dredging at the intake is 1/3 done. According to Laura Walters, sedimentation is next big issue for the lake that the Environmental Committee and TAC will be working on. Katie Goulette, a Radford University student, reported on a geography class project that will produce information on changes in lake sedimentation, shorelines and surrounding land use over the previous 15 years.

Membership: Cheri reported that for the first time there were no donations during the last month, though we are still ahead of 2014 donations year-to-date. Board members were encouraged to request donations from friends and neighbors. Jeff C. has been sending regular reminder letters to donors and the website is kept up to date with donors’ names. A CE Richardson grant for $4,000 was received.

Events Committee: Buddy Johnston discussed Spring Splash scheduled for May 1, 2016 at Rockwood Manor in Dublin and handed out information letters. Laura Walters is chairing sponsorships and would like to know who members will be soliciting; Laura Bullard will be chairing the auction and requested information on auction items as commitments or items are received. A big ticket item is needed. The Committee will meet tomorrow.

Executive Director: Jeff Caldwell asked that there not be a January Board meeting since there will be a Board retreat Jan 30; motion was made, seconded and accepted with Pete Huber abstaining.

Christmas dinner will be Dec 10, the Board’s regular meeting night, at MK’s.

Other Business: Joe Guthrie provided an update about Pulaski Co High School’s rowing team at CL. They have members for a 4-man boat and have become part of VT rowing; they are trying to get an 8-man boat together. They plan to compete in the spring. They are working on a grant to buy rowing machines. They also would like to get uniforms and protective gear and asked if FOCL would partner with them. Motion was made, seconded and approved with Pete Huber abstaining to sponsor the team with a $500 contribution. Joe also mentioned they will eventually need a boat to follow the shells, to which Laura Walters offered to loan a boat for them to use.

Meeting adjourned.

Claytor Lake

Present: Cheri Strenz, Jeff Caldwell, Bill Cunningham, Laura Bullard, Buddy Johnston, John Johnson, Dave Dobyns, Larry Killough, Ted Bostic, Mike Hoffman, Dave Stevenson, Joan Stevenson, Jackson Beamer, Pete Huber, Pat Kunich, John Shupe

Minutes of the September 10, 2015 Board meeting were approved as written.

President Elect Cheri Strenz, presiding, stated the Christmas dinner will be at MK’s, date to be decided.

Organizational Development: Cheri reported for Chris Meade that the Board’s Winter Retreat will be January 30 at the CLSP’s marina meeting facility, and that committee chairs need to be thinking of topics and next year’s plans.

Clean Up Report: Dave Dobyns reported they saw more debris on the debris survey trip with AEP Tuesday. Equipment breakdowns have continued to plague clean up, and money will have to be spent on repairs this winter. Due to breakdowns, rain, and the emergency drawdown, there were only 4 days of clean up this past month. Total collected to date: 190 roll offs, 417.5 bags of trash, 35 tires, plus 1 big tractor tire, 6 barrels and 2 propane tanks. Plans are being made to stabilize 490 feet of shoreline with riprap at DeHaven.

Financial Resource: Finance Report provided by Bill Cunningham was approved as presented.

Environmental Resources: Pete Huber stated the County will not be blocking the scheduled drawdown in November because FOCL’s crew was able to dredge around the water intake during the emergency drawdown last week. The County has gotten a bid to do more dredging during November’s drawdown. Laura Bullard shared the schedule for the November drawdown and asked for volunteers for the mussel salvage event November 7. The importance of returning drawdown and mussel salvage survey cards was also emphasized.

Membership Committee: Jeff Caldwell reported for Chairman Elect Darryl Sarver that donations were light over the last month but total donations are still ahead of YTD last year.

Events Committee: Buddy Johnston reported that the first Spring Splash 2016 planning meeting was held this week. He would like the Board to review and add to the 2015 contributors’ list at the November Board meeting. Board members were also asked to be thinking of a guest speaker and big ticket item.

Executive Director Jeff Caldwell: No report.

Other Business: Laura Bullard was approached by a VT Co-op Extension agent regarding a program that helps landowners with private well management and testing. The Board agreed that she should ask the Extension agent to address the Board at a winter meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.

Claytor Lake

Present: Laura Walters, Jeff Caldwell, Bill Cunningham, Jackson Beamer, Laura Bullard, Dave Dobyns, Larry Killough, Buddy Johnston, Dean Jackson, Mike Hoffman, Dave Stevenson, Darryl Sarver, Ranny Akers, Joe Guthrie, Mike McLeod, Jeff Arnold, Larry Moore, Cecil Doyle, Cheri Strenz, Larry Bandolin, Michael Valach, Pete Huber, David Peake, Pat Kunich

Annual Meeting minutes approved as written. July Board meeting minutes approved with correction to Pat Kunich’s name.

President Laura Walters:
Abutment: Liz Parcell with AEP is starting the environmental assessment for FERC. If all goes well, building will start in October. Donation to Newbern Fire Dept suggested for cooking for Annual Meeting. Motion to donate $300 passed with Mike McLeod and Pete Huber abstaining. Donation to Claytor Lake Ambassadors also suggested for CLSP’s donation of space and free admittance to park for FOCL events. Motion to donate $500 passed with Mike McLeod and Pete Huber abstaining.

Pulaski County Water Intake: Pete Huber announced the County will have to do its own dredging at the water intake since they haven’t received any outside bids. The key is finding land above Lowman’s Ferry Bridge to put the dredged material. Also needed is a deep enough site to transfer roll offs with dredged material from barge to land for transport. Approximately 200 roll off loads (3500 cubic yards) will be dredged. Arrangements need to be made within the next two weeks, otherwise drawdown will likely have to be cancelled. Pete suggested a small group of knowledgeable people get together to come up with multiple options. Dean Jackson, Dave Dobyns, Laura Walters and Laura Bullard offered to help.

Organizational Development: Chris Meade has had surgery and hopes to be back by November.

Clean Up: Dave Dobyns reported there have been problems with equipment that have interrupted clean up. The conveyor has been breaking down. Parts have been ordered to make temporary repairs; more extensive repairs are needed this winter estimated at $15-20,000. The excavator has also broken down and the County garage is trying to fix it. Debris collected to date: 178 roll off loads of woody debris, 406.5 bags of trash, 29 tires, six 55-gallon barrels, 11 docks, and 1 propane tank.

Financial Resources: Finance Report for July 9 to September 10, 2015 provided by Bill Cunningham was approved as presented with abstentions by Mike McLeod and Pete Huber.

Environmental Resources: Larry Bandolin is leaving the area and praised FOCL as an organization.
Bass4Grass Tournament: 75 boats participated; the winner won $3500 in cash and gift certificates. Approximately $1,000 was raised to go toward native aquatic habitat. There were compliments on the event. Laura Walters met with the Angler Committee and they want to do a tournament again next year with a few tweaks.
Drawdown: Laura Bullard reviewed the proposed drawdown schedule (3 feet down Nov 7 through 15) and volunteer mussel salvage event Nov 7.

Habitat: Laura Walters reported that 12 more loads (180 tons) of concrete from the boy scout dam has been put into the lake for fish habitat. Clean up crew and equipment were used with help from John Copeland; AEP funded hauling the concrete.

Membership: Cheri Strenz reported there have been 34 donations over the past two months, including new donors. Donations are ahead of last year’s donations at this time.

Events: Buddy Johnston praised the Annual Meeting held August 15 at AEP’s picnic grounds. He and Ranny cooked food for the fishing tournament. The committee is starting to work on Spring Splash scheduled for May 1, 2016. He asked Board members to start talking with people about sponsorships and donations.

Other Business: Joe Guthrie, member Pulaski County School Board, Cloyd District, informed the Board of a Pulaski County High School rowing team being organized in conjunction with VT. Arrangements have been made for PCHS students to row with training by VT, using VT boats and oars. They will practice at Claytor Lake. Future opportunities might come up for sponsorships and helping financially. Michael Valach announced that a 3 mile stand up paddle board race will be held at CLSP Sept 13. A FOCL potluck social will be held Sept 21 at 6 p.m. at Laura Walter’s home as a send off for Larry and Patti Bandolin.

The Board went into closed session. Following discussion about financial and personnel issues, the Board went back into open session.

Cheri Strenz was nominated and elected as President of FOCL’s Board effective January 2016.

The meeting was adjourned.

Claytor Lake

Present: 75 members

Welcome: Laura Walters

Project Presentations
Clean-up & Abutment Dave Dobyns & Laura Walters
Native Vegetation Laura Walters
Deep Water Habitat Laura Walters
Drawdown Laura Bullard
Legacy Fund Bill Cunningham
Speaker: Brad Jones, AEP Hydro Manager
Election of Board Members: Re-elected by voice vote:
Ranny Akers, Laura Bullard, Larry Killough, Chris Meade, Dave Stevenson, Laura Walters
Newly elected by voice vote: Cecil Doyle

Lunch provided by Newbern Fire Department
Displays provided by FOCL, VDGIF, VDEQ, Clear Creek Water Works, Coast Guard Auxiliary

Claytor Lake

Present: Laura Walters, Jeff Caldwell, Bill Cunningham, Laura Bullard, Dave Dobyns, Jeff Arnold, Buddy Johnston, Dave Stevenson, Ted Bostic, Cheri Strenz, Jackson Beamer, Larry Moore, Chris Meade, Dean Jackson, Mike Hoffman, Mike McLeod, Larry Bandolin, Michael Valach, John & Pat Schutte, Pete Huber, John Johnson, Darryl Sarver

Minutes from the June 11, 2015 Board meeting were approved as written.

President Laura Walters
Clean Up Policy draft has been developed and was reviewed by the Board. Discussion involved wording of policy and audience for policy. Laura asked that further suggestions be emailed to her or Jeff Caldwell.

Organizational Development: By-Law amendment regarding changing timing of nomination of Board members to coordinate with Annual Meeting was approved by majority voice vote. Annual Meeting is scheduled for August 15, 2015 at AEP’s picnic site next to dam. VDGIF, Clear Creek Water Works, and VDEQ have been asked to have displays. Newbern Fire Dept will cook lunch. AEP’s new Hydro Director will speak. Motion approved to raffle off items left over from Spring Splash.

Clean-up Report: Dave Dobyns reported that 94 ½ loads, 13 tires, 127 bags of trash, 7 docks, and 4 barrels have been collected to date. Trash bag totals are still coming in for All Lake Clean Up Day held June 28; so far 61 bags have been reported.

Financial Resources: Bill Cunningham provided Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual and Finance Report statements to date; both were accepted as presented.

Environmental Resources: Larry Bandolin reported on fish habitat projects this summer. The Boy Scouts still have concrete they would like to donate for artificial reefs. Larry with Laura Walters, Cheri Strenz, Anne Bullard, Laura Bullard, Buddy Johnston, and Jeff Arnold planted water willow that was collected by Larry, both Laura’s and Cheri. Next planting is July 21 and 22 in coves along the Bullard Farm. More plants need to be collected. Pat Schutte showed water willow plants she had collected and suggested ways in which to grow and transplant them. Larry announced hydrilla is coming back. The lake will be surveyed for hydrilla in the end of August.

Membership Committee: Cheri Strenz reported that 26 donations were received during the past month; we are now ahead of donations this time last year. Cheri presented Board nominees for re-election at the Annual Meeting: Laura Bullard, Dave Stevenson, Laura Walters, Chris Meade, Larry Killough, and Ranny Akers; Cecil Doyle has been nominated to be a new Board member.

Events Committee will meet starting in Sept to work on Spring Splash for 2016. July 18 is MK’s FOCL Day; Dave Stevenson’s band Room 42 will be playing.

Executive Director Report: Jeff Caldwell encouraged everyone to sign up for and get others to sign up for Kroger Rewards to benefit FOCL. See FOCL’s website for instructions.

Other Business: Larry Moore reported that over 50 old American flags have been turned in to be retired. A collection box will be at the Annual Meeting. Fishing Tournament will be August 22, starting at the CLSP. Laura W. is waiting for ACOE’s permit for the abutment. Application for dredging of the County’s water intake is in the hands of the engineers according to Pete Huber.

The meeting was adjourned.

Claytor Lake

Present: Laura Walters, Bill Cunningham, Jeff Caldwell, John Copeland, Cheri Strenz, Jeff Arnold, Larry Bandolin, Michael Valach, David Peake, Jackson Beamer, Mike Hoffman, Chris Meade, Larry Killough, Ranny Akers, Mike McLeod, Buddy Johnston, Dave Stevenson, John Johnson, Russell Alls, Mike Phillips, Dave Dobyns, Pete Huber, Melinda Shaver, Carolyn Alls, Todd Alls, Robin Phillips, John and Pat Schutte

The Isaac Walton League, according to Russell Alls, is a national conservation organization started in 1929 due to pollution in the Mississippi River that is dedicated to protecting air, water and land resources. The Claytor Lake Chapter has 36 acres with 130 camp sites. Members pay dues, and there is a waiting list to be a member. All the work is done by volunteers. The Virginia division is the largest with 11,000 members. Russell expressed the need to do more with FOCL to share manpower. The meeting attendees agreed to have FOCL’s June meeting annually at the Isaac Walton League.

Minutes from the May 14, 2015 Board meeting were approved as written.

President Laura Walters: Claytor Lake Festival is Saturday, June 13. FOCL will have a booth and needs volunteers.
All-lake clean-up day is June 27. Barge will be out collecting trash bags; dumpsters will be available around the lake. Trash bags are available; contact Cheri and/or pick them up from Conrads.
Native vegetation/fish habitat has been worked on within the last couple weeks at 7 sites with artificial reefs of riprap and concrete, and tree bundles. FOCL’s equipment made it possible to do the work on that large of a scale.
Winter Retreat for all Board members is being planned. Discussion about timing of retreat settled on keeping retreat in January or February.

Organizational Development: Chris Meade presented a proposed By-Law change to allow more flexibility in scheduling the nomination of Board members in order to coordinate with the Annual Meeting whose date can change from year to year. The proposed change will be voted on at July Board meeting.

Clean Up Report: Dave Dobyns reported that 46 ½ roll-off loads have been collected to date, along with a number of trash bags and 2 docks. They are cleaning along Claytor Lake Estates where so much debris was deposited from an earlier storm. They are cleaning the worst areas first.

Financial Resources reports by Bill Cunningham for May to June, 2015, and year-to-date for projects was approved as presented.

Environmental Resources: Laura Walters announced that the habitat grant to plant water willow was approved, but money might not be available until next year. Angler and Environmental Committees have met and have come up with an alternative for this year. Larry Bandolin explained that last year, water willow and wild celery were planted in coves at the State Park. Because no money is available yet this year, the plan is to harvest our own water willow, grow it, and replant it in the lake. Volunteers are needed to collect water willow stems from which to grow more plants; then more volunteers will be needed to plant during week of July 21. Call Larry or contact Jeff if interested in volunteering.

Membership Committee: Cheri Strenz reported that May and June are probably FOCL’s best donation times. Since May, there have been 42 donors, which is the most in a long time. New participation is needed to help support projects.

Events: Buddy expressed his thanks again for everyone’s help with Spring Splash this year. The Committee has gotten 15 evaluations which they will be reviewing tomorrow. Next year’s Spring Splash date is May 1, 2016.

Executive Director Report: Jeff Caldwell reiterated that only 7% of lake property owners contribute to FOCL; the hope is to increase that number. FOCL has signed up for Kroger Rewards, so go to Kroger’s website and indicate FOCL as recipient of percentage of your purchases.

The meeting was adjourned.

Claytor Lake

Present: Laura Walters, Bill Cunningham, Jeff Caldwell, Jackson Beamer, Laura Bullard, Jeff Arnold, Larry Killough, Ted Bostic, Larry Moore, Troy Phillips, Chris Meade, Cecil Doyle, John Johnson, Mike McLeod, Mike Hoffman, Cheri and Bob Strenz, Steve Rapp, Ranny Akers, Pete Huber, Dave and Joan Stevenson, Jan and John Woodward, John and Pat Schutte

Minutes from the April 9, 2015 Board meeting were accepted with the change to Other Business as follows: “. . . boater safety classes will be April 29 and 30 at Volvo, and June 9 and 10 at the New River Community College from 5 to 9.”

President Laura Walters:
8th Grade Day is May 28 from approximately 10 to 2. A couple of people with boats are needed to provide rides for the 8th graders. Cheri offered a boat.
Wounded Warrior Fishing Day is June 7th from 9 to12. Troy Phillips asked FOCL to come and bring desserts again this year.
Kids’ Fishing Day has been changed from May 9 to Oct 3. FOCL will again be doing desserts and boat rides for families. Cheri and Laura B. offered to do desserts; Cheri also offered a boat.
Keep Virginia Beautiful Grant for Lake Clean Up Day was not approved.
New River Symposium is May 19 at RU’s Selu Center. Jeff Caldwell will be a panel participant. Laura W., Cheri and Jeff will be attending.
Laura W. and Cheri attended a meeting at RU about matching non-profits’ needs with RU departments and students. RU has a website where organizations can post when they need volunteers.

Organizational Development is meeting Monday May 18 to plan the Annual Meeting for August 15. Also to be discussed is a leave of absence policy for Board members and a winter retreat. Chris Meade shared that this year’s Spring Splash auctions took in $12,733, which exceed last year’s amount of $6,297, thanks in large part to Larry Bandolin’s donation of a pontoon boat.

Clean Up Report: According to Dave Dobyns, the burn site has been cleaned up, and they started clean up operations in the water at DeHaven yesterday. Six loads were gotten yesterday and 3 today. Per Laura W., all preliminary permits have been gotten for the abutment. An environmental assessment must be done and then the application goes to FERC.

Financial Resources: Bill Cunningham presented the Profit & Loss Statement and Finance Report to date, both of which were approved as presented.

Environmental Resources: Laura W. announced that the first big fish habitat project will be undertaken May 20 and 21 under the direction of John Copeland and DGIF. The project grew out of the Angler Committee and involves AEP, FOCL, the County and DGIF. An artificial reef of riprap and concrete will be placed in fifteen feet of water off DeHaven Park. The Boy Scouts have donated four loads of concrete pieces. Bundled trees will be sunk in four other locations. Following a recommendation and discussion, a motion was made and approved to donate $300 to the Boy Scouts in thanks for the concrete.

Membership Committee: Cheri Strenz reported that the number of donors and amount of money donated within the last month have gone up, though donations are still below the 2014 level. She anticipates donations will reach the 2014 amount as summer gets here.

Events Committee: On behalf of Buddy Johnston, Jeff Caldwell described Spring Splash as a fabulous event that everyone raved about, especially with Jarrod Hines doing the live auction, Pat Moss’ presence and prints, and food from Draper Mercantile. FOCL realized a profit of slightly over $25,000, and approximately 300 people attended. Jeff sees it continuing to be FOCL’s primary annual fund raising event, and expressed thanks to everyone for their work

Executive Director Report: Jeff Caldwell reported on Give Big Day put on by the Community Foundation for the New River. Donations to FOCL totaled $3,110, plus FOCL received a $1,000 grant. FOCL also received a $1,000 grant from Walmart

Other Business
John Schutte, a veteran, shared his concern about the tattered US flags he has seen around CL. He asked FOCL to post on its website his email about respecting the flag, and he offered to provide his email address for anyone who wished for him to collect and properly dispose of flags. Larry Moore offered to provide a disposal site for flags at the Coast Guard Auxillary’s SARDET; Cheri suggested the County include information on proper flag disposal in its newsletter. Motion to support John’s proposal was made and approved.
Water Quality and Water Management Technical Advisory Committee will meet June 10 at 9:30 at AEP’s Pulaski center.

June 11 FOCL Board meeting will be at the Isaac Walton League. Directions will be sent out.

The meeting was adjourned.

Claytor Lake



Present: Laura Walters, Bill Cunningham, Jeff Caldwell, Jackson Beamer, John Copeland, Laura Bullard, Jeff Arnold, Dean Jackson, Larry Moore, Buddy Johnston, Chris Meade, Dave Stevenson, Darryl Sarver, Mike McLeod, Dave Dobyns, Larry Killough, Cheri Strenz, Larry Bandolin, Michael Vallach, Jim Williamson, Alan Graybeal, John Johnson, John Woodward, David Peake, Jan Woodward, Cecil Doyle

Minutes from the March 12, 2015 Board meeting were approved as written.

President Laura Walters:
Anglers’ Native Vegetation Project on May 20 and, if needed May 21, under direction of John Copeland will involve installing bundled trees and rock pile at Harry DeHaven. Help might be needed putting trees together the week before. Angler group meeting will be held at Laura Walter’s.
High School Native Vegetation Project: Joan Blankenship with the Bass Federation, Larry Bandolin and Laura Walters will meet with Pulaski County High School about growing aquatic vegetation for the lake.
Abutment approval has been received from Marine Resources Commission. Army Corp of Engineers and VDEQ will be seeking public comment. The County has approved money for it, and Liz Parcell is trying to get some funding from AEP. If all goes well, it could be under construction in June.
Clean Up Day grant being applied for has potential for $1,000 from Keep VA Beautiful.

Organizational Development: Chris Meade announced that FOCL’s Annual Meeting will be Aug 15 at AEP’s picnic grounds beside the dam. They wanted to get Phil Simms as speaker, but he is retiring. The Committee will work on a bylaw change to accommodate Board members who need to take leaves of absence. Collection of auction items and sponsors for Spring Splash is going well; pontoon boat already has $4,000 offer.

Clean Up Report: Dave Dobyns reported they are still working on equipment. They hope to be in the water Monday or Tuesday next week.

Financial Resources: The Profit and Loss Statement, and Financial Report to date were approved as presented by Bill Cunningham. Money was transferred into the Legacy Investment Fund as approved by the Board last month.

Environmental Resources: Larry Bandolin reported that water quality volunteers are needed starting in a month and a half, including a volunteer to help Jeff Arnold up lake and possibly others to serve as backup. Michael Vallach offered to back up Jeff Caldwell and Cecil Doyle offered to back up Cheri Strenz. Water quality monitoring will be every two weeks June through August, and needs to be on scheduled days during the week. Volunteers will need to be trained. Larry also spoke to Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) about the possibility of funding for aquatic vegetation, but they declined because of funding cuts and Claytor doesn’t have FWS listed species. Hazard waste collection will be at Dedmon Center April 11.

Membership Committee: Cheri Strenz characterized it as a good month, with donations up from the last months, though still behind amount at this time last year. They are hoping for good donations at Spring Splash.

Events Committee: Buddy Johnston reported on Spring Splash scheduled May 3 from 4-7 p.m. at Rockwood Manor in Dublin. Board members are encouraged to wear FOCL shirts. Small posters are available to put up. The food from Draper Mercantile will be upscale. Tickets can be bought on FOCL’s website. Larry Moore is leading set up on Sunday morning starting at 10 a.m. Music will be by Dave Stevenson’s Room 42. Bar meister Darryl Sarver will have 2 bars, and boat with water & sodas; Virginia Eagle is supplying the beer and Wade’s the wine. Auctioneer Jarrod Hines of Entrusted Auctions has agreed to do the live auction and has offered many good suggestions for Spring Splash, which is FOCL’s main fund raising event. Attendance will be limited to around 200. Pat Moss has done a painting of Claytor Lake, and prints will be available for sale (around $125) with 50% going to FOCL for each print

Executive Director Jeff Caldwell: FOCL’s website now has lake levels, temperature, and flow in real time. Pictures of Spring Splash auction items are scrolling along the top. Under Programs, FOCL reports (clean up, water quality, etc) and AEP reports & studies are available. Giving Day by the Community Foundation for the New River is scheduled for April 22. The organization with the most number of donations will win a grant. The minimum donation is $10, and Board members are encouraged to contact as many people as possible to make donations.

Other Business:
New River Symposium is May 18 & 19 at Selu Conservancy near Radford.
TAC meeting: A document entitled Facts about Claytor Lake initiated by Jim Kelly is being worked on and will be available as an information resource for many. Dave Dobyns reported that according to Mindy at Conrad’s, boater safety classes will be Wednesday April 29, and June 9 and 10 from 5 to 9 at Volvo. All water craft operators 14 and over, and boat operators 50 and over must be boater safety certified by July 1.

Meeting adjourned.


Present:  Laura Walters, Bill Cunningham, Jeff Caldwell, John Johnson, Larry Bandolin, Jeff Arnold, Larry Killough, Laura Bullard, Dave Dobyns, Buddy Johnston, Mike McLeod, Jackson Beamer, Dean Jackson, Jan Woodward, John Woodward, Cecil Doyle, Cheri Strenz, Bob Strenz, Ranny Akers, Dave Stevenson, Mike Hoffman, David Peake, Pete Huber, Jim Williamson, Becky Cox, Kevin Cox

Minutes from the February 12, 2015 Board meeting were approved as written.

President Laura Walters:

Above bridge abutment:  Pulaski County has allotted $30,000; Laura has gone back to AEP to request funds, but hasn’t heard yet.  Estimated cost for the job is $104,500.  The joint permit has been done.  Final approval will be requested from FERC once all the permits have been approved.

Kids’ Fish Day has been moved to Oct 3 due to construction at Powhatan.

Alan Stratton has asked for a leave of absence from the Board, which Laura approved.  Nothing is in the By-laws about leaves of absence.  Following discussion, a motion passed to have the Organizational  Development Committee develop wording for the Board to consider.

FOCL’s storage unit has been moved to Dublin.

Organizational Development:  Will start meeting after the Spring Splash event to work on the By-laws wording and FOCL’s annual meeting which has been moved to the fall.

Clean Up Report: According to Dave Dobyns, they are in the process of getting the equipment ready; the loader motor has been rebuilt and the excavator is being serviced and is having a protective grill installed.  Dave expects clean up to start the first part of April.

Financial Resource:  The Profit and Loss Statement, and Financial Report to date were approved as presented by Bill Cunningham.  Money coming  from AEP for 2015 is less than what was budgeted, which makes getting funds from other sources such as Spring Splash, donations, grants, etc all the more important.  Suggestion was made and discussed to put signs or otherwise inform the public of FOCL’s work and expenses to clean up above the bridge.

Buddy Johnston informed the Board about meeting with Abbie Williams with Stifel Nicolaus who recommended starting with moderately conservative investing of the Legacy Fund.   The Budget Committee proposed laddering the majority of the funds in five $10,000 CD’s starting with 6 months and ending with 30 months; the balance of the fund would be kept in a money market account with check writing ability.  There would be no fee for having Stifel Nicolaus set up and manage the CD and money market accounts.  Future investing could possibly include equities in index funds.  Motion was approved to accept the Budget Committee’s proposal to invest in laddered CD’s and money market account through Stifel Nicolaus.

Membership Committee:  Cheri Strenz reported that FOCL had 35 donations last month, which was fairly good though donations are below last year’s amounts.

Environmental Committee:  Larry Bandolin reported they are getting close to having a document to present to Andrea Jones with Clear Creek Water Works for 2015 water quality testing.  He has talked with Mike McLeod about doing some of the same tests done by DEQ to be more consistent with state testing.  Laura Walter suggested that those interested in helping with water sample collection meet before the May Board meeting.   

Events Committee:  Buddy Johnston reported on the Spring Splash event Sunday, May 3, 4-7 p.m.  at Rockwood Manor in Dublin.  Jarred Hines is an auctioneer who has volunteered to help with Spring Splash; he has good suggestions for improving the event.  Volunteers will be needed starting Sunday morning May 3 to set up.   Guest speaker will be P. Buckley Moss, internationally renowned artist.  She has offered to do a FOCL print, the original of which will be auctioned, with a small commission on the sale of all subsequent prints going to FOCL.  Live music will be by Dave Stevenson’s band Room for Two.  Food will be catered by Draper Mercantile.  The public is invited.  Invitations are going out next week to the first four tiers of contributors.   Targeted attendance is 200.   So far,  $4,500 has been gotten in sponsorships , a minimum of $7,000 is needed, preferred would be $9,000.  Sponsorship can be as little as $250.  More auction items are also needed. Photos will be taken of items, so all must be taken to Laura Walter’s house. 

Other Business

Map Committee meeting tomorrow at MK’s, then Debris Management and Navigation Technical Review Committee at AEP.

County’s water intake:  Pete Huber stated they are trying two approaches to address siltation around the intake, including test dredging at Conrad’s, and contracting for a design for the intake to deal with the siltation.

Jan Woodward asked for help getting signatures on a petition about short term rentals (less than 30 days) in R-1 zoned areas.    They are looking for 1500 signatures of people who agree that short term rentals are businesses, and noise pollution, disturbances, and unsafe situations can result.   FOCL can’t take a stand on the issue and Board members were reminded to not represent themselves as affiliated with FOCL if they participate in the petition.   Pete Huber reported that the Board of Zoning Appeals has ruled the County doesn’t have legal authority to regulate rentals; the issue has gone to Circuit Court.

The meeting was adjourned.


Present:  Laura Walters, Jeff Caldwell, Bill Cunningham, Jackson Beamer, Ranny Akers, John Johnson, Jeff Arnold, Larry Killough, Larry Bandolin, Dean Jackson, Danny Wilson, Mike McLeod, Cheri Strenz, Dave Dobyns, Jan Woodward, John Woodward, David Peake, Dave Stevenson, Bob Strenz, Laura Bullard, Ted Bostic

Minutes from the January 8, 2015 Board meeting were approved as written.

President Laura Walters: 

Above Bridge Abutment: Special Use permit has been gotten; other permits are being worked on.  AEP doesn’t have money for it in their budget.  FOCL has asked the County for $30,000. 

Bass4Grass Fishing Tournament:  Aug. 22 at CL State Park. Work is going forward on the event.  Many volunteers will be needed.

New River Symposium:  May 18 & 19 at RU’s Selu Center.  Laura will send info to the Board.

Organizational Development:  Meeting will be held next month.

Clean-Up:  Dave Dobyns reported that preventive maintenance is being done on equipment.  They hope to get in the water by April 1.

Financial Resources:  The Profit and Loss Statement, and Financial Report to date for 2015 were approved as presented by Bill Cunningham.  Investment strategies for 2015 will be presented at the next Board meeting.

Environmental Resources:  Larry Bandolin reported that Andrea Jones with Clear Creek Water Works presented the 2014 water quality report at the committee’s recent meeting.  Larry described it as an excellent report that showed the lake in general to be in pretty good shape, though Peak Creek needs to be looked at as a problem area.  A proposal has been received from Andrea for 2015 monitoring and testing; some changes will be made to sampling locations.

Membership:  Cheri Strenz shared that thirteen donations have been received since January 1.   

Events Committee, Spring Splash 2015:  Cheri reported that Draper Mercantile will do the food this year; the menu is being worked on.  They are also working with Rockwood on the details of holding the event there.  Cheri reminded everyone to continue getting sponsors and donations.  P. Buckley Moss will be speaking.

Executive Director Report:  Jeff Caldwell presented FOCL’s Volunteer of the Year Award to Laura Bullard.

Other Business:  Danny Wilson shared that Pulaski County is rewriting its zoning ordinances and needs public input, including for Section 8, the Claytor Lake Surface District.  A total of ten public meetings will be held. Once the ordinances are drafted, they will also be available for public review.  The goal is to have the ordinances as clear and straightforward as possible.  Information will be available on the County’s website and in local newspapers.

Boater Safety Course:  Feb. 28, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. at Wytheville Community College.

The meeting was adjourned.

Claytor Lake

Present:  Laura Walters, Jeff Caldwell, Bill Cunningham, Jackson Beamer, Ranny Akers, John Johnson, Jeff Arnold, Larry Moore, Dave Stevenson, Laura Bullard, Darryl Sarver, Mike Hoffman, Ted Bostic, Dave Dobyns, Cheri Strenz, Larry Bandolin, Chris Meade, Mike McLeod, Chris Doss, Pete Huber, Jan and John Woodward

Minutes from the November 17, 2014 Board meeting approved as written.

President Laura Walters shared that she hopes to hear by mid-February about FOCL’s Native Vegetation Grant application through the Friends of Reservoirs.

Organizational Development:  Chris Meade said she had no report since the committee hasn’t met lately. 

Clean Up:  Dave Dobyns reported on the abutement above the bridge on Clark Rd in Hiwassee.  FOCL has to get permits from the County, VDOT and the Army Corps of Engineers before the application goes through APCO to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for final approval.  If all goes well,  construction by Virginia Shoreline will start in March. 

Financial Resources report by Bill Cunningham was approved as presented.  A 2015 budget has been developed.  A motion passed to allow the Finance Committee to explore and present to the Board three investment options for Legacy Funds.

Environmental Resources:  Larry Bandolin reported that he and Jeff Arnold met with Clear Creek Water Works about 2014 water quality data; they are working on a presentation for the Board.  Larry and Dave Dobyns attended APCO’S Habitat Improvement meeting.  They reported that it was a very positive meeting and the habitat improvement program is being expanded.   Christmas [trees] for the Fishes is scheduled for January 21, weather permitting.

Membership:  Cheri Strenz shared that there have been 48 donations since the November meeting. 

Events:  Darryl Sarver and Chris Meade said everyone should be working on sponsorships and donations for Spring Splash.  Pat Moss will be speaking at the event.  Cheri is working with Draper Mercantile on doing the food. 

Executive Director Report:  Jeff Caldwell provided a review of FOCL’s 2014 membership drive.  The majority of donations in 2014 came as a result of direct mailers.  Though total donations in 2014 were less than in 2013, 93% of 2013 donors donated in 2014.

Other Business:  Another angler meeting will be held after the January 15 Technical Advisory Committee meeting.   A fishing tournament sponsored by FOCL and two Virginia bass federations will be held August 22. FOCL is putting up $1,000 for the first prize.  A lot of help will be needed with refreshments and family activities.   Money raised by the tournament will go toward native vegetation restoration at Claytor Lake. 

The meeting was adjourned.