2014 Minutes


Present:  Laura Walters, Bill Cunningham, Jeff Caldwell, David Peake, Ranny Akers, Jeff Arnold, John Johnson, Larry Moore, Pete Huber, Darryl Sarver, Buddy Johnston, Dave Stevenson, Mike Hoffman, Cheri Strenz, Ted Bostic, Larry Killough, Dave Dobyns, Jackson Beamer, Mary Rhoades, Mike Burchett, Larry Bandolin, Jim Williamson, John Hunter, Ed Clayton, Banjo Williamson, Laura Bullard

Minutes for the October 20, 2014 Board meeting were approved as written.

Drawdown cancellation:  Pete Huber explained why the County asked AEP not to have drawdown this November.  Because of silt, the County’s water intake in the lake was restricted during a 1.5 foot draw down for a recent rain event, and the County realized the scheduled 3 foot drawdown would leave residents and businesses without water.   They planned to dredge, but there was not enough time before the drawdown to make sure it would work, and there was no guarantee of being able to get permits in time.  The County commits to not being in this position next year, and between now and May will try two different types of dredging at the intake:  1) mechanical—scooping up the silt with the excavator, putting it in roll-off containers and taking it back to Shopeeze where it will be put into dump trucks for transport to a dump site; and 2) using a hydrologic high pressure pump to loosen the silt, suck it up and run it through a pipe to land for processing.

President Laura Walters has heard from some Board members about what committee they want to be on; she will call the ones she hasn’t heard from.  FOCL has been nominated for non-profit of the year by Pulaski’s Chamber of Commerce and will find out who wins at the Chamber’s dinner this Thursday night.  On Friday night, she will have an anglers’ meeting at her house.

Clean Up, according to Dave Dobyns, has finished for the year and they are getting ready to burn the pile of woody debris.  Total collected for the year was 304.5 roll-offs, 637 bags of trash, 179 tires, 24 55-gallon drums, 35.5 docks, 1 freezer, 1 water heater, 1 propane tank, 1 boat house, 1 car gas tank, and 1 set of steps.  It has been a good year; they didn’t get as much new debris, so were able to focus on some areas such as Peak Creek.  The new equipment has helped a great deal.

Financial Report by Bill Cunningham was approved as presented.

Environmental Committee:  Larry Bandolin is talking with Clear Creek Water Works to get results of water quality monitoring, hopefully for January’s meeting. 

Membership:  Cheri Strenz reported there were nine donations during the last month.  2014 donations to date continue to surpass donations to date for 2013.

Events:  Buddy Johnston informed Board members of a letter that can be printed out and given to potential donors and sponsors for Spring Splash on May 3, 2015; he would like to double the number of sponsors from 2014.   Music will be provided by Dave Stevenson and “Room 42.”  The committee is working on the types of food to be served; there will also be beverages, and silent and live auctions.   Invitations will be open to everyone.  Three more Board members are needed on the Events Committee that will meet Dec 9 at noon.

Executive Director Report:  Jeff Caldwell shared that FOCL’s website was hacked, but is back up.   A petition was put out by a local fishing group to bring back hydrilla.  It provided an opportunity for discussion and has given rise to meetings with anglers.  Jeff has been contacted by the Pulaski Yankees, and they would like FOCL to get involved, such as by purchasing tickets for members, as awards, or to sponsor a game.  Following discussion, a motion was made and passed for Jeff to get more information.  2015 calendars are available at $15 each.

Other Business:  Larry Bandolin donated a book entitled, Chapman Piloting. Mary Rhoades shared about a new non-profit organization to help Claytor Lake State Park called Claytor Lake State Park Ambassadors.  They are looking for ways to help the Park.  To join is $10 per individual, $15 per family.     Dec 14, 1-5 pm, will be the Park’s Christmas at Claytor event. 

The meeting was adjourned.

Claytor Lake
Present: Laura Walters, Jeff Caldwell, Bill Cunningham, Jackson Beamer, Ranny Akers, Chris Meade, Cheri Strenz, Buddy Johnston, Jeff Arnold, David Peake, Darryl Sarver, Mike Hoffman, Mike McLeod, Larry Killough, Ted Bostic, Larry Bandolin, Laura Bullard, Dave Dobyns, Bob Strenz, John Woodward, Jan Woodward, Pete Huber

Minutes for the September 15, 2014 Board meeting were approved as written.

President Laura Walters: Friends of Reservoirs has been applied to for a native vegetation grant and FOCL has joined the organization for $25. (They do habitat restoration in rivers and lakes throughout the US.) Board meeting day change to Thursday has been requested to facilitate attendance by members. Following discussion, motion was made and passed to change Board meetings to second Thursday of each month beginning January 2015. FOCL’s Christmas dinner will be on Dec 10 at MK’s. Ugliest Christmas sweater contest was suggested and approved. Toys for Tots will also be done again this year; unwrapped toys are requested. Laura will send an email invitation to Board members to socialize with the New River Conservancy Board after their meeting at the Draper Mercantile Nov 7.

Organizational Development: Chris Meade talked about Spring Splash 2015 auction items and asked Board members to be thinking about soliciting items. She also brought up the letter recently sent to Board delineating participation expectations. See Laura W. for committee assignments or she will call Board members. Discussion recommended that to be in good standing, annual donations (rather than “dues”) be made sometime during the year rather than by January 31.

Clean Up Report: Dave Dobyns reported that recent storms have brought in more debris. To date, 245.75 roll offs, 621 bags of trash, 175 tires, 19 55 gallon drums, 29 docks, 1 water heater, 1 propane tank, 1 freezer, 1 ski jump, and 1 metal boathouse have been collected.

Financial Report by Bill Cunningham was approved as presented.

Environmental: Larry Bandolin discussed the dredging document developed initially by Jim Kelly, Larry and others. Laura Walters sent it to the Board for comments. A motion was made and approved to pass the document on to the TAC. Larry also shared about a meeting between 4 anglers and himself, John Copeland, Laura W, Jeff A., and Joan Blankenship. Larry described it as a very positive meeting in which they shared information and talked about native vegetative planting and adding habitat. Laura W. and Jeff A. also went with James Radford to look at sites around the lake. Larry recommended FOCL communicate better what and why we do what we do. Laura Bullard shared about drawdown and mussel salvage, including the volunteer event Nov 8. Drawdown will be 3 feet from Nov 8 through Nov 16. Landowners are asked to report on their use of drawdown and salvaging of mussels using cards to be included in FOCL’s upcoming newsletter. Volunteers for Nov 8 are asked to sign up by Nov 4 through FOCL’s website or by contacting Laura Bullard.

Membership: Cheri Strenz reported 32 donations from Sept 15 through Oct 18, which was an increase over last month. Donations are still ahead year to date for 2014 compared to 2013. Jan Woodward shared that the people she talks to don’t realize what FOCL does, and discussion was held about erecting signs about FOCL.

Events Committee: Buddy Johnston provided information about Spring Splash 2015 scheduled for May 3 at Rockwood Manor. This will be FOCL’s primary fund raising event for 2015. Board members are encouraged to go to potential sponsors and donors within the next 30-40 days to let them know about Spring Splash and to get initial commitments.

Executive Director Report: Jeff Caldwell stated the newsletters will be printed by the end of the week and he will need help getting them ready to mail. Approximately 200 calendars for 2015 will be printed.

Meeting was adjourned.

Claytor Lake
Present: Laura Walters, Jeff Caldwell, Bill Cunningham, Chris Meade, Jackson Beamer, Jeff Arnold, Dave Stevenson, Mike Hoffman, Laura Bullard, Darryl Sarver, David McPeake, Mike McLeod, Dave Dobyns, Cheri Strenz, Larry Bandolin, John & Jan Woodward, Pete Huber, Ted Bostic, Larry Killough

Minutes for August 18, 2014 Board meeting were approved as written.

President Laura Walters reported that she sent out a grant application today under the County’s name to the Reservoir Fisheries Habitat group to fund planting of water willow and water celery. It would require an in- kind match. Claytor Lake State Park, AEP and the Bass Federation are also involved in the grant. The Bass Federation is also working on a grant to fund growing of aquatic plants by a high school horticulture class. FOCL has recently learned that a petition is being circulated by a group of fishermen at Claytor Lake to reintroduce hydrilla. There is an online dialogue about the petition. Laura will meet with the person who started the petition. The Southwest Times has published a recent article about it.

Organizational Development: Chris Meade reported that the committee met at the end of August with Buddy Johnston to review 2014 events, and goals for 2015. Spring Splash is scheduled for May 3, 2015. Chris provided a list of auction items that did well, and those that did not do well in previous auctions.

Clean Up: Dave Dobyns reported that they have just finished in Peak Creek and are now off McCarthy Road. To date they have removed 196.25 roll off loads, 487 bags of trash, 166 tires (90 of which came from Peak Creek), 18 55-gallon barrels, 24 docks, 1 freezer, 1 water heater, 1 propane tank, 1 metal boathouse, and 1 ski jump.

Financial Resources: Bill Cunningham provided the Financial Report for Aug 20 – Sept 15, and the Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual statement to date; both were approved as presented. Pete Huber shared that the clean up crew is paid through the County and is therefore eligible for health coverage through the Affordable Care Act, which will increase the cost of clean up. Employment can continue through the County, or the crew can become FOCL employees.

Environmental Resources: Larry Bandolin reported that Jim Kelly with others has developed a document explaining the permitting process for dredging. The committee will meet soon to review the document. Larry experimented with planting bare stem water willow and they did better planted horizontally than vertically. Laura Bullard reported on mussel salvage activities for drawdown scheduled to begin Nov 5. An organized salvage event is scheduled for Nov 8, and volunteers are needed. AEP will be notifying landowners soon of drawdown.

Membership: Cheri Strenz reported on donations since Aug 25, and encouraged more donations.

Events: Cheri reported for Buddy Johnston that Rockwood Manor will be the site of Spring Splash, May 3, 2015. Laura Walters said we need to start asking for auction items this fall. A letter to take to potential donors will be available online soon.

The meeting was adjourned.

Claytor Lake
Coast Guard Auxiliary’s Claytor Lake Search & Rescue Detachment (SARDET)

Present:   Jeff Caldwell, Bill Cunningham, Jackson Beamer, Larry Killough, David McPeake, Dave Stevenson, Laura Bullard, Jeff Arnold, John Johnson, Buddy Johnston, Dean Jackson, Darryl Sarver, Dave Doybns, Larry Moore, Bob Strenz, Mike Hoffman, Larry Bandolin, Dave Gruber, Mike McLeod

Introduction & Welcome to the SARDET by Dave Gruber.

History of the Coast Guard Auxiliary in general and at Claytor Lake by Larry Moore.

Safety video shown about environmental stressors affecting boating.

FOCL meeting called to order by Jackson Beamer for Laura Walters who was unable to attend.

Minutes of the July 21 Board meeting were approved as written.

Wounded Warrior Fishing Day: Laura W., Cheri, Darryl and Larry helped. It was very successful; more people than last year attended.

FOCL Day at MK’s had lower attendance than last year, though FOCL did break even. FOCL is considering discontinuing the event.

Organizational Development: No report.

Financial Resources: Bill Cunningham presented the Profit & Loss Statement and Finance Report to date, which were accepted as presented.

Environmental Resources: Larry Bandolin reported on the Native Vegetation Project in two coves at CLSP July 1. Water willow and water celery were planted.   Volunteers and money were provided by CLSP, DGIF and FOCL. Jeff Arnold picked up the cage wire in New Jersey, and he and Laura W. drove to NC for the plants. A lot of effort went into the project.

Clean Up Report: Dave Dobyns reported that they have cleaned CLSP coves and down to the dam, and are heading to Hidden Valley. To date: 106 roll offs, 219 bags of trash, 67 tires, etc.

The new excavator is working out well. At present there is a five man crew, but one crew member will be leaving soon.

Events Committee: Buddy Johnston stated that FOCL netted approximately $12,000 from Spring Splash. The committee is working on the details of Spring Splash for 2015.

Membership: Jeff Caldwell reported that donations are ahead year-to-date of last year, but has hit a lull. He will continue to work for donations. There are 50 new members.

Executive Director’s Report: According to Jeff, the Claytor Lake Drug Task Force name still has not been changed. The Board approved Jeff’s renewing his efforts to get the name changed. The Claytor Lake Triathlon has lost money every year, although they publicize that profits go to FOCL. After discussion, the Board approved a motion to discontinue participation in the event. Another fundraising Pancake Breakfast at Fatz is scheduled for August 9. Jeff gave each Board member in attendance 10 tickets to sell. FOCL lost money at the last Pancake Breakfast. The Rockhouse Poker Run is tentatively rescheduled for August 16.

Other Business: Lakeview Homeowners Association received approval from Pulaski Co.’s Board of Supervisors and DGIF for three No Wake buoys for the cove with docks. FOCL’s Annual Membership meeting June 21 did not have a big turnout, perhaps because in order to save money invitations were not sent out

The meeting was adjourned.

Laura Walters, Bill Cunningham, Jeff Caldwell, Laura Bullard, Ranny Akers, Ted Bostic, Larry Killough, Jan & John Woodward, Jeff Arnold, Mike & Carol Hoffman, John Johnson, Dave Stevenson, Cheri Strenz, Ken & Lou Conner, Darryl & Kim Sarver, Mike McLeod, Jackson & Valerie Beamer, Larry & Patti Bandolin, Steve Rapp, Dave Dobyns, Martha & Ralph Harvey, Katy O’Gee, Lee Wensel

Introductions of attendees.

Elections: Cheri Strenz presented the slate of nominees for re-election: Dean Jackson, Larry Moore, Alan Stratton, Dave Dobyns, and Jeff Arnold. Nominees were re-elected as a group by voice vote.

Committee Reports

Finance: Bill Cunningham presented the Financial Report and Profit and Loss Statement, and discussed various aspects of each. Reports were accepted as presented.

Organizational Development: On Chris Meade’s behalf, Cheri Strenz reported that the committee has worked with the Finance Committee to establish a Legacy Fund; and has restructured FOCL’s committees to be more effective. Jeff Caldwell explained the difference between the Endowment Fund and the Legacy Fund.   (Only interest from the Endowment Fund can be accessed, whereas all funds in the Legacy Fund can be accessed.)

Membership: Cheri Strenz reported a 38% increase in donations to date from last year; also an increase in number of members for this year. This reflects 9% (up from 7%) of lake community now contributing. She attributed the increases to clean up and FOCL’s newsletter.

Environmental Resources: Larry Bandolin acknowledged the importance of volunteers and AEP, VADGIF, Claytor State Park, Pulaski County’s Claytor Lake Technical Advisory Committee and DEQ in environmental efforts. There will be no stocking of grass carp this year because of very little hydrilla in the lake. The goal is to manage hydrilla at a balanced level. With help from AEP, FOCL has purchased sonar equipment to monitor hydrilla and sedimentation.   FOCL is using a new lab (Clear Creek Water Works, Christiansburg) to do water quality testing.   Native aquatic vegetation will be planted in coves at the State Park on July 1; volunteers are needed. According to Larry, siltation is the biggest, long-term problem facing the lake, causing islands to form up lake. It is a natural process, accelerated by human-caused erosion in the watershed. The only hope is to slow the process. Dredging is possible but not a probable solution. The committee met with the New River Conservancy (former National Committee for the New River) to view their projects to slow erosion in the watershed; Laura Walters has been invited to serve on their Board.

Drawdown: Laura Bullard discussed the 3′ drawdown scheduled for this November 8-16. Returning stranded mussels to the water during drawdown is encouraged and an organized volunteer mussel salvage effort will be held November 11. Questionnaire cards asking use of drawdown will be mailed out to property owners. Returning cards to FOCL was stressed in order to show use of drawdown.

Clean Up: Dave Dobyns reported that operations got started in the water May 12. Thanks to additional funds from AEP, new equipment has been purchased including a new excavator and sloped section for the barge. They are now able to get into formerly inaccessible areas. Collected to date this year: 67 roll-offs, 164 trash bags, 45 tires, 2 55 gal drums, and 7 docks. They have pulled logs and docks out of the channel from Lowman’s Ferry Bridge to Little Wytheville. They are looking for a location for an abutement above the bridge in order to do clean up above the bridge.   A Clark Rd location is being considered, but would be costly.   Monthly debris monitoring trips are being made with AEP.

Events: Jeff Caldwell reported on the new committee to handle events and increase FOCL’s exposure. The committee planned the Spring Splash event in April, which was the biggest and most profitable event for FOCL to date. Jeff also showed new materials for sale, and announced MK’s FOCL Day on July 12 and Rock House’s Poker Run July 19.

Minutes of the May 12 Board meeting were approved as written.

Guest Speaker: Lee Wensel, Conservation Police Officer with VADGIF, spoke on the role of the Conservation Police (formerly called Game Wardens) and answered boating and fishing questions.

Clean Up Day, June 28: Cheri Strenz announced that orange trash bags are available, and dumpsters will be at selected sites from 9 to 3:30.

Meeting was adjourned.

Claytor Lake
Laura Walters, Jeff Caldwell, Bill Cunningham, Ranny Akers, John Johnson, Jeff Arnold, Dave Dobyns, Mike Hoffman, Larry Moore, Laura Bullard, Cheri Strenz, Cecil Doyle, Elaine Smith, Mike McLeod, Larry Bandolin, David Peake, Danny Wilson, Alan Stratton, Dean Jackson, Jamie Riggins, Jan Woodward

Minutes of the April 14, 2014 Board meeting were approved as written.

Claytor Lake Magazine: Elaine Smith, Editor, introduced the new free monthly magazine that will be mailed to shoreline property owners starting this summer. Its purpose is to bring the lake community together by showcasing community members and advertising local service providers. Community participation in the content is a key aspect of the magazine. FOCL is being offered a free spot in the publication.

President’s Report: Laura Walters

Native Aquatic Vegetation Project: Water willow and water celery will be planted in two coves at CL State Park June 24 (rain date June 26).   Help is needed with planting.

Kids’ Fishing Day was held May 10. It rained, but it went well.   450 kids attended and 1000 plates of food were served.

Pulaski County 8th Grade Day will be May 29. Instead of having a prom, 8th graders go to CLSP for the day. Pontoon boats are needed.

Wounded Warrior Fishing Day will be June 22. 175 individually wrapped desserts are needed; 50 with no sugar. Pontoon boats are also needed for families.

Friends of Peak Creek will meet Thursday night, May 15, for an open house at 6:30 p.m. at the Train Station in Pulaski. George Santucci with the National Committee for the New River will speak on stream restoration.

Coast Guard Auxiliary has invited FOCL to meet at the SARDET. Decision was made to hold July Board meeting there.

Active Duty Coast Guard will be on the water Thursday through Sunday of Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.

Clean Up Day June 28: Help is needed.

Organizational Development: FOCL’s Annual Membership meeting will be June 21 at CLSP. Board members are to arrive by 9:00.

Membership: Cheri Strenz reported that we’ve continued to exceed last year’s year-to-date donations; the average amount of donations has also increased. Currently there are 154 members.

Events: Jeff Caldwell reported for Buddy Johnston on FOCL’s Spring Splash event April 27. 135 attended (excluding Board members and their families). The event netted more than all events combined from last year.

Environmental Resources: Larry Bandolin discussed the field trip taken by the committee to Grayson County where they met with members from the National Committee for the New River to see a river bank stabilization project on the Phipps Farm; also to Foggy Mountain Nursery in North Carolina to see the plants they provide for streambank stabilization.

Financial Resources: Bill Cunningham presented the year-to-date Profit & Loss statement and the Financial Report which were approved as presented.

Clean-Up: Dave Dobyns shared that operations have had a slow start due to getting equipment ready. There currently is a crew of two with more coming on. They started by cleaning up the burn site at Big Hole Hollow. The new excavator has arrived.   The initial trip with AEP to survey debris showed that things don’t look so bad. They are still working on getting a site above Lowman’s Ferry Bridge for an abutement.

Executive Director Update: Jeff Caldwell

Newsletter will be out by June first.

Pancake Breakfast: Tickets are ready for the pancake breakfast May 24.

FOCL boat: Jeff recommended FOCL buy a boat on which to put the new sonar equipment and to use as needed by FOCL. Motion was made and passed to authorize Laura Walters, Dean Jackson and Jeff Caldwell to buy a boat and associated equipment with a ceiling of $5,000.

Other Business:

Claytor Lake Festival will be June 14. FOCL’s barge will be used for the fireworks.

Nominating Committtee: Board members up for re-election at the annnual meeting are Dean Jackson, Larry Moore, Alan Stratton, Dave Dobyns, and Jeff Arnold.

Water Quality Testing: A training meeting needs to be scheduled with Clear Creek Water Works.

Meeting was adjourned.

Claytor Lake
Laura Walters, Jeff Caldwell, Bill Cunningham, John Johnson, Ranny Akers, Jeff Arnold, Jackson Beamer, Mike Hoffman, Danny Wilson, Darryl Sarver, Troy Phillips, Dean Jackson, Chris Meade, Dave Stevenson, Mike Burchett, Cheri Strenz, Laura Bullard, Katy O’Gee, Jan Woodward, John Woodward, Larry Bandolin, Buddy Johnston, Bob Strenz.

Minutes of the March 17, 2014 Board meeting were approved as written.

President Laura Walters:

In-kind hours & reporting: Board members were reminded to count hours spent on FOCL activities (Board meetings excluded) and report those hours to Jeff Caldwell monthly or as they occur, but at least quarterly. It is important to show hours contributed.   A sign-up list for FOCL events this summer was passed around.

Native Vegetation Project:   FOCL has received the OK from AEP to use restricted funds and the Board approved using up to $5,000. FOCL will work with the Bass Federation, DGIF, and State Park, with John Copeland overseeing the project. Initially, native aquatic vegetation will be planted around the Park and Bullard Farm on the first Saturday of June. Volunteers are needed.

Kid’s Fish Day will be May 10 at Camp Powhatan from 7 am to 2 pm. FOCL will have members there again this year. The Board approved a contribution of $500 toward the event.

Wounded Warrior Fishing Day will be held June 22. Troy Phillips from DGIF asked that FOCL provide desserts again this year.

Organizational Development: Chris Meade presented the proposed By-Law change to the Claytor Lake Legacy Fund. The Board approved the change.

Membership Committee: Cheri Strenz reported that donations to date for 2014 are more than double donations by this date in 2013.

Events Committee: Buddy Johnston reported on FOCL’s Spring Splash event April 27. Sponsorships and auction items are coming in well. Board members were asked to help with set up Saturday, April 26 from 1-4, and to arrive by 3 on Sunday, April 27. Clean-up will be Monday April 28 starting at 10.

Environmental Committee: Larry Bandolin reported on discussions with Clear Creek Water Works to do water quality testing. Their proposal, that includes the one-time purchase of a DO/conductivity meter, exceeds AEP’s funding for water quality testing this year. The Board approved the expenditure of additional money to cover the proposal.   Committee members also met with George Santucci, Executive Director of the National Committee of the New River, to discuss watershed impacts on siltation in the upper part of the lake. FOCL and NCNR will work together to reduce siltation entering the river and lake. A trip to Grayson Co. is planned May 7 to see NCNR’s river bank stabilization project at the Phipp’s farm.   Laura Walters has accepted NCNR’s invitation to join their Board as FOCL’s representative. Larry also reported that a new plan from DEQ is being waited for to address the zinc contaminated Indian Creek, which is a tributary to the New River.

Financial Resources: Bill Cunningham reviewed FOCL’s income and expenses for the period of March 14 through April 14, 2014. The report was approved as presented.   During the Finance presentation, it was announced that AEP has funded FOCL’s purchase of two Lowrance sonar units that can be used to assess aquatic vegetation and siltation depth. The County has given FOCL access to their GPS data. The units will be available for trained volunteers to use and upload data.

Clean-Up: Laura Walters reported for Dave Dobyns that the crew is in the water, but the land equipment is being worked on. They are still looking for a location for an abutement above Lowman’s Ferry Bridge.

Executive Director Update: Mendy Harmon is writing a book about Claytor Lake. If you have stories or photos, please contact her at 540-529-8653, mendyh@comcast.net. The Friends of Peak Creek will meet to clean up trash from 10-1 May 1. Meet in the parking lot across the creek on 1st St behind Dalton Building. 2014 FOCL calendars are still available. Jeff is still working on getting a base map to work on for a new CL map.

Meeting was adjourned.

Claytor Lake

Present: Laura Walters, Jeff Caldwell, Bill Cunningham, John Johnson, Ranny Akers, Jeff Arnold, Jackson Beamer, Mike Hoffman, Buddy Johnston, Dave Stevenson, Joan Stevenson, Darryl Sarver, Larry Bandolin, Jim King, Larry Moore, Cheri Strenz, Bob Strenz, Dave Dobyns, David Peake, Jan Woodward, John Woodward, Pete Huber, Laura Bullard, Dean Jackson, Chris Meade, Mike McLeod

Minutes of the February 17, 2014 Board meeting were approved as written.

President Laura Walters:

Board member involvement: All Board members need to participate in at least one committee. Board members not on a committee were asked to tell Laura W. their committee preference. Those not expressing a preference or not at the Board meeting will be assigned to a committee. Board members were also reminded to pay their FOCL dues. In March, about 300 Christmas trees for fish habitat were sunk in the lake along the Park’s shoreline.

Organizational Development: Chris Meade presented a new Bylaws addition to be voted on at April’s Board meeting regarding FOCL’s new Claytor Lake Legacy Fund.

Membership Committee: Cheri Strenz reported that 23 new members have joined and 68 donations have been received since last month. She attributed the increase to a recent FOCL letter sent to landowners concerning siltation that included a donation request. She also announced the receipt of a bequest in the Legacy Fund.

Events Committee: Buddy Johnston presented FOCL’s Spring Splash event April 27 as having the potential to be FOCL’s largest money making event to date. Sponsorships are still available and auction items are still needed. A sign up sheet for tasks during the event was passed around. Board members need to arrive at 3:30 (except for set up starting at 2:30). Chris Meade has goals of 60 items for the silent auction and 15 for the live auction.

Environmental Resources: Larry Bandolin reported on a meeting of the committee with Ferrum regarding water quality testing. Upon mutual agreement, Ferrum is discontinuing their testing services for FOCL. Larry is meeting with Clear Creek Water Works in Christiansburg regarding their doing the testing. Larry also brought up media reports of a zinc sludge spill in a creek that runs into the New River upstream of Claytor Lake. He requested and was granted the Board’s permission to write a letter to DEQ encouraging quicker cleanup of the spill since it could affect Claytor Lake.

Financial Resources: Bill Cunningham reviewed FOCL’s income and expenses from the Financial Report for the period February 17 to March 17, 2014, as well as the budget statement as of March 17. The reports were approved as presented.   Larry Bandolin suggested using “crowd funding” to raise money for FOCL; he will provide more information about it at the next Board meeting. Bill presented Board Insurance premiums to the Board. After discussion, a premium level was approved by the Board.

Clean Up: Dave Dobyns reported that the County has bought an excavator for FOCL’s use. AEP has provided money to buy a rake section to attach to the barge so it can get into shallower areas. Dean Jackson has repaired water intake valves on the boat. Two senior crew members are returning, and applications are being taken for additional crew. A location above Lowman’s Ferry Bridge is being considered for an abutement to allow for clean up above the bridge.

Executive Director Update: Jeff Caldwell announced that, thanks to the County and AEP, a new FOCL map is being developed that will be more topographic than the previous map. The cost will be $4,000 for 400-500 units; advertising will be offered to defray the cost. The Map Committee will work on the map and present it to the Board. They hope to have it ready by summer.

Meeting was adjourned. The next Board meeting will be April 14, 2014 .

Claytor Lake

Present: Laura Walters, Ranny Akers, Jeff Arnold, Jackson Beamer, Chris Meade, Darryl Sarver, Ted Bostic, Dave Dobyns, Larry Moore, Mike Hoffman, Sarah Tilson-Miano, Larry Killough, Larry Bandolin, Jeff Caldwell

Board Insurance: Sarah Tilson-Miano presented the board about Board Liability Insurance and insurance coverage for events that FOCL would sponsor. Bill Cunningham referred to an “errors and omissions” insurance type policy. Larry Bandolin expressed concern about the need of event sponsored insurance. $953 – $1254 per year for FOCL Board Insurance. Larry Bandolin made a motion that the Finance Committee review and make recommendation at the next FOCL Board meeting.  The motion was approved.

Minutes: Minutes of the January Board Meeting were approved as written.

President Laura Walters:

Drawdown 2014: Laura informed the Board that Claytor Lake will have a 3 foot drawdown starting on November 5, 2014 and ending on November 19, 2014. Laura Bullard is working on Mussel Salvage Mitigation Plan.  This year’s difference will only identify and count pistolgrip mussel.  Other mussels would just be counted during salvage day.

April Board Meeting Date: Laura requested that April’s Board Meeting be moved up a week due to a scheduling conflict and provide some lead time before Spring Splash event.  A motion was approved to move Board meeting to April 14.

Organizational Development: Chris presented the latest changes to the FOCL By-Laws and explained difference between Board Members and Partner Board Members. A motion was made and approved to accept By-Law Revisions

Membership Committee: Jeff Caldwell talked about current donation levels.  Jeff reported that donations were down from this time last year and also provided a chart of the breakdown in levels of donations.  Jeff indicated the membership report period was from January 1, 2014 to February 17, 2014.

Events Committee: Laura talked to the Board members about the April Spring Splash event.  April 27th at Nesselrod Bed & Breakfast.  Bud Foster will be speaking.  Laura passed out a list for the Board to invite and or contact for business sponsorship. Laura also reminded the Board of the online packet they can download and take to everyone they want to approach. Chris Meade talked about both the silent and live auctions FOCL will be conducting during the Spring Splash.

Environmental Committee: Larry Bandolin notified the Board that a siltation letter has been dispatched to all homeowners on Claytor Lake about FOCL’s concerns regarding the level of siltation entering the lake. Larry discussed FOCL putting together a step-by-step instruction for homeowners to apply and be approved for small levels of dredging.

Jeff Caldwell notified the Board that AEP has given FOCL the go ahead to purchase equipment from Contour Innovations to begin collecting underwater data of vegetation.  Larry Bandolin also commented that this equipment could help track siltation in the upper lake.

Finance Committee: Bill Cunningham presented FOCL Financial Report for February covering Income and Expenses from the period of January 20th, 2014 to February 17, 2014.  Bill also explained the changes to the Finance Report and also covered FOCL’s budget report for 2014 as of February 17, 2014. Bill Cunningham also explained to newly formed Legacy Fund to promote future FOCL operations. 

Clean Up Report: Dave Dobyns reported on Clean Up operations and that he was meeting with Pulaski County to examine some potential abutment sites above Lowman’s Ferry Bridge.  Dave also informed the Board that we were tentatively expecting to be back on the water and operating in late March or early April.

Executive Director Report: Jeff Caldwell presented the first Volunteer of the Year Award for 2013 to Dave Dobyns for his diligence and work with our clean up program.  Jeff updated the Board of where we stood on 2014 Calendar sales.  Jeff also requested that Committee Chairs work to get their Winter Retreat Strategic Plans.

The meeting was adjourned

Claytor Lake

Present: Laura Walters, Jeff Caldwell, Jackson Beamer, Bill Cunningham, Laura Bullard, Larry Killough, Cheri Strenz, Dean Jackson, Darryl Sarver, Mike McLeod, Mike Hoffman, Jan Woodward, Larry Moore, Larry Bandolin, Dave Stevenson, Jeff Arnold, Dave Dobyns, Ted Bostic, Ranny Akers, John Johnson, Anna Caldwell, Bruce Shepperd, Ed Clayton

Minutes of the November 18, 2013 Board meeting were approved as written.

President Laura Walters stated that a letter of support was provided the Friends of Peak Creek for a grant they are writing to clean up brown fields near Pulaski. Also, the Shoreline Management Plan has finally been approved by FERC with all the recommended changes. FOCL will work with Pulaski County and AEP on implementation.

Drawdown 2014: DGIF has informed FOCL that a 5′ rather than 3′ drawdown this fall would require additional mitigation in the form of pistolgrip propagation. Laura Bullard presented proposals she has gotten on behalf of FOCL for pistolgrip propagation. In response to a FOCL survey this week, 98 out of 103 respondents said they wanted a 5′ drawdown; 5 respondents said they did not. Yesterday, AEP informed FOCL they would not conduct a 5′ drawdown due to loss of revenue from power generation. There is a possibility that with more information AEP would change that decision. Motion was made and approved for FOCL to pursue a 5′ drawdown. Motion was made and approved that FOCL endorses pistolgrip mitigation and would be willing to participate in funding and other support. Jeff Caldwell said he would develop a map for AEP showing the general location of those who had responded to the survey in favor of a 5′ drawdown. Motion was made and approved that a Board vote can be conducted via email if a decision regarding mitigation funding is needed. The Claytor Lake Technical Advisory Committee (CLTAC) will discuss drawdown at their next meeting Feb. 7; April 1 is their deadline for developing a plan for the 2014 drawdown.

Financial Resource: Bill Cunningham presented the Income/Expense Report that was approved as presented. He also presented a 2014 Budget that was approved as presented.

Clean Up: Dave Dobyns reported that 33 locations were cleaned in 2013, for a total of 305 roll-offs, 380 bags of trash, and 85 tires and wheels. The new excavator and barge allowed the crew to continue working until early January 2014.

Executive Director Report: Jeff Caldwell presented a new No Wake Sign that can be produced ($20 each) in response to the many requests for them. Motion was approved to produce the signs.

Meeting was adjourned.