2013 Minutes

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Present: Laura Walters, Jeff Caldwell, Bill Cunningham, John Johnson, Dave Dobyns, Jackson Beamer, Dave Stevenson, Jeff Arnold, Buddy Johnston, Larry Moore, Chris Meade, Jan Woodward, John Woodward, Cheri Strenz, Bob Strenz, Larry Killough, Russell Alls, Darryl Sarver, David Peake, Pete Huber, Mike McLeod, Chris Doss, Alan Stratton, Mike Hoffman, Laura Bullard

Minutes of the October 21, 2013 Board meeting were approved as written.

President Laura Walters shared the Environmental Committee’s proposal to write two letters regarding siltation up lake: one to landowners and stakeholders defining the process for dredging permits; and the other to applicable agencies and localities, expressing FOCL’s concern about lake siltation. Motion was made and approved for the Environmental Committee to proceed with the letters.

Organizational Development: Proposed By-Law changes were presented by Chris Meade to replace the Educational Committee with an Events Committee, and add description of Events Committee duties. During discussion, it was pointed out that education is covered throughout FOCL’s activities, and therefore a separate committee is not needed. Vote will be held at January’s Board meeting.
Winter Board Retreat is scheduled for January 25, 2014 at Claytor Lake State Park’s Water’s Edge facility from 9 to 4. The January Board meeting will be held from 11:30 to 12 in lieu of a Board meeting January 20. The afternoon will focus on committee work, and is open to the public.
Attorney: Alan Stratton recommended that FOCL hire an attorney, especially one versed in nonprofit/501c3 issues, and who can assist with updating FOCL’s Article’s of Incorporation. Alan has talked with Reid Broughton, with the Sands Anderson Firm, and he is willing to work through Alan and attend meetings as needed; his hourly rate would be $195. Motion was made and approved to hire Mr. Broughton as needed.

Membership: Cheri Strenz reviewed November’s Donation Report, and thanked Jackson Beamer and Chris Meade for helping her make calls . Donations for the month included a grant from the CE Richardson Foundation.

Finance Committee: Financial Report was approved as presented by Bill Cunningham. General Fund: $10,905.66.

Clean-Up: Dave Dobyns reported the 4 man crew hopes to continue on the water through December 19, after which the woody debris pile will be burned at Big Hole Hollow and the equipment winterized. The trackloader donated by the Strenz is now operational. A record 247.5 loads of woody debris collected to date is twice last year’s amount.

Executive Director Update: Jeff Caldwell reminded Board members that in-kind forms are due. 2014 calendars are available for $15 each, and also available for retailers to sell. A challenge was issued to see who could sell the most calendars.

Other Business: Buddy Johnston announced FOCL’s Spring Splash event scheduled for April 24, 2014 from 4-7 at Nesselrod on the New. It will include a social hour, music, beverages, and silent and live auctions. Atimo Winery will do a wine tasting. Sponsors and auction items are needed.
Russell Alls with the Radford area Isaac Walton League said they would like to be more of a partner with FOCL. They have a campground at Clapboard Hollow with 160 members.
Boater Safety Class will be held February 22 from 9-4 at Claytor Lake State Park. See VDGIF’s website for more information.

The meeting was adjourned


Present: Laura Walters, Jeff Caldwell, Bill Cunningham, Jackson Beamer, Ranny Akers, Jeff Arnold, Dave Dobyns, John Copeland, Mike Hoffman, Larry Moore, Mike McLeod, Larry Killough, Ted Bostic, Chris Meade, Cheri Strenz, Mary Rhoades, Fran Baldwin, Laura Bullard, Alan Stratton, David Peake, John Blankenship, Johnny Garrett, Mike & Fay McMillion, Ron Hall, Lou’Don Bishop, Deborah Pepe, Bob Strenz

Minutes for the September 16, 2013 Board meeting were approved as written.

Claytor Lake Triathlon on September 14 had over 225 participants. Despite a loss, Johnny Garrett and Mike McMillion presented FOCL with a $475 donation.

Friends of Peak Creek: Ron Hall reported on clean-up days. On Saturday October 12, they had inmate help cleaning up and trimming brush. They meet the 4th Thursday of the month at the Pulaski railroad station at 6 p.m. They hope to have one more clean up day this year.

Map Committee met and is looking at alternatives other than going with George Martin and GMCO that would be less expensive and less restrictive.

Organizational Development Committee: Chris Meade has been elected as Chair to replace Dean Jackson who has stepped down. Alan Stratton spoke on revising FOCL’s committee structure to focus more on fundraising. Creation of an Events and Fundraising Committee to replace the Education Committee is being considered. Proposal will be presented at the next Board meeting.

Winter Retreat will be January 25th at the CL State Park Marina Conference Center from 9-4 p.m. Attendance is mandatory for Board members, and open to the public. FOCL’s vision, mission and goals will be reviewed. Organizational Development is planning the retreat.

Membership Committee: Cheri Strenz reported 26 donations totaling $3,980 since last month, for a year to date total of $59,200 ($800 within the $60,000 goal for 2013). Cheri asked for help calling members who donated in 2012, but not in 2013.

Environmental Committee: met last week. Jeff Arnold, in organizing years of Water Quality results from Ferrum, discovered inconsistencies in data analysis regarding chlorophyll levels. Ferrum has been asked to give FOCL raw data in the future. Starting next year, new testing sites at Max and Big Reed Creeks and DEQ data will be added. Sedimentation is recognized as a critical issue, and letters will be sent to localities requesting help in preventing erosion, particularly in watershed areas. Information on dredging permits and process will also be sent to landowners. On November 19, the Technical Review Committee headed by AEP for Aquatic Habitat, Sedimentation and Erosion will meet.
Hydrilla/Grass Carp Study: Matt Weberg developed a stocking model to help with grass carp stocking decisions that recommends stocking every other year with the option to stock every year if hydrilla growth warrants it. It is important to survey hydrilla annually and a new mapping system using sonar to determine location and density of aquatic vegetation is now available.

Native Aquatic Vegetation: Joan Blankenship with the Bass Federation with help from Pete Huber and John Copeland has applied for a grant to plant native aquatic vegetation in the lake.

Finance Report: General Fund: $4,620.44; Grand Total Assets: $148,697.02, of which $107,548.64 is unrestricted. The report was accepted as presented.

Clean-Up: Dave Dobyns reported they have finished cleaning AEP’s picnic dock area and are behind the island at John Johnson’s; they will go along the south shore toward Texas Hollow and Carol Metz. They will work in the water as long as they can, and continue getting large debris with the excavator until mid-December if possible. Bob and Cheri Strenz donated a “trackscavator” loader (Caterpillar 941) that will be a big help with the burn pile.

Executive Director’s Report: Jeff Caldwell will mail FOCL’s fall newsletter out by November 1. 2014 calendars will be ready this week. Jeff ran the New River 50K Run and raised $620 for the National Committee for the New River, FOCL and the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America.

Other Business: There will be no drawdown this year, but a 5 foot drawdown is considered for next year. FOCL’s logo in stained glass by Paul Harris is available at MK’s and on FOCL’s website. Paul will donate one-half of proceeds to FOCL. FOCL’s Christmas Party will be December 5 at 6 p.m. at MK’s. RSVP’s required.

The meeting was adjourned.

Present: John Johnson, John Copeland, Alan Stratton, Chris Meade, Jackson Beamer, John Copeland, Dave Stevenson, Joan Stevenson, Dave Dobyns, Ted Bostic, Larry Killough, Fran Baldwin, Cheri Strenz, Mike Hoffman, Ranny Akers, David Peake, Troy Phillips, Liz Parcell, John Woodward, Jan Woodward, Dean Jackson, Laura Walters, Jeff Arnold, Bill Cunningham, Bob Strenz, Raini Ott

Minutes: Minutes of the August 20th, 2013 Board Meeting were approved as written.

President Laura Walters:
GMCO Maps: George Martin spoke about the previous mapping program. Explained the process of producing a map and costs involved in a map upgrade to include new data and contour lines from FOCL and AEP. The new map would be digital and could be reprinted easily moving forward. Map Committee will be formed to construct new map size and info. 1,000 units would cost FOCL $4.28 per unit and would have to be ordered in 1,000 unit increments would have FOCL cover. Maps would not be exclusive. GMCO would also sell standard maps using our information.
AEP Recreational Project: FOCL has received a letter from AEP notifying them of plans to build a fishing pier and possible bank fishing/picnic area at either Allisonia or below the dam near the Sportsman. John Copeland & Troy Phillips discussed the benefits to this area being installed in Allisonia. Liz Parcell asked for comments and ideas from all parties involved both pro and con of project ideas. FOCL boards decided to defer to VDGIF and AEP recommendations.
Friends of Peak Creek Clean Up: Laura reported about the first clean up efforts above the walls around the Pulaski Courthouse. Cheri reported next clean up project in October.

Organizational Development: Dean Jackson asked board members to vote on By-Law Amendments. Amendments were approved as written. Dean also indicated Organizational Development would look at committee restructuring.

Membership Committee: Cheri Strenz reported donations of $3,950 from August 20 to Sept. 16. Cheri informed the board that the committee has set a goal of $60,000 in donations for 2013. Cheri stressed to everyone to get online and look at who in their neighborhood has not donated and to contact them.

Environmental Committee: Larry Bandolin was not present but is trying to schedule an Environmental Committee meeting as soon as possible. John Copeland spoke about Contour Innovations new technology and how VDGIF and FOCL can use this technology to track growth of vegetation in Claytor Lake and how it can help us control Hydrilla in future years. FOCL could train volunteers to collect more data for the entire lake to help track. John indicated $4,500 cost per year for unlimited usage of system for Claytor Lake.

Finance Committee: Bill Cunningham reported our General Fund account was at $10,848.24 and Grand Total Assets were $154,881.11; of which $109,818.06 were unrestricted. The Pulaski County Clean Up grant had a remaining $10,625.17 for clean up fund. Income and Expenses showed a net period Income of $58.07. Bill pointed out the entire year budget progress on the back page of the report. The report was accepted as presented.

Clean Up Report: Dave Dobyns reported we were 10 loads ahead of totals at same time last year. 153.5 rolloff loads of debris, 168 bags of trash, 4 55 gallon barrels, 32 tires with wheels, 2 propane tanks varying in sizes, 1 750 gallon oil tank, and 2 docks. The crew is working currently in Felts Hollow, then moving to Smith Hollow and also clean up the state park prior to Triathlon. Dave hopes we can continue operations out of the water through the first part of December.

Executive Director Report: Jeff Caldwell thanked everyone for their help in volunteering for the Triathlon and also thanked all supporters who donated to the FOCLers Team. FOCL placed 6th in all relay teams. The team raised $475 for the Triathlon team that benefits FOCL.

Other Business: Raini Ott from the Virginia Tech Scuba Team talked about wanting to help FOCL with projects and fundraising. Raini reported that their divers are able to help with clean up efforts and reported that a good percentage of divers do remain in the New River Valley during summer months.

The meeting was adjourned

Present: Bill Cunningham, Laura Walters, Dean Jackson, Buddy Johnston, Chris Meade, Dave Dobyns, Larry Killough, Ted Bostic, Cheri Strenz, Larry Moore, Darryl Sarver, John Copeland, Mike McCleod, Jackson Beamer, Jan Woodward, John Woodward, Dave Stevenson, Joan Stevenson, Bob Strenz, Larry Bandolin, Steve Rapp, Cheryl Hedges, John Johnson, Alan Stratton, Jeff Arnold, Mike Hoffman, Carol Hoffman, Denise Matthews, Pete Huber, Jeff Arnold.

Minutes: Minutes of the July 15th, 2013 Board Meeting were approved as written.

President Laura Walters:
Pancake Breakfast: Laura thanked everyone for their participation in the pancake breakfast and reported $1,400 in revenue for FOCL.
Clean Up Equipment: Laura announced the arrival of the new clean up equipment and thanked all parties who participated in getting the equipment and all efforts to put equipment in place.

Organizational Development: Dean Jackson spoke about amendment to By-Laws that were not voted on in the July meeting. Dean said the changes would be looked over again and board members should be prepared to vote on changes at September board meeting. By-Law changes will be sent via email along with the agenda.

Membership Committee: Cheri Strenz reported donations of $13,260 from July 15 to August 20. Cheri emphasized encouragement of friends and neighbors to donate especially considering operating costs of new clean up equipment. Cheri did acknowledge we have gained ground from 7% to 10% of homeowners donate to FOCL.

Environmental Committee: Larry Bandolin indicated he wanted to schedule a meeting within the next month to discuss siltation concerns, to discuss this year’s changes in water quality sampling, and address possible over eradication of Hydrilla in Claytor Lake.

Finance Committee: Bill Cunningham reported our General Fund account was at $10,503.50 and Grand Total Assets were $154,500.64; of which $109,437.59 were unrestricted. The Pulaski County Clean Up grant had a remaining $19,445.72 for clean up fund. Income and Expenses showed a net period Income of $12,210.88. John Johnson asked if anyone had been reimbursed from Hydrilla funds. Bill indicated that no one had requested treatment due to Grass Carp efforts. John Copeland indicated that Hyrdilla can regrow without grass carp but that Hydrilla can regrow. Larry Bandolin asked if the board had any thoughts about spending the $109,437.59 in the unrestricted funds. Laura Walters and Dean Jackson informed the board that, with the new clean up equipment, the idea of operating the clean up crew longer throughout the year. The report was accepted as presented.

Clean Up Report: Dave Dobyns reported $2,378 revenue from scrapping our old barge. Dave stated that all smaller equipment that we could save and use have been. Our crew is now back up to 4 people and there is some training time required causing the clean up crew to move slowly at the beginning. Dave reported the injury and infection of Tony Stammers and that he will be out of commission for at least 2 months. Dave reported 118 rolloff loads of debris at an average rate of 3 rolloffs per day. 146 bags of trash, 3 55 gallon drums, 28 tires, 2 propane tanks, 1 57 gallon fuel tank, and 1 dock with ramp.

Executive Director Report: Jeff Caldwell asked for more volunteers for September’s Claytor Lake Triathlon and that FOCL was not setting up a booth this year but was participating in the triathlon. Jeff’s daughter Tori will be doing the 500m swimming portion, Jeff Arnold will be riding the 12.5 mile bike portion, and Jeff Caldwell will be running the 5k of the triathlon and all proceeds, along with proceeds from the event itself, sponsored by The Bike Barn, Pulaski Bikes, and Tri-Adventure Sports will be donated to FOCL. Chris Meade mentioned there was no Hokie home game for that Saturday.

The meeting was adjourned

Present: Laura Walters, Jeff Caldwell, Jackson Beamer, John Johnson, Gary Duncan, Dave Dobyns, Pete Huber, Cheri Strenz, Larry Killough, Mike Burchett, Chris Doss, Troy Phillips, Buddy Johnston, Ted Bostic, Laura Bullard, John Copeland, Dave Stevenson, Larry Moore, Jan Woodward, John Woodward, John Randolph, Bob Becker, Mike Hoffman, Bob Strenz

Minutes from the May 20, 2013 Board meeting and June 22, 2013 Annual Membership meeting were approved as written. Dave Dobyns should be added to list of those present at the May 20 Board meeting.

President Laura Walters:
Clean Up Day was a success. An estimated 200 bags of trash were collected, in addition to many other items of trash. Having it earlier in the summer worked out well. People are still cleaning up, and neighborhoods are removing and burning woody debris. People are reminded to notify FOCL of the number of trash bags they collect, and to send in photos of woody debris collected.
Rock House Poker Run: the weather hurt participation, but was still an enjoyable time with new vendors and an auction. Proceeds of about $2,500 were donated to FOCL.
Drawdown for this year has been denied, but a 5′ drawdown will be considered for next year.

Organizational Development: Laura Walters reported on the Annual Meeting. About 32-35 people other than Board members attended. More membership attendance is encouraged.

Membership: Cheri Strenz reviewed donor information, and reiterated that only 7% of 2,100 lake owners (lake front, access & view) contribute to FOCL, though many benefit from FOCL’s activities. Board members were encouraged to talk with neighbors and others about contributing. FOCL would also like to get lake visitors and boaters to contribute.

Environmental Resources will have a committee meeting soon.

Financial Resources: Jeff Caldwell reviewed the Financial Report. General Fund: $27,336.58; Grand Total Assets: $155,287.25, of which $89,243.34 is unrestricted. The report was accepted as presented.

Clean Up: Dave Dobyns reported that 66 roll-off loads of woody debris and 112 bags of trash, among other items, have been collected by the 4 man crew. A bull-dozer has been donated for a couple weeks to push up woody debris for burning at Big Hole Hollow. Pulaski Co is buying 2 new barges for FOCL’s use. An excavator to use on the barges will initially be rented until one can be found to buy. AEP will contribute an annual amount to offset the cost. The new equipment will make clean up operations faster and safer, and enable the crew to work more months out of the year and in more areas, including above Lowman’s Ferry Bridge once a place is found to off load debris.

Executive Director Jeff Caldwell:
Claytor Lake Regional Drug Task Force has been asked to change their name and they will consider doing so.
Pancake Breakfast at Fatz. Aug 10: volunteers are need, and tickets are available.
Claytor Lake Triathlon, Sept 14: volunteers are needed. Jeff Arnold, and Jeff Caldwell and his daughter will compete as a team and will raise money to donate to FOCL.
FOCL Alert System was tested during the latest period of heavy rain and positive responses have been received. Some adjustments need to be made, and sources found for real time information on flow rates and lake elevation.

Other Business:
Rental Houses: Bob Becker is concerned that rental houses in R-1 zoned areas are commercial operations and will devalue surrounding properties. He is asking Pulaski Co’s Board of Supervisors to enforce R-1 as residential only. According to Pete Huber, the County is researching the issue and must determine the legality of restricting rentals.
Lakeview Neighborhood: John Randolph announced a donation of $1,000 to FOCL.
Boating Accident: Troy Phillips reported that an accident the night of June 30 between a bass boat and a pontoon boat resulted in a fatality that is under investigation. Larry Moore added that 10 drowning deaths have occurred this year in the Coast Guard District; none of the victims were wearing life jackets. He stressed the importance of wearing life jackets.
Wounded Warrior Fishing Day went very well. Twenty-two vets participated.
Fireworks: Chris Doss with the Claytor Lake State Park thanked FOCL for help with the Festival fireworks.

Next meeting: Tuesday, Aug 20, 2013 at the Draper Mercantile .

The meeting was adjourned.

Present: Board members: Laura Walters, Bill Cunningham, Jeff Arnold, Jackson Beamer, Dean Jackson, Chris Meade, Ranny Akers, Dave Stevenson, John Johnson, Cheri Strenz, Laura Bullard, Dave Dobyns, Mike McLeod, Alan Stratton, Jan Woodward, Ted Bostic (elected), Buddy Johnston (elected); Executive Director: Jeff Caldwell; Members: John Woodward, Billy Hanks, James McGrath, Ken & Jan Gray, Merri Beth & Jim Gibson, Ike & Betty Carper, Bob & Polly Caldwell, Diane & Larry Howell, Bill & Alice Hurlebaus, Karen Cecil, Jim Loux, Paul & Hilda Harris, Sandy & Janice Wilcox, Tom & Sara Metcalfe, Melvin & Kathy Lester, Janet Johnston, Ron & Linda Hall, Len Angle, Dave & Sheree Hurley, Keith Bolte
Welcome & Introductions: President Laura Walters introduced FOCL Board members, as well as George Santucci with the National Committee for the New River, and Ron Hall with the newly formed Friends of Peak Creek.
Elections: Secretary Laura Bullard introduced the six Board members up for re-­‐election: Jackson Beamer, Mike Burchett, Bill Cunningham, Mike Hoffman, John Johnson and Cheri Strenz. There being no objection to voting on their re-­‐election as a group, all six were re-­‐ elected unanimously by show of hands. Four new nominees recommended by the Nominating Committee for election to the Board were presented: Ted Bostic, Buddy Johnston, Darryl Sarver and Larry Bandolin. There being no objection to voting on their election as a group, all four were elected unanimously by show of hands.
Finance Committee Report: Treasurer Bill Cunningham presented the 2012 Financial Report (included with agenda) with highlights as follows: $66,00 in total donations & contributions, $40,000 in expenses for clean-­‐up, and a net loss of $29,000 for 2012. For 2013 to date: $43,000 in donations & contributions, and $22,000 in expenses for clean-­‐up.
Organizational Development Committee: Chairman Dean Jackson reported that FOCL’s Bylaws were worked on during the past year, and a Membership Committee set up.
Membership Committee: Chairman Cheri Strenz stated the committee’s focus is reaching out to new members and setting up corporate sponsorships. She reported that 7% of lake owners* contribute to FOCL, and the committee hopes to increase that percentage. (*166 donors out of 2,100 property owners with lake front, access or view)
Environmental Committee: Laura Walters reported that the committee is focusing on improving FOCL’s water quality testing program and is looking into sedimentation up lake. To continue working toward containment of hydrilla, 1,500 more carp were put in the lake this spring. There are now about 230 acres of hydrilla in the lake (compared to approx 400 previously). Enclosures have been placed in various lake areas to encourage growth of native aquatic vegetation.

Drawdown: Laura Bullard reported on the November 2012 drawdown. Sixty-­‐nine property owners responded on their use of drawdown and mussel mitigation. Mitigation for impacts to mussels by returning stranded mussels to the water was a major aspect of drawdown. The combined efforts of landowners and volunteers resulted in a total of about 9,000 mussels being returned to the water. Due to damage and excessive debris from flooding this year, FOCL has requested a five foot drawdown for fall of 2013. FOCL is awaiting word on whether it has been approved. Meeting attendees were encouraged to inform FOCL if they use drawdown, and to assist with mussel mitigation.

Clean Up: Volunteer Coordinator Dave Dobyns reported that a four man crew has been in the water since mid-­‐May, but has been hampered by old and limited equipment. They are working on getting another barge and an excavator, as well as waiting for a volunteer track loader, and looking for a pull-­‐out site up lake. AEP and FOCL reps are making monthly debris tours of the lake.

Guest Speaker: George Santucci, Executive Director for the National Committee for the New River, spoke about the value of FOCL in caring for the 21 miles of the New River that runs through Claytor Lake. He emphasized the importance of water quality and membership’s funding and responsiveness on issues.

Clean Up Day, June 29: Cheri Strenz explained it was moved to earlier in the summer due to debris from flooding this year. Everyone is encouraged to use orange bags to collect trash. Dumpsters will be at DeHaven, Lowman’s Ferry, and CL State Park; FOCL’s Ms Pulaski will also be collecting bags. It is hoped that a designated Clean Up Day will increase awareness of cleaning up the lake throughout the year. FOCL keeps track of the amount of trash and debris cleaned up, and asked that people give FOCL a call or email with the number of trash bags or photos of woody debris collected during the year. A suggestion was made that FOCL collect and burn woody debris on the properties of owners who wish to have that done.

Wrap Up Questions: Executive Director Jeff Caldwell was thanked by Laura Walters for all his work. Jeff stated a 2012 Clean Up Report is available. He thanked Chris Doss for his support of FOCL. The next Pancake Breakfast at Fatz will be August 10.

The meeting was adjourned.

The Friends of Claytor Lake Board Meeting Minutes May 20, 2013

Present: Jeff Caldwell, Larry Bandolin, Patti Bandolin, Jackson Beamer, John Woodward, Jan Woodward, Larry Killough, Buddy Johnston, Dean Jackson, Alan Stratton, Michael Hoffman, Larry Moore, John Randolph, John Johnson, Mike McLeod, Bob Strenz, Darryl Sarver, Jeff Arnold, Cheri Strenz, John Dangerfield, Laura Walters, Ron Hall.

Minutes: Minutes of the April 15, 2013 Board Meeting were approved as written.

Organizational Development: Dean Jackson talked about Annual Meeting. Board Members need to be present by 8:00am. Annual Meeting Agenda and times were distributed. State Park Shelter #5. Laura Walters will check with Chris Doss on free access to the park and stated Board Members must wear FOCL shirt. Dean presented changes made to FOCL By-­‐Laws in relation to appointments of committee chairpersons. By-­‐Laws will be voted in at the Annual Meeting. No Board Meeting is scheduled prior to Annual Meeting this year. Buddy Johnston asked why Nominating Committee is not a standing committee.

President Laura Walters:
Drawdown: Laura did confirm a formal letter was sent to AEP and copied to the Technical Advisory Committee. AEP will distribute letter to agencies and agencies will have 30 days to respond with their opinion. FOCL should have an answer by Annual Meeting. Navigational Aids: Laura confirmed that Pulaski County Board of Supervisors did vote unanimously to reject the permit for AEP to install initial 8 buoy site at Allisonia. AEP’s Request along with County letter will be forwarded to Tom Guess at VADGIF. Tom Guess will also get input from local conservation officers. John Randolph asked what the objections were to the plan. Laura responded with lack of safety data, strobe lights, buoys would further narrow channel, that downed skiers could be lost or mistaken as buoy, Alan Stratton and Jeff Arnold added that they just did not look good and ruined the aesthetics of the lake. Laura also commented that we were initially told that there was a “test” period but DGIF did show no test periods exist. Once a buoy is installed, it remains until another application is made to remove it. Laura Walters stated we did a disservice to our community by not accurately representing the opinion of the lake community. Jeff Arnold made a motion to take a stand against the buoys. Jeff Caldwell reminded the Board that our last official opinion was that FOCL was in favor of the first proposed test site of 14 lighted buoys along the Little Wytheville area of Claytor Lake. Laura and Cheri confirmed that only 1 buoy would be lighted in the most recent proposal by AEP in the Allisonia. Jan Woodward seconded Jeff Arnold’s motion. Alan Stratton expressed concern regarding our opposition having affect on the Pulaski County Board of Supervisors. Laura Walters stated that VDGIF did ask us for our position and data FOCL has collected. Larry Moore stated he believed there was value in buoys when applied to hazards but that the entire plan was “overkill”. Laura also shared another concern that flow would cause more hazards with buoys breaking loose. John Johnson voiced his opinion that FOCL just write a letter simply supporting the Pulaski County Board of Supervisors’ position. Larry Bandolin asked Alan Stratton if FOCL would assume any liability from injury resulting in accidents involving buoys if FOCL supported. Alan indicated that he did not believe liability would fall on FOCL. Several Board Members reinforced the need for better mapping and support for map holders at boat launches. Cheri, Laura, Michael Hoffman, and Alan Stratton all agreed that we need to word our motion and any letter in a way to leave openings for compromise. Jan Woodward confirmed that a letter should be written and we should take a stand at the Annual Meeting and make sure FOCL’s letter encourages AEP to consider other alternatives. Jeff Arnold modified his motion to support the Pulaski County Board of Supervisors’ opposition of the proposed nav buoys and that FOCL looks forward to working with AEP and other agencies to meet any safety needs while considering alternatives or less invasive options. Jan Woodward seconded revised motion. All members voted in favor, no members voted against, abstentions were Mike McLeod and Troy Phillips.

Map Board Grant: Laura indicated that we did not receive a grant on our proposal to install map boards at public boat launches. Laura asked if FOCL wanted to fund the project. Board’s feeling was to ask AEP if they would assist in financing.
Wounded Warrior Fishing Tournament: FOCL is proving deserts for the event. Troy Phillips did thank FOCL on their assistance with the kids fish day. Troy did indicate that the veterans were not big on a lot of attention given to them but do come and help as much as you can. Troy indicated it will be held Sunday June 2. FOCL should be there around 9 or 10am.
Clean Up Day: June 29th 9:00am-­‐3:30pm. FOCL will utilize neighborhood captains to spread the word.

Nominating Committee: Cheri notified current Board Members up for re-­‐election including: Jackson Beamer, Bill Cunningham, Cheri Strenz, John Johnson, Mike Hoffman, & Mike Burchett. Cheri also notified the Board of the 3 additional new Board Members: Ted Bostic, Buddy Johnston, & Darryl Sarver. New Board Member Bios will be sent to Board Members prior to Annual Meeting.

Education Committee: Jan indicated we set up 3 main goals of the committee and identified steps for action of goals. One action was to develop a speaker bureau to go around to neighborhoods and speak to communities. Another goal was to revise all FOCL literature with a more unified look and message. Laura Walters did indicate there was a FOCL powerpoint presentation that could be used.

Membership Committee: Cheri reported donations in May of $4,535 and that expenditures due to clean up are using these resources rapidly. Laura reminded all Board Members that in order to continue to be on the Board and/or re-­‐elected to the Board you must be a member in good standing. Jan questioned FOCL’s costs in postage to mailers each year and considering more economical options. John Johnson asked if we could start getting information to registered boaters. Jeff Caldwell indicated that he was working with DGIF for have FOCL information in their email blasts.

Environmental Committee: Mike Hoffman informed the Board that Dr. Carolyn Thomas from Ferrum College gave us the 2012 Water Quality Report and that not much has changed with lake testing. Mike also indicated the need to start better harnessing Ferrum’s data to be more useful to FOCL. Larry Bandolin has indicated, once By-­‐Laws have been approved, that he will be voted in as new Environmental Chair. Larry had 2 major goals: 1. To use the data we are collecting. 2. To make water quality testing more relevant for what FOCL needs. Larry indicated changes to our water quality plan which will also utilize DEQ data in a more effective reporting plan. Larry has indicated we will be requesting all past data from Ferrum College on previous water quality tests.

Finance Resources: Income/Expense report was presented by Jeff Caldwell (Bill Cunningham was not present) and was accepted. General Fund: $11,006.87 Total Assets: $163,860.05, of which unrestricted funds equal $72,913.63.

Clean Up: Dave Dobyns indicated we have 4 rolloffs of debris so far and have had mechanical issues with our rolloff truck from the county. Dave also informed the Board
that one of our barges is now down and will probably be unable to fix for safe operation. Pulaski County has used a small excavator to clean up larger debris around Harry DeHaven Park. Larry Bandolin questioned efficiency of crew, Dave Dobyns indicated we have 4 man crew thus far and that plans so far are 2 men pushing full loads as other 2 load empty barge. Laura indicated we are meeting with AEP this week to request new barge and equipment and that Pulaski County will be involved in that meeting.

Executive Director Jeff Caldwell: Jeff informed the Board of the New River Symposium on May 30 and 31st. Jeff covered the FOCL website in that it has been online for 1 year now and has vastly improved FOCL’s online presence when searching for Claytor Lake. 5,000 different users each month. Jeff also indicated his concern about repeated references to the Claytor Lake Drug Task Force and the frequency in which they are being referred to online and in press. Jeff requested advice from the Board about possibly approaching the Task Force to see if they were open to a name change in order to limit negative impacts these stories would have on Claytor Lake. Dave Dobyns and Cheri Strenz both strongly agree with the frequency of this task force’s reporting. Alan Stratton indicated he had a close personal relationship with one of the heads of the task force and that he would volunteer to directly contact this person to pursue this request. Dave Dobyns made the motion that the Executive Director draft a letter to the Drug Task Force, motion was seconded by Cheri Strenz. Discussion regarding Alan’s volunteering his direct approach was more appealing. Dave Dobyns withdrew motion. Alan confirmed he will work with Jeff to approach the task force.

Other Business: Ron Hall from the Friends of Peak Creek indicated they were officially incorporated and have not pursued 501C3 yet. Next meeting is this Thursday. Jackson Beamer requested that we need to officially recognize Mike Spraker, one of the founding board members, for his service over the years to FOCL. Jackson also emphasized the need for more grass roots community outreach. Jeff and Laura did state they were happy to attend neighborhood association meetings and to contact Jeff for scheduling. John Dangerfield also asked for information to pass along to the Montgomery County Game & Fish Club.

The Meeting was adjourned.

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Present:  Laura Walters, Jeff Caldwell, Bill Cunningham, Alan Stratton, John Johnson, Dave Gruber, Jackson Beamer, Dave Dobyns, Mike Hoffman, Chris Meade, David Peake, Troy Philllips, Dean Jackson, Mike McLeod, Larry Killough, Dave Stevenson, Jan Woodward, John Woodward, Chris Doss, Mary Rhoades, Laura Bullard, Cheri Strenz, Buddy Johnston, Jeff Arnold, Jamie Riggins, Ron Hall, Bob Strenz, Ted Bostic

Minutes of the March 18, 2013 Board meeting were approved as written.

President Laura Walters:  passed around sign-up sheet for summer activities.

Nominating Committee deferred to end of meeting.

Drawdown:  FOCL’s request for 5′ drawdown this year was discussed at April 9 CLTAC meeting.  Formal written request will be sent to AEP; County might add their support.

Nav Aids Committee met and Teresa Rogers presented 3 options for test buoys.  The committee preferred the option of Allisonia to just above Little Wytheville with approximately 8 buoys and not all lighted.  AEP* will present options to County’s Board of Supervisors at their April 22 (7 p.m.) meeting.   AEP would like the buoys to stay in for a year.  (*Teresa has gotten another position with AEP and Liz Parcell is serving in her stead.)

Organizational Development:  Dean Jackson presented Bylaws changes up for vote:  1) adding “per incident” to President’s authorization for expenditures of up to $1,000 (item 4, p. 5); 2) adding “per incident as necessary for urgent and emergency situations” to Executive Committee’s authorization for expenditures of up to $5,000 (item 6, p. 10); and 3) changing to a uniform outline format throughout the Bylaws.  Motion to accept changes was approved.

Membership Committee:  Cheri reported that member donations of $3,320 were received from March 19 through April 13 for a total of $15,520 to date for 2013.  Darryl Sarver has made some contacts with campgrounds around the lake for FOCL.

Environmental Committee is still waiting for the 2012 Water Quality Report and 2013 monitoring schedule from Ferrum College.  A meeting will be held soon, possibly May 9, to discuss Clean Up Day scheduled for June 29.  April is Clean Up Month for Pulaski Co.

Financial Resources:  Income/Expense Report presented by Bill Cunningham was accepted.  General Fund:  $7,377.53; Grand Total Assets:  $170,128,07, of which $69,180.65 is unrestricted.

Clean Up:  Dave Dobyns reported that he, Laura W., Jeff C. and reps from AEP toured the lake from Allisonia to the dam April 10 to survey debris.   They also looked for a pull-out site for clean up above the lake, but haven’t found a suitable site yet.  Ms. Pulaski is ready for painting, and the conveyor has gone through repairs.  The jon boat donated by Conrads has also been repaired; a 30 horsepower motor is still needed for it.  Thanks to Laura W’s grant application to Gator Aide, FOCL now has 30 cases of Gator Aide (valued at $2,000) for the crew.  Laura, Jeff and Dave will be going to Smith Mtn Lake soon to look at their clean up operation.  Motion was made and approved to spend up to $5,000 to purchase a boat motor.

Executive Director Jeff Caldwell:  reported that the Red Cross has requested FOCL’s sponsorship and help recruiting people to give blood at their July 13 Blood Drive at CLSP.  Discussion centered around the appropriateness of FOCL’s participation in the event.  Decision was tabled until the next Board meeting.

Pancake Breakfast April 13 at Fatz brought in $1,165 in ticket sales, $702 in donations, and $54 in product sales.

Other Business:

Friends of Peak Creek:  Ron Hall reported that the group has decided to withdraw their request to be included as part of FOCL.  He did request FOCL’s support at their presentation to Pulaski’s Town Council April 16 at 5 p.m.  Motion was made and approved to provide a letter in support of FOPC in time for the meeting.

Kids Fishing Day May 11, 7-2 p.m. at Camp Powhatan, for kids 15 and under.  Troy Phillips encouraged FOCL’s participation.

Wounded Warrior Fishing Day June 2, 8-2 p.m. at CLSP.  Troy emphasized the importance of this event, and urged volunteer participation.  He will provide more information about what help is needed.  Motion was made and approved to increase FOCL’s donation by $100 to $300.

8th Grade Lake Day May 30 , 9-2 p.m. at CLSP:  Instead of a prom, 8th graders will be spending the day at the lake; volunteers are needed.

Jamie Riggins  with Virginia Shoreline Contractors is putting in a riprap wall in the DeHaven area and is looking for a place from which to load riprap onto barges.

Closed Session:  Motion was made and approved to go into closed session.  Laura W. called session to order.  Board nominations for the Annual Membership Meeting were discussed.  The Board then went back into regular session.

The meeting was adjourned.

Secretary’s note:  It was discovered after the meeting that approval by the Board of the Feb 18, 2013 Board meeting minutes was not noted in the March 18 Board meeting minutes.  This omission will be brought before the Board at the May 20 meeting. 

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Present:  Laura Walters, Jeff Caldwell, Bill Cunningham, John Johnson, Jeff Arnold, Jackson Beamer, Dave Stevenson, Mike Hoffman, Dave Gruber, Larry Moore, Dave Dobyns, Dean Jackson, Mike McLeod, Cheri & Bob Strenz, Laura Bullard, Alan Graybeal, Larry Bandolin, Ron & Linda Hall, David Peake, Jan & John Woodward, Alan Stratton, John Randolph

President Laura Walters:

Nominating Committee:  Cheri Strenz volunteered to chair.  Laura Bullard and Dave Dobyns will also serve on the committeee.  New nominees to be emailed to Cheri by April 15.

Pancake Breakfast will be at Fatz Saturday, April 13.  Tickets are $7 per plate.  Volunteers are needed to sell tickets, and serve breakfast.

Fishing Tournaments:  May 11 for children at Camp Powhatan, June 2 for wounded warriors at Claytor Lake State Park.  FOCL has been asked to have a table at both, and to be a sponsor for the June 2 event.  Laura W. and Cheri volunteered to work the table; other volunteers are needed to help participants.  Jeff Arnold volunteered; others are to contact Laura W.  Motion approved to donate $200 for wounded warrior tournament.

Education Committee Chair needed as Cheri is moving to Membership Committee.

Committee Reports:

Organizational Development:  Dean Jackson presented proposed changes to Bylaws regarding Executive Committee (Article VII, Sec 2A), and Other Committee (Sec 2C).  After discussion, the words “per incident” were added to item #6, to read “. . . five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) per incident . . . .”  The proposed Bylaws will be voted on at the next Board meeting.  Alan Stratton also recommended changing the entire Bylaw’s outline format.  He will make the outline changes and email to Board members to vote on at the next meeting.

Education:  Looking for a new Chair to replace Cheri.

Membership:  Cheri reviewed donation amounts for 2/18-3/13/18.

Environmental Resources:  Mike Hoffman reported they are waiting for Dr Carolyn Thomas from Ferrum College to meet with the committee.

Financial Resources Income/Expense Report was approved as presented by Bill Cunningham.  General Fund:  $9,314.65; Grand Total Assets:  $173,451.42 of which $71,117.77 is unrestricted.  Total Expenses for 2/18-3/18/13: $4,342.45. New Quick Books program is being implemented.

Clean Up:  2012 Clean Up Report done for Appalachian was passed around and will be emailed to Board members.  Dave Dobyns reported that 147 loads of woody debris, 313 bags of trash, and 47 tires were collected in 2012.  The conveyor is being repaired.  Ms. Pulaski was repaired over the winter, and will be painted before starting clean up for 2013, hopefully in April.   Woody debris pile at Big Hole Hollow still needs to be burned.  Sixteen foot jon boat has been donated by Conrads to FOCL.  A motor is still needed for it; also needed is a small extenda reach knuckle boom, and small barge. Laura W., Jeff C., and Dave D. will go on the lake March 20 with AEP to look at debris.  FOCL will be doing a monthly review with AEP to keep them updated on clean up.  Clean up supervisors from Smith Mountain Lake will be coming to look at FOCL’s equipment to offer suggestions.

Other Business: 

Grant has been written for $1800 from the Community Foundation for placement of maps at boat ramps to show hazards on lake.

Drawdown and Mussel Salvage:  Laura Bullard reported that members of the Claytor Lake Technical Advisory Committee (CLTAC) will be meeting Friday, March 22 to review 2012’s mussel salvage efforts and develop recommendations for drawdown and mussel mitigation for the next drawdown, tentatively scheduled for 2014.  Because of the debris and damage from the flood earlier this year, a motion was made and approved for FOCL to request, including by letter to CLTAC and AEP, a five foot drawdown this year.

Bass Clubs and FOCL:  Larry Bandolin shared that there seems to be animosity between the bass clubs and FOCL, perhaps because of grass carp and the removal of woody debris.  Larry recommended that FOCL get involved directly with the clubs, perhaps by sponsoring fishing tournaments and meeting with clubs.  A list of clubs and contacts is needed.

Friends of Peak Creek (FOPC):  Ronald Hall introduced a new group forming to clean up Peak Creek and create a scenic recreation resource in the Town of Pulaski.  Their goals is to obtain 501c3 status, and /or work in cooperation with FOCL.  An option is that FOCL host them as a subcommittee.  Discussion was held regarding how FOCL might work with FOPC.  Laura W and Cheri will attend their next meeting April 4 at Christ Episcopal Church in Pulaski.   Motion was made and approved that Organizational Development will review and work with FOPC and bring recommendations to FOCL’s Board regarding the level of involvement between FOCL and FOPC.

Grass carp:  3,000 more will be stocked in lake April 17.  There has been a higher mortality than expected, perhaps due to colder temperatures and predation.

Navigational Aids Technical Committee: Next meeting March 25.  Pulaski Co. Board of Supervisors will address nav aids at their April 22 meeting.

Annual  FOCL Membership meeting will be June 22.

Annual Claytor Lake Clean Up Day will be June 29.

Next FOCL Board meeting will be April 15.

Meeting was adjourned.
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Present:  Laura Walters, Bill Cunningham, Jeff Caldwell, Alan Stratton, Ranny Akers, John Johnson, Jeff Arnold, Mike Hoffman, Dave Gruber, John & Jan Woodward, Laura Bullard, Chris Meade, Mike McLeod, Larry Moore, Dean Jackson, Larry Killough, Cheri & Bob Strenz, Charlie Mullins, David Peake, Darryl Sarver, Brian Bongard, Reid Broughton, Dave Stevenson, Pete Huber, Bill Smith

Minutes of the January 14, 2013 Board meeting were approved with the correction that Dean Jackson was not present to report on the Organizational Development Committee.

President Laura Walters:  

Christmas with the Fishes was awesome; 174 trees were sunk for fish habitat.

Code of Ethics:  Laura read the Policy Statement and asked Board members to sign and return it and the Code of Ethics document.

Board Partner Roles:  Laura asked if Partner members (e.g., from DEQ, VDGIF) would be willing to get together or answer questions by email to help Organizational Development better understand Partner roles and what they are willing and able to do as members of FOCL’s Board.

History of the Lake written for APCo’s license was recently emailed to Board members.  Laura will see if she can get copies, and explore if it can be used for fund raising.

Community Foundation has their Spring grant period coming up.  A small grant for between $500 and $2,000 can be applied for; also a large grant for $10,000 over 3 years that addresses critical community needs.  Laura would appreciate any input.  Brian Bongard offered to assist, as he is involved with the Foundation.  He said the Foundation favors grants with leveraged funds.  Jan Woodward also offered to assist.

Boy Scouts’ Aquatic Center Game Night is scheduled for March 9, 4-6:30, to encourage children and families to get active outside.  FOCL is invited to have a booth, and volunteers are needed.

Executive Director Jeff Caldwell:

Wagner-Huber letter of April 8, 2011 re: FOCL’s activities relative to its 501(c)(3) status was discussed. Dave Gruber suggested that FOCL needs to be cautious about influencing the County’s Board of Supervisors (BOS).   Discussion ensued regarding expressing opinions, representing lake stakeholder views, and influencing legislation. Pete Huber stated he felt the BOS and FOCL have a shared interest in taking care of the lake, and the BOS sees FOCL as a representative or advocate for the lake.   According to BOS minutes shared by Laura Walters, Chairman Sheffey referred to FOCL as an  advisory board to the BOS on lake issues.  After discussion, a suggestion to formalize FOCL’s advisory board role in writing with the BOS was declined. A recommendation to share FOCL’s Board minutes with the BOS was generally agreed upon.  It was also agreed that FOCL needs to maintain good documentation, and back up with sources (e.g. poll results, comments from stakeholders) information it shares with BOS and others.    Reid Broughton, a local attorney specializing in nonprofits, stated he basically agreed with the Wagner letter, saying FOCL  shouldn’t devote a substantial amount of activity (over 20%) influencing the BOS.  (He was unsure if the activity was strictly financial, or also applied to other activities.)   Ranny Akers said in his 8 years on the BOS, he was never approached by FOCL to influence his vote.  In addition to the FOCL Board as a whole being cautious, Laura Bullard pointed out that individual Board members should not represent themselves as Board members when expressing their personal opinions to the BOS.

Organizational Development:  Dean Jackson presented Bylaws changes.  During discussion, Dave Gruber recommended that the new Section 7 on the Executive Committee include requirements for a quorum and other specifications.  Motion to approve the Bylaw changes with Section 7 left out was approved by all with 2 abstentions.  The Committee will work on revisions to Section 7.

Communications, Education, Public Relations:  Cheri Strenz reported that the Committee has been in flux, waiting for approval of the Bylaws change to a Membership Committee.

Environmental Resources:  Mike Hoffman reported on the Committee’s meeting last week about water quality, saying they are trying to get together with Ferrum College to align testing and results with DEQ.

Financial Resources:  Financial Report by Bill Cunningham was approved as presented.  General Fund:  $5,598.59; Grand Total Assets:  $169,847.76, of which $67,352.03 are unrestricted.  Clean up monies for 2013 have been received.  Amount of donors and donations for period 1/1 to 2/18 for 2013 were 35 and $5,950, respectively, compared to 8 and $3,265 for same period in 2012.  Discussion was held about the difference between dues and donations.  Membership Committee will work on to clarify.

Early Warning System:  As a result of the recent high water event, Jeff Caldwell presented the possibility of setting up an automated alert system that would enable FOCL to provide notification of possible high water flows.  Notification would be by text message to cells phones and would entail a cost.  The service could be membership-based (free for donors), or provided free to the public through FOCL.  There was general agreement with developing such a system, especially for members, though concern was expressed about liability.  During discussion it was recommended that low water levels and high winds also be considered for alerts.  Motion was approved for Jeff to continue to look into and bring back a more definite plan.

Live Remotes by PSK:  Jeff Caldwell also presented the possibility of having PSK broadcast from selected FOCL events.  Cost would be $600 per event.  General discussion was not in favor of the proposal due to cost.

Navigational Aids Update:  Laura Walters reported on the BOS meeting Jan 28 in which the BOS asked APCo for alternate buoy test areas.  In a draft plan emailed Feb 18 to the Technical Nav Aids Committee, Teresa Rogers offered alternate test areas of Waterfront Farms and above Little Wytheville to the rapids, in addition to the original site of Little Wytheville.  Charlie Mullins with VDGIF Conservation Police said VDGIF has no guidelines for a test period, and if the buoys are approved and go in, they are not to be removed unless they are not maintained or APCo or others petition for them to be removed.  Charlie also stated he understood from his conversation with VDGIF’s Boating Director that floating channel markers do not have to be lighted. Brian Bongard of Little Wytheville said he and other stakeholders have only recently become aware of the Nav Aids Plan and many people are against the buoys.  Bill Smith of Waterfront Farms said there have been changes to the sand bar due to the recent high water, and asked how changing conditions would be handled.   Following discussion, motion was made and approved by majority vote with 1 opposed and 3 abstaining, that Laura Walters or Jeff Caldwell follow up with Teresa to request a meeting of the Technical Nav Aids Committee to discuss test proposal, and to ask for delay in implementation to allow for more public input. Pete Huber urged FOCL to continue working with APCo on the issue.  The suggestion that APCo work out permitting for test buoys with VDGIF before proceeding was also made and favorably discussed.

Other Business:   Laura W. announced that drawdown/mussel response cards need to be turned in now; collection is being cut off.  Paul Harris has done FOCL’s logo in stained glass and will donate 1/2 of proceeds to FOCL.  Pete H. said there is a problem with siltation at the public water intake and the County will be applying for a dredging permit; also, there is a great deal of debris in the lake due to the high water event, and we will need to work together to clean it up.

The meeting was adjourned.

Present: Laura Walters, Jeff Caldwell, Bill Cunningham, Jackson Beamer, Ranny Akers, John Johnson, Dave Dobyns, Dave Gruber, Jeff Arnold, Mike Hoffman, Chris Meade, Alan Stratton, Larry Moore, Mike Spraker, Jan Woodward, Larry Killough, Laura Bullard, Dave Stevenson, Joan Stevenson, John Copeland, Pete Huber, Dave Peake, Charlie Mullins, Brian Bongard, Mike McLeod, Mike Burchett

Closed Session: Alan Stratton reported that immediately prior to the regular Board meeting the Board went into closed session to discuss an alleged violation of the Code of Ethics. The allegation was determined unfounded, and Alan with Dave Gruber will write a letter enhancing the FOCL Board’s position to the County’s Board of Supervisors and AEP. Before being sent to the Board of Supervisors and AEP, the letter will be approved by email by FOCL Board members who attended the closed session.

Minutes of the November 12, 2012 Board meeting were approved as written.

President Laura Walters: FOCL had an article in the Coast Guard’s newsletter. Christmas for the Fishes has been postponed until Wed, Jan 23 due to weather. An article about the event was in the Southwest Times.

Executive Director Jeff Caldwell: Larry Hart with VDGIF has asked FOCL to put the word out that they are looking for a donation of land, or land to lease long term on which to build a storage building for their boats.

Organizational Development: Laura Walters reported that the committee has been working on Bylaw changes. Alan Stratton distributed and reviewed proposed changes regarding Board elections and qualifications, committees and FOCL’s Code of Ethics. Alan will correct the changes. They will be emailed to Board members and voted on at the next meeting. A Bylaw change to clarify FOCL Partner Members (e.g., Pulaski Co, AEP, DGIF, DCR, Coast Guard Aux) will also be presented at the next meeting.

Environmental Resources: According to Mike Hoffman, the committee will meet soon.

Communications, Education, Public Relations: No report; Cheri Strenz is out of town.

Financial Resources: Bill Cunningham presented a Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual report for 2012, as well as the Finance Report for 11/12/12-1/14/13. General Fund: $6,017.99; Total Assets: $97,697.46, of which $36,481.76 is unrestricted. Membership 2012 to date is 222, up from 194 for same 2011 period. Bill recommended re-employing Phillip Martin as CPA for 2013; motion to do so was made and passed.

Aids to Navigation: Jeff Caldwell distributed a report of FOCL’s website poll. There were 513 total votes as follows: 136 re: nav aids above Lowman’s Ferry Bridge (74% agreed, 26% disagreed); 131 re: nav aids below Lowman’s Ferry Bridge (39% agreed, 61% disagreed); 125 re: nav aids in Peak Creek (44% agreed, 56% disagreed); 121 re: nav aids in Dublin Hollow (36% agreed, 64% disagreed). At FOCL’s request, Charlie Mullins, Conservation Police Officer with DGIF, provided information on reportable accidents on Claytor Lake since 2009 (2009 – 3, 2010 – 6, 2011 – 8, 2012 – 2). He stated that neither the primary or secondary causes of the accidents were related to the presence or absence of nav aids. (Most accidents involved water skiers.) DGIF is responsible for approving and overseeing maintenance of nav aids. Discussion ensued about the pros and cons or nav aids in general, and the proposed test buoys in particular in order to arrive at a recommendation for the County’s Board of Supervisors for their Jan 28 meeting. Motion was subsequently made, amended and approved by majority (14 in favor, 2 opposed, 4 abstained), that FOCL agrees with AEP’s proposed 14 test buoys with the recommendation that the test period be extended to Nov 1, 2013, and that input from lake stakeholders be collected during the test period and considered in further implementation of the Aids to Navigation Plan. Motion was also made and approved (17 in favor, 0 opposed, 3 abstained) that the results from FOCL’s website poll be included in information forwarded to the Board of Supervisors.

The meeting was adjourned.