2012 Minutes

Present:  Laura Walters, Jeff Caldwell, Bill Cunningham, Jackson Beamers, Jeff Arnold, Mike Hoffman, Dave Gruber, Darryl Sarver, Dave Dobyns, David Peake, Jan & John Woodward, Larry Bandolin, Chris Meade, Mike Burchett, Ted & Barbara Bostic, Larry Moore, Laura Bullard, Cheri & Bob Strenz, Dean Jackson

Minutes of the October 15, 2012 Board meeting were approved as written.

Claytor Tales:  Laura Walters reminded the Board that stories, pictures, and recipes for the book can be sent to focl.org or to her.

Organizational Development Committee:  Dean Jackson stated there will be a meeting after Thanksgiving.  After discussion it was determined that a retreat is not needed this winter, but committees should review their objectives and action plans developed at the March 2012  retreat.

Communications, Education & Public Relations Committee:  Cheri Strenz announced that coverage of the mussel salvage event was televised on channels 7 & 10, and in the newspaper.

Financial Resource Report by Bill Cunningham was approved as presented.  General Fund:  $22,393.53; Total Assets:  $115,633.33, of which $52,857.30 is unrestricted.  Membership has increased from 178 to 187, and donations are up $2,107.40 from the same period in 2011.  Clean-up exit costs will be high.  A meeting will be held with Appalachian this week to request more money for clean-up.  Copies have been made of the current lake maps; more information is needed in order to make new maps.

Environmental Committee:  Laura Bullard reported on the drawdown and mussel salvage.  At least 77 volunteers participated in mussel salvage Nov 10, including Appalachian Power Co, Dept of Game & Inland Fisheries, Pulaski Co, National Committee for the New River, NR Master Naturalists, FOCL and landowners, as well as students, teachers and staff from Pulaski High School, New River Community College, Radford U, and Virginia Tech.  The weather was perfect and almost 5500 mussels were counted and returned to the water including 4 pistolgrips.  Claytor Lake State Park staff with volunteers from RU counted and returned an additional 1,500 mussels.  Many thanks were extended to all those who made the event possible.

Clean-up Report:  Dave Dobyns reported the following collected to date:  144.5 loads of woody debris, 317 trash bags, 42 tires, 8 docks, 5 large logs, one 55 gallon drum.  The conveyor is out and being repaired.  The small barge is not safe and funds have been requested from APCo to replace the barge and stolen motor.  The abutment at DeHaven has been repaired.  The abutment at Carol Metz will be removed and woody debris will be burned to comply with her request that clean-up operations there be terminated.   At her request and with APCo approval and financial assistance, FOCL will place a containment boom across the cove. The plan for 2012 clean-up operations is to return to the water in May.

Hydrilla:  If payment was made to Skip’s Aquatics for treatment, the money can be refunded or held over to another year.  Anglers prefer to have hydrilla.  The need to continue to educate and share information was acknowledged.

“If found, contact . . . “ stickers are available to put on boats.

Meeting was adjourned.     

Present:  Laura Walters, Bill Cunningham, Jeff Caldwell, Laura Bullard, Jeff Arnold, Jackson Beamer, Dave Dobyns, Mike Hoffman, Jan Woodward, Mike McMillan, Kay McMillan, Johnny Garrett, Cheri Strenz, George Valach, Pete Huber, Larry Bandolin

Minutes of the September 17, 2012 Board meeting were approved as written.

2nd Annual Claytor Lake Triathlon presentation of $1,000 in proceeds to FOCL was made by Mike McMillan and Johnny Garrett.   The 3rd Annual Triathlon is scheduled for Sept 14, 2013.

Executive Director’s Report:  A draft of FOCL’s Nov 2012 newsletter–to go out next week–was passed around.

Organizational Development:  No report.

Communications, Education & Public Relations:  4-H Ag Day went well.  Information will be sent to the media about drawdown and mussel salvage.

Financial Resources Report presented by  Bill Cunningham was approved.  General Fund:  $15,873.67; Grand Total Assets:  $114,497.22, of which $46,337.44 is unrestricted.  Total membership received to date:  $39,410.56, up $2107.40 from same period in 2011.  Increase is probably due to website’s online contribution options.

Environmental Enhancement Committee:  Laura Bullard presented on upcoming drawdown and mussel salvage.  Landowners are encouraged to do mussel salvage in front of their properties.  A volunteer mussel salvage event is being organized for Sat, Nov 10; volunteers are needed.  Training will be Nov 7 and 10.  Meet at the State Park or Harry DeHaven Park at 9 a.m. Sat Nov 10 for training and deployment by car or boat to salvage sites.

Clean-up Report by Dave Dobyns stated that clean-up is going smoothly.  A fifth crew member has been added.  The crew will continue working as long as possible.   The boat canopy was removed, allowing Ms. Pulaski under Lowman’s Ferry Bridge to get large logs in the channel.  They are currently on the Newbern side across from Cabinland and Shadowland.  The boat is down and being repaired.   Totals to date:  132.5 roll-offs of woody debris, 274 bags of trash, 34 tires, and 8 docks.  They are looking into replacing the flotation device under the barge, and recycling the old aluminum flotation device.   A motor is needed for the workboat.  Carol Metz has notified FOCL that clean-up operations on her property (pull-out and burning) are to stop by Dec 31, 2012.   Land near Lowman’s Ferry Bridge is needed;  Appalachian property in Nunn Hollow is being considered.  Discussion was held about issues and options.

FOCL Board’s Christmas dinner is Wed, Dec 5 at MK’s.  Toys for Tots will be done again.

The meeting was adjourned.

Present:  Laura Walters, Jeff Caldwell, Bill Cunningham, Jackson Beamers, Ranny Akers, John Johnson, Dave Dobyns, Mike Hoffman, Larry Killough, Dave Stevenson, Larry Moore, Mike McLeod, Cheri Strenz, Bob Strenz, Chris Doss, Darryl Sarver, Larry Bandolin, Laura Bullard, Jan Woodward, John Woodward, Jeff Arnold, Dave Gruber, Troy Phillips, Sara Metcalfe, Tom Metcalfe

Minutes of the August 16, 2012 Board meeting were approved as written.

Organizational Development Committee offered wording to define the election process (Article IV, Section 3)  and correct the terms of office (Article V, Section 3) for Board members in the Bylaws.  Following motions, the Board approved the changes for both articles.

Communication, Education & Public Relations Committee:  Cheri reported that FOCL’s address and phone number have been changed to PO Box 300, Dublin 24084 and (540) 395-FOCL (3625) (rings directly to Jeff Caldwell).   FOCL will participate in Ag Day for 5th graders Oct 9 at the NR fairgrounds.  Information will be shared about what FOCL does, boater safety and life jackets.

Financial Report presented by Bill Cunningham was approved.  General Fund:  $16,755.11; Grand Total Assets:  $115,633.33, of which $47,218.88 is unrestricted.  Membership contributions are up $1,621.90 for same period in 2011.  Calendars are making a profit.

Fundraising Committee:  Laura Walters requested photos and stories for the “Claytor Tales” project.  She has applied for a Community Foundation grant to replace the stolen boat motor.  A flat bottom boat has been donated by Conrad’s.

Environmental Committee:  Mike Hoffman reported that Clean Up Day went well.  Drawdown and mussel salvage are coming up in November.  Next committee meeting is Sept 18.

Clean Up Report:  Dave Dobyns reported that the 5 man crew is working well.  Despite starting late due to equipment breakdowns, 104 loads of logs, 187 bags of trash, 29 tires and 6 docks have been collected.  They are now cleaning near Clapboard Hollow.  Ty Singer donated a john boat trailer.  The crew will work until Nov 5 if possible.

Navigational Aids Committee Meeting held recently by Appalachian was attended by Dave Gruber, Laura Walters and Jeff Caldwell.  Navigational buoys (aka channel or lateral markers) will be installed in the Little Wytheville area as a test site this fall.  Future options include marking part or all of the rest of the lake.   Markers would likely have lights on the them to make them visible at night.  FOCL has been asked to get feedback on marking the lake.   FOCL’s website is now capable to polling the lake community on issues; Jeff Arnold will work on poll questions.

FOCL’s eight hazard buoys are located in swallow areas in front of the Bullard Farm.  These buoys, costing $200 each, are typically pulled in winter to avoid being lost or relocated by ice.   A motion was made and approved to leave the buoys during winter.  Troy Phillips, Conservation Police Officer with VDGIF, explained that they enforce the maintenance of buoys and markers for the protection of boaters.

Executive Director’s Report:  Jeff Caldwell provided an in-kind form and requested that they be completed and turned in regularly.   The Second Annual Claytor Lake Triathlon, benefiting FOCL, will be held Sept 22 at Claytor Lake State Park and volunteers are needed.  The November Board meeting will be held Nov 12 to avoid the week of Thanksgiving.

Other Business:  A request was made and discussion was held for information on liability for Board members.

The meeting was adjourned.

Present:  Laura Walters, Bill Cunningham, Jeff Caldwell, Jackson Beamer, Jeff Arnold, Shep Zedaker, Cheri Strenz, Bob Strenz, Chris Meade, Anna Caldwell, Alan Stratton, Brian Bongard, Ranny Akers, Beckie Cox, Jan Woodward, John Woodward, Wayne Alexander, Mike McLeod, David Peake, Gary Roseberry, Darryl Sarver, Dean Jackson, John Copeland, Larry Killough, Dave Dobyns, John Johnson, Pete Huber, Dave Gruber, Laura Bullard

Minutes of the July 23, 2012 Board meeting were approved as written.

Organizational Development:  No new information per Dean; meeting will be held soon.

Communication, Education & Public Relations:  Cheri deferred to report on Clean-Up Day.

Financial Resources:  Income/Expense Report by Bill Cunningham was accepted as presented.  General Fund:  $13,428.73; Grand Total Assets:  $112,052.28, of which $43,892.49 is unrestricted.  Membership donations for 2012 have now surpassed those for same time 2011.

Fundraising Committee:  Laura Walters thanked everyone who has helped raise funds.  Claytor Lake 2013 calendars are now available for $15 each and are selling fast.  Winter project will look into compiling Claytor Lake stories, pictures and recipes into a “Claytor Tales” book to sell.   Triathlon Sept 22 needs more volunteers; proceeds will go to FOCL.

Environmental Committee:  Clean-up Day report by Mike Hoffman thanked everyone for their involvement.  Collection count:  48 bags of trash, 5 tires, 9 pieces of Styrofoam, chairs, trash cans and 1/2 canoe.  It will be scheduled again next year.

Hydrilla:  John Copeland reported seeing it in the usual places up lake, but not topped out.  Appalachian Power will have an aquatic plant survey done the end of August.

Clean-Up Report:  Dave Dobyns reported 70 roll-off loads, 17 tires, 133 bags of trash, and 4 docks collected to date.  The roll-off truck is in the shop; the conveyor is now working.  A 15 hp motor was stolen from FOCL’s work boat used for clean up; insurance will reimburse only a small amount.  FOCL is looking for a grant to help pay for replacement. A request was made for a used engine and small platform.   Board members were advised to watch for theft around the lake, and to call 911 (ask for Pulaski Co dispatch).

Executive Director’s Report:  Jeff Caldwell reported that the pancake breakfast at Fatz brought in $4,251.  Next year it may be held in early May and again in August.  Updates have been made to the website’s donation page; items can be purchased on merchandise page.   Anonymous polling can now be done through the website to survey the lake community on issues.  There is a need to keep better track of in-kind hours.  Suggestions included bringing in hours to monthly Board meetings, and providing log-in sheet on website.

Other Business:  Discussion was held about abandoned docks.

The Board went into closed session.

The meeting was adjourned.

Present:  Laura Walters, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Jeff Arnold, John Johnson, Dave Dobyns, Dave Gruber, Mike Hoffman, John Copeland, Teresa Rogers, Dean Jackson, Mike McLeod, Chris Doss, Alan Stratton, Mike Burchett, Larry Killough, Shep Zedaker, Laura Bullard, Cheri Strenz, Jan Woodward, John Woodward, Phillip Martin, Josh Arthur, Dave Stevenson, Joan Stevenson, Jeff Caldwell

Minutes of the June 18, 2012 Board meeting were approved as written.

2011 Financial Review:  Phillip Martin, CPA, reported no problems with the books and no need for modifications.

Organizational Development:  Dean Jackson reported that attendance and presentations at the Annual Membership meeting June 23 were good, and next year’s meeting is being planned.

Communications, Education & Public Relations:  Cheri Strenz reported the committee is working the Environmental Resources Committee on the Lake Clean Up Day Aug 4.  Trash bags and hand-outs are available to be picked up.

Claytor Lake Technical Advisory Committee:  Teresa Rogers reported that a drawdown plan has been developed that proposes starting drawdown Nov 7, with 3′ drawdown Nov 10-18.  Mussel mitigation is included that requires increased mussel salvage; groups are being identified to help.  Appalachian has sent the plan to agencies for comments, and will then send the plan to FERC.

Financial Resources:  Income/Expense report by Bill Cunningham was accepted as presented.  General Fund Balance:  $4,674.21.  Total Assets:  $110,736.62, of which $35,110.06 is unrestricted.  Hunnicut Foundation made a donation of $5,000.  Membership donations have increased since last report.  Credit card payments are now accepted.

Fundraising:  Tickets ($7 each) are available for the pancake breakfast at Fatz Aug 11.  Volunteers to arrive by 7:30; wear FOCL t-shirts, no sandals.  Calendar will be done by the end of next week and available for sale.   Rock House FOCL Day raised $770, and the Poker run $1,297.90.

Hydrilla:  Very little has been seen; it is assumed that grass carp are keeping it eaten down.  Skip’s Aquatics won’t spray until it is seen.  Payments already made for treatment can be refunded or carried over to next year.  Appalachian will do a full lake survey at the end of Aug.

Environmental Resources:  Mike Hoffman reported that dumpsters will be at 6 sites for Clean Up Day Aug 4:  Hiawassi, Lowman’s Ferry Bridge, Harry DeHaven, State Park, Rock House and Public Ramp near the Park.  Sites will be attended by monitors from 10-2 p.m. Sat; also the barge and pontoon boat will be taking trash, and the Coast Guard Aux will be helping.  No household trash or woody debris; tires to go beside the dumpsters.  It was suggested that Clean Up Day be done early in the summer next year, perhaps in conjunction with the Annual Meeting.

Clean-Up:  Dave Dobyns reported that the crew didn’t get into the water until the second week of June due to problems with the conveyer.  It has again broken down and should be fixed soon.  A full crew of 5 is collecting bags of trash in the meantime, and has cleaned from the dam to the cliffs on the north side, and to Lakeview on the south side.

Maps:  Shep Zedaker expressed a need for a chart with depths and landmarks; per Teresa Appalachian has information to provide.

Executive Director:  Darla Jennings bid her farewell after 13 years as Executive Director.  The Board expressed its sincere thanks for her years of service and dedication to FOCL.   The Board approved hiring Jeff Caldwell as new Executive Director.

The Board went into closed session.

The meeting was adjourned.

Present:  24 Board members, Executive Director, 26 non-Board FOCL members

Introduction by Laura Walters, President

FOCL History by Dean Jackson

Endowment Fund by Jessica Wirgau of the Community Foundation of the New River Valley.  The Foundation manages 19 designated funds established by nonprofit organizations.  According to agreement with FOCL, distribution can be made to FOCL of interest over 110% of total contributions.  They also have a grant program ($500-$2500) for which FOCL can apply.

VADGIF Southwest Virginia Freshwater Mussel Recovery Coordinator Megan Bradley provided information about mussels found in Claytor Lake including passing around the shells of a pistolgrip mussel and Asian clams.  The pistolgrip is a state listed threatened mussel native to the area, whereas the Asian clam is an invasive species.  The challenge of drawdown is protecting mussels.  The Claytor Lake Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is developing a plan to help determine and mitigate for drawdown impacts on native mussel species.

National Committee for the New River Executive Director George Santucci provided information about the organization founded during the 1960’s dispute over a dam at the headwaters of the New River.   It is involved with water quality and protection of the New in NC, VA and WV, and would like to work with FOCL .

Introduction of Board Members by Laura Walters.

Election:   Following the Nominating Committee’s presentation of Board member candidates, the following were elected by a majority of FOCL members present:  Dave Gruber, Laura Bullard, Dave Stevenson, Laura Walters, Chris Meade, Jeff Caldwell and Ranny Akers.

Committee Reports

Financial Resources:  Bill Cunningham reported total revenue for 2011 as $176,539.70; contribution income was $118,000 and membership $41,000.  Expenses for clean up operations were $42,000, and water quality $7,000.  Revenue for 2012 to date is $112,000, with disposable income at $37,000.  2012 membership contributions to date are $24,000.   Appalachian donated $63,000 for clean up and water quality; the County $30,000 for clean up.  Monthly cost for clean up is $14,000.  (figures rounded)

Organizational Development:  Dean Jackson stated the committee’s purpose is growing membership and creating new Board and committee members, reviewing the Bylaws and mission statement, and organizing events and the strategic planning retreat.

Communication, Education & Public Relations:  Cheri Strenz reported on the committees’ work updating materials and developing a list of media options.

Environmental Enhancement:  Mike Hoffman announced plans for a lake-wide Clean-up Day August 4.

Hydrilla:  John Copeland and Matt Weberg provided information on the invasive aquatic plant.  It was first found in Claytor Lake  in 2003, and as of 2011 covered approximately 400 acres.  VADGIF funded a study by graduate student Matt Weberg; Appalachian provided $50,000 for chemical control; and Pulaski County purchased sterile grass carp.  The expectation is that hydrilla will continue to exist but the carp will help keep its growth down.

Claytor Lake Technical Advisory Committee (TAC):  Laura Walters explained that TAC was formed in the 1990’s to bring all parties to the table to deal with issues concerning the lake.  Participants include Appalachian Power, Pulaski County, VADGIF, DCR, DEQ, and FOCL.

Appalachian Power/FERC Relicensing:  Laura Bullard reported that Appalachian’s new thirty-year license was issued by FERC in December 2011.  FOCL is working with Appalachian on outstanding issues such as the Shoreline Management Plan.

Clean up:  Gary Roseberry reported that conveyer repair delayed start of operations by six weeks.  Clean up is now proceeding from the north (dam) end and moving south.  Not as much debris is being found this year.  There are three roll-off sites (Big Hole Hollow, Harry DeHaven, Carol Metz), and two burn sites (Big Hole Hollow & Carol Metz).

Drawdown:  Laura Bullard reported that Appalachian Power is working with the TAC to have a drawdown this November.

The meeting was adjourned.

Present:  Laura Walters, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Dean Jackson, Jackson Beamer, Dave Dobyns, John Johnson, Larry Moore, Mike Hoffman, Dave Gruber, Alan Stratton,  Mike McLeod, Jeff Arnold, Larry Killough, Jeff Caldwell, Laura Bullard, Cheri Strenz, Bob Strenz, Mary Rhoades, Jan Woodward, John Woodward

Minutes of the May 21, 2012 Board meeting were approved as written.

Organizational Development:  Updated material for FOCL notebooks was distributed.  Annual Membership Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, Jun 23rd at Claytor Lake State Park Shelter 5 .  Invitations have been sent out to 463 (those who have ever paid dues).  Board members are to arrive at 8:30 a.m., registration will start at 9 a.m.  Speakers include a mussel specialist from DGIF; John Copeland and Matt Weberg on hydrilla; and Community Foundation representative about the Endowment Fund.  Board elections will be held.

Communication, Education & Public Relations:  No new information.  The CL Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is working on a mussel mitigation plan in association with drawdown.  If the plan is approved by Appalachian, state agencies and FERC, then a 3′ drawdown may be held in November.

Financial Resources:  Finance Report by Bill Cunningham was approved as presented.  General Fund Balance:  $6,802.55; Total Assets:  $112,838.99, of which $37,212.55 are unrestricted.  Donations are down compared to this time last year by $9,690.16.  Paypal is now available for making payments to FOCL.  The Claytor Lake Festival had a record crowd and FOCL took in almost $1,500 and 5 new members.

Fundraising Committee will meet at MK’s at 6 p.m., June 19.  The Committee is working on notecards and a calendar.  Postcards with a photo of the lake are available for purchase.

Events sign-up sheet was passed around.  July events at Rock House Marina benefiting FOCL are FOCL Day  July 7, from 2-6 p.m. with music & food; and Poker Run July 21.

Environmental Enhancement Committee is working on hydrilla, mussels, and clean-up day Aug 4.  They are looking for neighborhood captains and other volunteers.  Three primary dumpsters will be provided by the County:  one at public boat launch at the State Park, and two at either end of the lake; and smaller ones will be elsewhere.  DCR has been asked to donate trash bags.  Ms. Pulaski will be traveling around the lake collecting trash bags from boaters and along the shoreline; Coast Guard Aux will be asked to help.

Clean Up:  Dave Dobyns reported that it has been hard to get parts for the 1940’s conveyer, but finally it has been repaired and a full crew is in the water.  Five roll-offs were collected from the State Park.  They are in Spooky Hollow now; toward Dublin Hollow next and then to DeHaven Park and Peak Creek.   Dave and Gary Roseberry made a survey of the lake and it seemed cleaner than usual so far this year.  Per Darla, FOCL is still getting calls about debris.  Laura Bullard requested that logs be left in place allow their shoreline to protect against erosion.

Other Business:  Decreased attendance of Board meeting was discussed, as was the capability of FOCL’s new website map to show various locations such as water testing, Ms. Pulaski, and lake subdivisions.

The meeting was adjourned.


Present:  Laura Walters, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Jeff Arnold, Alan Stratton, John Johnson, Jackson Beamer, Mike Hoffman, Dean Jackson, Mike McLeod, John Copeland, Mike Burchett, Cheri Strenz, Larry Killough, Darryl Sarver, Jeff Caldwell, Laura Bullard

Minutes of the April 16, 2012 Board meeting were approved with the following changes:  correction of Mike Burchett’s name; Ben Lineberry added to those present; number of grass carp radio tagged corrected to 45.

Organizational Development:  Dean Jackson handed out the proposed agenda for the Annual Membership meeting June 23.   Cheri Strenz will call a meeting of the Nominating Committee prior to the Annual meeting to discuss the slate of Board members up for re-election; additional nominations are also being sought.  Bylaws changes were discussed and approved as follows: Section 2 Qualifications was added to Article IV Board of Directors; Section 4 of Article X was expanded and relettered to clarify Executive Directors’ duties.

Communications, Education and Public Relations:  Cheri Strenz announced that Margaret Brewster will make media contacts so when issues come up they can be gotten out to the public.  Thanks were expressed to both Dave Stevenson and Jeff Caldwell for their work as Dave passes FOCL’s Webmaster role to Jeff.    The new website is up and running.  It is capable of posting photos as events are occurring and possibly real-time weather and lake level information.   Jeff proposed a monthly show-casing of someone involved with the lake.

Financial Report as presented by Bill Cunningham was accepted.  General Fund:  $12,906.65; Total Assets:  $128,912.59; Unrestricted Funds:  $43,316.65.  Membership received year to date:  $16,749.56, down $15,008.60 from the same period last year.  Laura Walters reported that the Fundraising Committee held its first meeting.  Two Ideas were developed that Deb Pepe agreed to work on:   “Claytor Tales” to include stories, pictures and recipes; and a calendar with lake photos.  The Board requested more information on the calendar before proceeding; “Tales” might be a winter project.

Membership Drive:  There are only 87 paid members year to date.  Discussion on how to increase numbers included the following ideas:  phone calls/written notes to thank people for past donations; invitations to the Annual meeting; FOCL items (hats, shirts) for donations of certain amounts; and making contacts/participating in activities with lake neighborhoods.

Environmental Resources:  Mike Hoffman reported that trash collections for Clean Up Day (tentatively Aug 4) will be at DeHaven Park, State Park, Lowman’s Ferry Bridge, Hiwassee/Allisonia, Rock House, and AEP’s Picnic Area at the Dam.   Dave Dobyns will spear head regular clean up operations.  Conveyor and motors are being repaired and the crew should be in the water by the end of the week.  One more crew member is to be hired.

AEP Day on the Lake:  Laura Walters reported on a successful tour of the lake with Frank Simms and Teresa Rogers of AEP.

Other Business:  Buoys are out at the sunken island and along in front of the Bullard Farm.  FOCL has three more buoys on order; Mike Burchett offered two buoys.  Skip Wiegersma will start spraying for hydrilla in June; there has not been much growth yet.   A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting will be held May 31 at 2 p.m. at Pulaski Co Admin offices.

The meeting was adjourned.

Present:  Laura Walters, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Troy Phillips, John Johnson, Dean Jackson, Dave Dobyns, Mike Hoffman, Dave Gruber, Mike McLeod, Dave Stevenson, Larry Moore, Larry Killough, Cheri Strenz, Laura Bullard, Jan Woodward, Jeff Caldwell, Holly Faulkner, Valarie Peters, Dr. Carolyn Thomas, Bill Lineberry, Jackson Beamer, Ranny Akers, Mike Burchette

Minutes of the March 19, 2012 Board meeting were approved with the addition of Dave Gruber as present.

Financial Resources Committee, Income/Expense Report as presented by Bill Cunningham was accepted.  General Fund:  $10,839.50; Total Assets:  $126, 834.35; Unrestricted Funds:  $25,339.35.  The Committee will have a meeting May 2 at 6 p.m. at MK’s to organize a Fund Raising Subcommittee; interested persons are invited to attend.  A chair person is needed.

Organizational Development Committee  will be meeting soon.  The newsletter is to be completed at the printers today; people will be needed to help with address labeling.  A lake calendar will be in the newsletter.  A Strategic Planning Retreat Report is being developed.

Communication, Education & Public Relations Committee:  Clean-Up Day is tentatively set for Aug 4.  The Committee is reviewing FOCL material.

Environmental Resources Committee:  3,000 Grass Carp were released into the lake Apr 11 (1,000 at State Park, 1,000 at Lowman’s Ferry Bridge, 1,000 at Old Hurst Rd).  Thanks to help from Park staff, DGIF, and VT, 1,000 were number tagged, weighed and measured; 40 were radio tagged.  The County provided the $15,000 to purchase the fish.  Carp stocked last year grew from 15″ to 21-28″ and from 2 lbs to 9 lbs.

2011 Claytor Lake Water Quality Report was present by Dr Carolyn Thomas from Ferrum College.    Dr. Thomas reported that the lake’s 2011 water quality was better than 2010’s, and attributed the improvement to good environmental and conservation practices.  Ferrum analyzes bacteria samples (taken by Ferrum students) and Trophic samples (phosphorus, chlorophyll-a, Secchi Depth taken by FOCL volunteers); nitrogen levels will also be sampled this year.  Dr Thomas accepted FOCL’s request to change the sampling week to Monday through Sunday, so long as samples are delivered to Ferrum by Tuesday afternoon. VDEQ also samples CL water, and will begin doing fish tissue sampling again below the dam.  Other water quality issues (toxic sediment and PCB’s) were discussed, and Dave Gruber requested that the group consider ways to address these issues.

Buoys:  Troy Phillips with DGIF reported they will be checking for where buoys are needed, especially at the sunken island and shoals off the Bullard farm.  Discussion was held as to buoys FOCL has purchased and whether they should be left in over winter; and what responsibility APCO has under the new license re: navigational aids.  Mike Burchette requested that legitimate No Wake buoys be marked.

Google map pin-pointing lake sub-divisions and Board member locations is being developed by Jeff Caldwell.  The map can also be used to show where clean-up is being done, and other locations of interest.

Fishing Tournament by Conrad Brothers to benefit disabled veteran Jeremy Austin is May 12.  Ticket money is requested to be turned in to Conrad’s, Rock House Marina, Laura Walters or Darla Jennings.

The meeting was adjourned.

Present:  Laura Walters, Bill Cunningham, John Copeland, Mike Hoffman, Jeff Arnold, Dean Jackson, Larry Moore, Dave Dobyns, Larry Killough, Mike McLeod, Cheri Strenz, Katy O’Gee, Laura Bullard, Jackson Beamer, Christy Fones, David Peake, McCabe Coolidge, Jeff Caldwell, John and Jan Woodward

Minutes of the February 20, 2012 Board meeting were approved as written.

Organizational Development Committee:  Dean Jackson reminded the Board of a mandatory Strategic Planning Retreat  Saturday March 24 from 9-5 at the CL State Park.  It will be rescheduled if Darla is unable to attend.  The Code of Ethics Policy Statement is to be signed and turned in.

Newsletter:  Laura Walters distributed a draft and requested corrections.  It is to be mailed out ASAP.

Clean-up Day:  Communication, Education and Public Relations and Environmental Resources committees will be working together with Pulaski Co on a lake-wide clean-up day.

Financial Resources Committee:  Income/Expense Report as presented by Bill Cunningham was approved.   General Fund balance is $2,397.04.  The committee met and developed a 2012 budget; payment of dues is encouraged as funds are needed.

Shoreline Management Plan (SMP)/Licensing Update:  Cheri Strenz reported that APCO is working with FOCL and other groups on various SMP issues.  The next Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting is April 3 at 1:30 at the County Admin offices.

Benefit Fishing Tournament:  Dean announced that Conrad Brothers is sponsoring a tournament May 12 to raise money to build a home in Pulaski Co for disabled veteran Jeremy Austin.   The Board approved a motion to also be a sponsor for $100.

MK’s FOCL Day is May 19.

Second Annual Triathlon benefiting FOCL will be at CL State Park Sept 22.  Jeff Arnold requested volunteers for Friday and Saturday, Sept 21 and 22.

Hydrilla Meeting will be March 28 at 3:00 at the Dublin Town Offices.

The meeting was adjourned.

Present:  Laura Walters, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Jeff Arnold, Mike Spraker, John Johnson, Dave Dobyns, Larry Moore, Mike Hoffman, Dave Gruber, Pete Huber, Dean Jackson, Larry Bandolin, Larry Killough, Cheri Strenz, Laura Bullard, Chris Doss, Mike Burchette, Matthew Kesler, Jamie Riggins, Brent Harrison, John Eustis

Minutes of the January 16, 2012 Board meeting were approved as written.

Organizational Development:  Dean Jackson announced a mandatory Board Strategic Planning Retreat on Saturday March 24 from 8:59 a.m. to 4 pm  Committee members and  meetings will be included in the afternoon.  Committee chairman were asked to notify their members of the retreat.  Board members were asked to read FOCL’s Code of Ethics (distributed & emailed) and come prepared to sign them at the next Board meeting.  Recommended changes to the Bylaws will also be presented at the next meeting.

Communication, Education and Public Relations:  Cheri will wait for the March 24 Board retreat to hold a meeting.  John Eustis, Executive Director of the New River Land Trust discussed ways to conserve rural character of property along the lake.  Restrictive covenants could be available but would be difficult to monitor and enforce.  Conservation easements are available to landowners including Appalachian, and need to be in compliance with the County’s Comprehensive Plan.  The majority are permanent and provide tax incentives.  Organizations holding easements include the National Committee for the New River, and the Virginia Outdoors Foundation.  Eligibility depends more on conservation attributes of property than amount of acreage.

Financial Resources:  Income/Expense Report as presented by Bill Cunningham was accepted.  General Fund balance is $2,133.24.  Membership received to date for 2012 is $3,365.

Environmental Resources:  Mike Hoffman is working on having a committee meeting, and may wait until the March 24 retreat.   The recommended number of grass carp to be stocked this year is 3,100.  Laura Walters shared the final numbers from responses to drawdown in Nov 2011.  A total of 107 responses were received and 7.8 miles (8%) of the lake were affected by drawdown activities (shoreline/dock repair, clean up, etc).  Almost 7,000 mussels were returned to the water.

Other Business:  Laura Walters announced that FOCL license plate holders are available for $10 at the Park, Conrad’s and Rock House.  A lake calendar is being developed and information on activities was requested.  A fundraising pancake breakfast at Fatz was suggested and following discussion it was tentatively decided to hold it on Aug 11 from 8-10 a.m.    FOCL will sell tickets ($7 each) and 12-15 FOCL volunteers will be needed do the serving.  Larry Bandolin’s neighbor found an exotic snail in CL and Larry will report back after he talks with Brian Watson about it.  Virginia Shoreline Contractors (providing dock & shoreline development/stabilization and home building and remodeling at CL) introduced themselves.

Meeting was adjourned

Present:  Laura Walters, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Jeff Arnold, Jackson Beamer, Ranny Akers, Dave Dobyns, Dave Stevenson, Mike Hoffman, Jan Woodward, John Woodward, Shep Zedaker, Chris Meade, Dean Jackson, Matt Carroll, Pete Huber, Dave Gruber, Larry Killough, Cheri Strenz, Bob Strenz, Larry Bandolin, Alan Stratton, Laura Bullard

Minutes of the November 21, 2011 Board meeting were approved as written

Organizational Development:  The Bylaws were approved at the November Board meeting. Any issues needing review will be discussed at the Jan 24 Committee meeting.  A Board retreat will be held on a Saturday this spring to update the Strategic Plan.  A newsletter is planned for distribution early spring.  Anyone having information for it should contact Darla.

Communication, Education and Public Relations:  Cheri will be calling a meeting in February.

Financial Resources:  Income/Expense Report as presented by Bill Cunningham was accepted.  General Fund balance:  $7,608.74.  APCO has contributed $66,048.70 for 2012 clean up, and $7,002 for water quality monitoring.   Received from membership in 2011:  $41,404.16.  

Walmart Grant:  More money is to be received in addition to the $1,000 already received.

Debit Card:  To facilitatepayment of expenses,motion was made and approved to have card with limit of $800.

Hydrilla Reimbursement:  Twenty-six rebates for hydrilla treatment were distributed for a total of $23,525.  Current fund balance:  $14,475.62.

Environmental Resources:  Mike Hoffman has agreed to be the new Chairman. 

Drawdown/Mussel Survey:  Laura W. reported she’d tallied 95 responses, and more continue to be received.  Tallied so far:  40,236+ feet of shoreline affected (7.55 miles); activities included clean up, shoreline repair, new riprap, and dock repairs.  Several commented that deeper drawdown is needed.  4,862+ mussels were returned to the water.  Participation in drawdown was noted as good considering the amount steep slopes  and undeveloped shoreline.  Suggestions were made that people get involved now for next drawdown, and that the Boy Scouts be included in returning mussels to the water.

Hydrilla:  Discussion was held about chemical treatment and grass carp.

Clean up:  No clean up at this time; barge is out of the water for the winter.

FERC Relicensing Update:  New license was issued Dec 27, 2011.  Issues remain for which FERC is requiring further action from APCO, including:  variances, 50% repair rule, drawdown plan, and consultation re: road to APCO picnic area portage sites.  Pete and Laura W. requested that comments and suggestions regarding the new license be emailed to them.  Discussion was held regarding the impact of the new license on the County’s Article 8, and the status of bills in Congress related to landowner rights (currently in committee).

Other Business: 

Concerned citizen’s letter was received regarding insufficient drawdown, lake debris and littering, speeding jet skiers, and individuals shooting cans in the water.  Discussion ensued in which it was agreed that the Environmental Enhancement and Communications Committees work together on a public clean up day and educational opportunities around littering and clean up.  It was also noted that the County’s PSA can be called for special trash pick-ups.  The letter will be passed on to DGIF.

Fund Raising Committee:  A committee and chairman to focus on fund raising are needed;  Chris Meade and Larry Killough volunteered to be on the committee.

Triathlon will be held again this year with FOCL as benefactor.  Jeff Arnold encouraged FOCL’s participation.  Organizational meeting set for Feb 11. 

Christmas tree recycling for fish habitat has been rescheduled for Friday, Jan 20. 

Meeting was adjourned.