2011 Minutes

November 21, 2011

Present:  Jackson Beamer, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Jeff Arnold, Laura Walters, Ranny Akers, Laura Bullard, Larry Moore, Mike Hoffman, Dave Gruber, Teresa Rogers, Joan Stevenson,  Dave Stevenson, Larry Killough, Dave Dobyns, Jan Woodward, John Woodward, Cheri Strenz, Gary Roseberry, Pete Huber, Mike McLeod

Minutes of the October 17, 2011 Board meeting were approved as written.

Organizational Development:  Motion was made and approved to accept Bylaws as presented with changes as discussed and agreed upon.

Communications, Education and Public Relations:  Cheri Strenz has taken Laura Walters’ place as Chairman of the Committee.

Nominating Committee nominated Laura Walters as the new Board President.  The Board approved the nomination and Laura was installed as President. 

Financial Resources:  Income/Expense Report as presented by Bill Cunningham was accepted.  General Fund balance:  $7,688.49.  Funds have been received from APCO for 2011 clean-up ($19,093.60), 2012 clean-up ($55,000) and 2012 Water Quality monitoring ($7,002).  A $1,000 grant has been received from Walmart. 

Environmental Resources:

Drawdown:  Reminders to submit information on mussels and use of drawdown will be put on Facebook and sent out to E-news subscribers.  Laura Walters will collect and tabulate the information. 

Shoreline Management Plan:  Teresa Rogers talked with APCO’s President Charles Patton following FOCL’s letter to him requesting assistance with issues resolution.  Teresa will be reconvening the SMP work group (from relicensing) to discuss issues without FERC involvement at this time.  Six representatives from FOCL’s Board may attend.  (Usual representation in post-license SMP group is two per organization, no private landowners.)  Meeting tentatively set for Dec 8 at 9 a.m. at County Administrative office.   TAC meeting to follow at 1:30 p.m.

Hydrilla Reimbursement:  Final decision to be made at TAC meeting Dec 8.  Darla will check with those who haven’t submitted reimbursement requests.

Clean-up:  Gary Roseberry reported that the boat is now out of the water.  They had hoped to get more done, but the hydraulic motors broke down and need to be replaced.  Collected this year:  207.5 roll-offs of logs, 388 trash bags, 86 tires, 10 large trees, and numerous docks.  The lift boom was installed, enabling them to remove for the winter buoys at Harry DeHaven and the submerged island at the dam.  No information yet on fuel-smelling mud in Crayfish Hollow.  Also no decision yet on floating boom. 

Christmas Party will be December 5 at MK’s; attendees are encouraged to bring unwrapped toys for Toys for Tots. 

Meeting was adjourned.   


October 17, 2011

Present:  Jackson Beamer, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Ranny Akers, Dave Gruber, Mike Hoffman, Larry Moore, Laura Bullard, Dean Jackson, Gary Roseberry, Pete Huber, Teresa Rogers, Dave Dobyns, Larry Killough, Cheri Strenz, Mary Rhoades, Dave & Joan Stevenson, Jan & John Woodward, Bill & Nancy Aden

Minutes of the September 19, 2011 Board meeting were approved as written. 

Organizational Development:  Dean Jackson reported that FOCL Bylaws were reviewed and revised at a recent committee meeting, and would be available at the next Board meeting for review and vote.

Communications, Education and Public Relations:  Cheri Strenz reported on her participation on behalf of FOCL at the 4H Ag Day for 5th graders Oct 6; she was the primary presenter, with help from Laura Walters.  She said it was a great day, and is working with Teresa Rogers on a new presentation for next year. 

Financial Resources:  Income/Expense Report was presented by Bill Cunningham.  General Fund Balance:  $17,006.50, Total Assets:  $101,646.35, of which $73,828.91 are restricted.  Membership received to date for 2011:  $37,703.16.  The report was accepted as presented.

Environmental Resources: 

Drawdown:  Teresa Rogers stated drawdown is still planned to start Nov 9 at 1 ft per day to 3-4 ft down from Nov 11-20, with refilling beginning Nov 20 p.m.  A press release from APCO is anticipated Oct 18, which will be forwarded to the County and posted on FOCL’s website.  It is important that people let FOCL know if they use drawdown and/or return stranded mussels to the water.

Relicensing:  Still no word per Teresa, but APCO will delay start of peaking operations until Dec 1, as proposed in the new license.  They are also testing proposed recreation releases in October.  APCO will take into consideration freezes when regulating winter water levels, but can’t influence inflows.

Clean-Up:  Gary Roseberry reported 200 loads as of today.  They plan to continue until Nov 1, but currently have a break-down with the boat starter and hydraulic seal on the conveyer.  Debris is more scattered this year than last, so it’s harder to get.  People are calling to say they’re pleased with the work.  Valley Welding will be installing the boom soon for no more than $1,200.  They will then be able to lift 2,000 lbs.  They will be taking buoys out for the winter so they won’t be destroyed or lost.  They will finish the year working at Nunn Hollow, but it is very shallow and difficult to clean.  Gary showed a section of a floating boom and requested permission to put it at the back of the cove to keep debris out of the shallowest area where boats can’t go.  Teresa will consult with DGIF. 

Hydrilla:  Darla is waiting for an updated list from Skip Wiegersma of who received treatment.  Following discussion about treatment reimbursement, motion was made and approved to reimburse up to 50% with final percentage approved by email.  Applications for reimbursement must be received by Nov 30.  Copies of the Technical Advisory Committee’s Claytor Lake Hydrilla Plan are available. Pete Huber stated that the wet spring made the water more turbid, which may have discouraged hydrilla growth above Lowman’s Ferry Bridge.  Carp are focusing on hydrilla beds. A fly over of the lake will be done next week using a GPS enabled camera to determine the current location of hydrilla.

Other Business:  Christmas Party will be Monday, Dec 5 starting at 6 p.m. at MK’s.  Attendees are encouraged to bring unwrapped toys for Toys for Tots.  Darla will email what types of toys are preferred.

Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) Issues:  Pete reported that he and Cheri were invited to participate with Smith Mountain Lake in preparing for a meeting with Senator Warner this week regarding SMP issues.  He said the goal is to get FERC out of land use issues.  Utility companies are not set up to manage land use, and the best way is to allow for local management of shoreline issues.

The regular meeting was adjourned.  The Board then went into Executive Session.

August 15, 2011

Present:  Jackson Beamer, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Dave Gruber, Gary Roseberry, John Johnson, Laura Bullard, Ranny Akers, Chris Meade, Mike Hoffman, Larry Moore, Cheri Strenz, Larry Killough, Mike McLeod, Mary Rhoades, Jan & John Woodward, Sara & Tom Metcalfe, Dave Dobyns, Mike McMillion

Minutes of the June 20, 2011 Board meeting and June 25, 2011 Annual Membership meeting  were approved as written.

Claytor Lake Sprint Triathlon Event, Claytor Lake State Park, Sept 10:  Mike McMillion of Pulaski Bikes provided information.  The event will consist of a 500 meter lake swim, 13 mile bike ride, and 5K run.  Proceeds will go to FOCL.  Mike expects it will be a small, low-key event this year to learn the ropes.  Volunteers are requested.  Jan Woodward suggesting having a FOCL booth there; Darla will work with Jan.

Clean-Up:  Gary Roseberry reported that following earlier personnel problems, a full crew of 4 men are now working in the water.  A total of 114 loads have been collected to date.  There is not as much debris this year as last, and they are cleaning more areas.  They will be using GPS to enter the locations of sites cleaned.  Gary recommended repairing the boom on Ms. Pulaski so it can lift more weight.   Following discussion, motion was made and approved to authorize use of clean-up funds up to $1,200 to have 2 winches and 1 boom installed.

Organizational Development:  Annual Membership meeting in June was attended by 36.  Following discussion regarding next year’s meeting, motion was made and approved to combine the June Board meeting and the Annual Membership meeting into one meeting held on a Saturday morning around mid-June at a Claytor Lake State Park shelter.  Darla Jennings stated a shelter needed to be reserved now while they’re available; Laura Bullard will email Dean Jackson to ask him to reserve one.

Financial Report was presented by Bill Cunningham.  General Fund Balance:  $20,581.73; Total Assets:  $115,521.74; Restricted Funds:  $84,138.94.   The report was accepted as presented.  Darla reported that $1,041 in proceeds was received from the Poker Run conducted by the Rock House Marina. 

FERC Relicensing Update:  Laura Bullard reported that FERC issued a notice July 29 extending AEP’s current operating license until a new license is issued or until June 30, 2012, with the option to continue 1 year renewals.  Cheri Strenz and Laura reported on recent lake tours with Joshua Lief of the Attorney General’s Office, and Mike Vanlandingham, DCR Erosion Engineer.  The tours were attended by representatives from AEP, County, FOCL, Del Nutter’s office and  others, and provided good opportunities to clarify license and erosion concerns and issues.

Other Business:  Jan Woodward recommended that FOCL participate in Pulaski County’s Ag Day for 4th  and 5th graders at the NRV Fairgrounds.  Jan said she would work on a presentation board, and written and spoken presentations.  Relevant topics would be the NR watershed, boater and swimmer safety, and pollution.  A motion was approved for the Education Committee to consider Jan’s suggestion and proceed with participation in Ag Day as the Committee sees fit.  Cheri will call Laura Walters to set up a Committee meeting.

The Board went into Executive Session.  Following Executive Session, the meeting was adjourned.


June 20, 2011

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Dave Gruber, Laura Walters, Jeff Arnold, John Johnson, Jackson Beamer, Pete Huber, Chris Doss, Larry Moore, Larry Kilough, Cheri Strenz, Bob Strenz, Laura Bullard, Katy O’Gee, Mike McLeod, Audrey Akers, Valerie Peters, Brandy Locklear, Rebecca Crabtree, Carolyn Thomas, Dwayne Waltimyer, Dean Jackson, Dave Dobyns, Chris Meade, John Meade

Minutes of the May 16, 2011 Board meeting were approved as written.

Ferrum 2010 Water Quality Report:  Dr. Carolyn Thomas reported that the lake’s Trophic State Index (measuring chlorophyll A, phosphorous and Secchi Depth) for 2010 was lower (45) than 2009’s (52).  This indicates a reversal of the aging process of the lake, in that with age, reservoirs usually fill with algae and nutrients.  There was also no e. coli traced to humans, which reflects an improvement in watershed conditions.   There were, however, 6 violations of e. coli standards:  5 in June 2010 at sampling sites at the head of the lake, and 1 in July in Peak Creek.  Because the bacteria is not growing, Dr. Thomas surmises it is being brought in on sediment from the watershed.  (Thirty-five percent tested from livestock, 46% from wildlife, and 19% from domestic animals.)  For correct sampling techniques, she advised that:  1) sampling be done within the sampling time window; 2) samples be labeled with dates and sites; and 3) filters be written on with pencil.

Annual Membership Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, June 25 at Randolph Park.  Board members are to arrive at 8 a.m.  Registration will be from 9 to 9:45.

Communications, Education and Public Relations:  Laura Walters reported that hydrilla information cards are available for distribution. 

Financial Resources:  Bill Cunningham presented the Income/Expense report.  General Fund Balance is $25,933.96.  The report was accepted as presented.

Environmental Resources:

Hydrilla:  Funding has been received from AEP.  Skip Wiegersma will treat the 16 acres identified as public access areas.  The remaining funds will be distributed to landowners who treat and provide documentation to FOCL.  The County will also provide funding.  The Hydrilla Management Plan has been completed and will be posted on FOCL’s website.  Six thousand sterile grass carp have been stocked in the lake, 34 with radio transmitters to track their movements.

Clean-up has come out of Peak Creek, been to the State Park and Scout Camp, and is now back at Harry DeHaven.  There are 3 crew in the water with Gary.  The boat lost a prop, but has been repaired, and the operation is going well.

FERC Relicensing Update:  Laura Bullard said she has not heard from FERC regarding FOCL’s Motion to Intervene.  AEP’s current license is due to expire June 30.  She passed around aerial photos taken by Jeff Arnold of erosion on Memorial Day, and encouraged involvement by FOCL and the Technical Advisory committee in addressing erosion. 

Other Business:

Claytor Lake State Park celebrated its 75th anniversary Saturday. 

New Boater Licensing and Child Safety Regulations will go into effect July 1.  People need to be aware to avoid being ticketed.  Laura Walters will post information on FOCL’s Facebook page. 

SARDET Open House July 9 from 1:30-3:30; FOCL Board members are invited.

No July Board meeting.  The next meeting will be August 15.

The meeting was adjourned.


May 16, 2011

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, John Johnson, Mike Hoffman, Dave Gruber, Ranny Akers, Chris Doss, Mike McLeod, Audrey Akers, Dave Dobyns, Cheri Strenz, Larry Bandolin, Maggie & Tommy Manning, Laura Bullard, Pete Huber, John & Jan Woodward

Minutes of the April 18, 2011 Board meeting were approved as written.

Organizational Development:  Cheri reported that the Committee will meet Thursday, May 19 at 6:30 at their office in Pulaski to work on invitations and finalize plans for the Annual Membership Meeting June 25 at Randolph Park.   FOCL Day at MK’s will be May 21 from 3-8 p.m.; Dave Stevenson’s band will play.

Financial Resources: Bill presented the Income/Expense Report, which was accepted as presented.  General Fund:  $16,005.76.  Darla acknowledged AEP for its contribution of $55,000 for 2011 Clean Up, and funding of 2011 Water Quality Monitoring.  According to Darla, FOCL will go to AEP annually for Clean Up funding. 

Environmental Resources:
Clean Up started today.  Gary Roseberry has 3 helpers; a CDL truck driver is needed.  They will be going out of Peak Creek to Harry DeHaven, Big Hole Hollow, and Cecil’s Chapel.  Ronnie expressed the need to keep people better informed of clean up locations, through Facebook, etc; also to have a designated Clean Up Day.  Chris suggested looking into Stewardship Virginia, that does clean up promotion with certificates, favors, etc.  Ranny recommended that people go watch Clean Up operations to better understand what they do.   The Environmental Resources Committee will meet soon.

Hyrdrilla:  Pete reported that Laura Walter’s son has designed a poster about hydrilla, and 10 have been made for distribution.  With Larry Bandolin’s help, bids were put out for the purchase of sterile grass carp.  The low bid of $12,540 for 6,000 carp was accepted, and they will be delivered May 25; tentative stocking sites are the State Park, Lowman’s Ferry, Little Wytheville, and upper Peak Creek.  Fifty will be tagged with radio transmitters to monitor movement through a study funded by VDGIF.  Dave Gruber reported that AEP is trying to move their hydrilla survey up a year to better assess impact of the carp.  Fisherman are reportedly concerned about impacts of chemical treatments on other fish.  Education and support by FOCL of hydrilla control efforts was emphasized. In recognition of the need to step-up public education in advance of the carp release, Ronnie, and Robert Hiss with the County, will work on getting newspaper articles out.   Cheri shared TAC’s suggestions that FOCL publicize on its website how hydrilla will be treated, and how reimbursements for those treatments will be handled.  FOCL will make available reimbursement forms that are to be returned to FOCL by Nov, with proportional distribution of available funds in Dec. 

Drawdown discussion with AEP has been put on hold during development of the hydrilla control plan.  Discussion will resume at next TAC meeting, June 16.

Water Quality Monitoring:  Collection starts the first week of June.  Dave Gruber would like to clarify GPS for collection sites.

FERC Relicensing:  Ronnie has signed FOCL’s letter to intervene approved by the Board by email prior to the Board meeting.  It was accepted that the letter be made available to inform  others who have been involved in the process (Del Nutter, etc.).

Other Business:  May 21 is the start of Safe Boating Week; the Coast Guard Aux will be at the State Park doing boat inspections, and providing information.  Claytor Lake Festival at the State Park is set for June 11.  Virginia State Parks are celebrating their 75th anniversary; Claytor Lake State Park will have a celebration June 18, and will send an invitation for FOCL to have a speaker; Ronnie was volunteered.       Pete reported that 2 boat houses with sewer pipes will be shown to the Health Dept May 19.  The pontoon boat donated to FOCL has been sold for $6500.  Jan Woodward recommended that FOCL and AEP have booths at the Ag Day held for County 5th graders.  She also shared that they now have a Bed & Breakfast on the lake.   Hidden Valley cove has a green gelatinous substance they would like identified; Larry will take a look.

 The meeting was adjourned.


April 18, 2011

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Jackson Beamer, Jeff Arnold, Laura Walters, John Johnson, Dean Jackson, Jim Kelly, Mike Hoffman, Shep Zedaker, Alan Stratton, Larry Bandolin, Dave Dobyns, Katy O’Gee, Mike Spraker, Cheri Strenz, Audrey Akers, Don Meyer, Taylor Pryor, Mary Rhoades, Scott Brandau, Bob Strenz, Sara Metcalfe, Laura Bullard

Minutes of the March 21, 2011 Board meeting were approved as written.

Organizational Development:  Committee met prior to the Board meeting.  Dean Jackson announced the Annual Meeting will be June 25, 2011, at the DHS shelter at Randolph Park.  The Committee will meet again on May 19 at 6:30 at the Strenz’ office in Pulaski.  FOCL Day at MK’s will be May 21, 2011 from 3 to 5 p.m; Dave Stevenson’s band will play. 

Communication, Education and Public Relations:  Laura Walters passed around 3X5 hydrilla information cards that are ready for distribution.  FOCL magnets are being sent in donation acknowledgement letters.

Financial Resources:  Darla Jennings presented financial report.  General Fund:  $16,140.48.  Report was accepted as presented.

Environmental Resources:
Hydrilla – Jim Kelly presented a business plan developed from the Technical Advisory Committee’s (TAC) work on how to deal with hydrilla.  It is now estimated to cover 400 acres and immediate action is needed.  Options include mechanical harvesting, chemical treatment, and sterile grass carp.  Following Jim’s presentation and ensuing discussion, the Board unanimously moved to endorse:  1) the County’s purchase of 4,500 sterile grass carp this year (approx $45,000); 2) VDGIF’s allocation of $50,000/yr to fund grass carp study; 3) FOCL’s taking responsibility per direction of AEP/County for directing chemical treatment of beneficial use (priority 1–public access & fishing) areas; and holding and distributing remaining funds for rebate of treatment of priority 2 & 3 areas (home, business & landowner lakefront) (total $50,000 provided by AEP); 4) repeat of plan next year, with adjustments as necessary; and 5) possibility of using mechanical harvesting in the future.   Total cost projected: $150,000/yr for 3 years.  Board also voted to send letter to VDGIF with copy of business plan and approved endorsement.  Rebate form will be on FOCL website.  Committee will be formed to handle rebates.  

Tree felling report accepted from John Copeland.

Clean-up has officially started as of today with repairs to conveyor.

Attorney Letter – Following a meeting with Ronnie, Darla, Bill Cunningham and Laura Bullard, attorney Stephen Wagner provided his written opinion on impact on FOCL’s 501(c)(3) status of dealing with governmental bodies.  Providing opinions to FERC or state agencies, or intervening in AEP’s licensing proceedings would be no problem, other than possible impacts to relationships; care must be taken in dealing with legislative bodies, and proactive influencing of legislation is not allowed, including County ordinances.

FERC Environmental Assessment (EA) – EA was issued April 8, 2011.  Laura Bullard reviewed EA’s responses to issues raised by FOCL.  Following discussion,  Board unanimously approved that within the next two weeks:  1) Larry Bandolin and Laura Bullard will contact John Smith with FERC regarding impact of motion to intervene on licensing process; 2) Ronnie will contact AEP about their willingness to work with FOCL on issues; and 3) information from contacts will be shared with Board members and vote will be taken by email as to whether to submit motion to intervene with FERC.  If motion to intervene is approved, as quickly as possible Larry, Laura and Cheri will compose the letter, and send it to the Board for review and final approval by email.   

Meeting was adjourned.   


March 21, 2011

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Laura Walters, Ranny Akers, Dave Gruber, Becky Cox, Shep Zedaker, Dean Jackson, Mike McLeod, Audrey Akers, Dustin Sechrest, Mark Sechrest, Cheri Strenz, Bob Strenz, Larry Bandolin, Dave Dobyns, Jackson Beamer, Dave Stevenson, John Johnson, Tara Fowlkes, Pete Huber, Laura Bullard, Mike Hoffman, Mike Spraker

Minutes of the February 21 Board meeting were approved as written.

Financial Resources report was accepted as presented.  General Fund:  $5,491.69.  Budget for 2011 was also accepted as presented.

Organizational Development Committee met prior to the Board meeting and tentatively set Saturday, June 25 as the date of the next annual membership meeting; location to be determined.   To fulfill business from last year’s annual meeting, Board members picked numbers from a basket to determine the remaining number of years in their respective terms.  It was announced that MK’s FOCL Day will be May 21 from 3-8 p.m. 

Communications, Education and Public Relations:  Laura Walters reported working with the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to update information about hydrilla.  A poster is being developed to advise boaters to clean boats, etc.  The Clean Community Council has applied for a $1,000 grant for beautification of Exit 101, I-81 north; landscaping and hardscaping  is being proposed.  Indian Creek has offered to match the money and do the work.  The south side of the exit will hopefully be done at a later date.  Motion was made and approved for FOCL to donate $1,000 toward the project.  The County currently picks up trash along the State Park Rd during the recreational season.  Ranny Akers said to call 1-800-FORROAD to report road issues like trash, signs, etc.

Environmental Resources: 

Drawdown:  Laura Bullard shared email from Teresa Rogers to TAC that offered options for drawdown (3′ depth for 9 days, 1st wk of Nov; those planning to use drawdown required to notify AEP).   After discussion, it was approved that FOCL be the requesting body.  Mussel survey options also discussed; Shep Zedaker suggested student association with fisheries at VT.  Laura was given permission to further discuss options on behalf of FOCL at the TAC meeting March 28.

Hydrilla:  Pete Huber reported that the TAC is discussing options including mechanical harvesting, chemical treatment, and sterile grass carp.  Education is a key component.

Other Business:  Tara Fowlkes, Massage Therapist, offered to donate money she receives for massage to FOCL for those who tell her it is for FOCL.

Relicensing/Shoreline Management Plan (SMP):  Cheri Strenz updated Board on recent activities:  letter by Cheri and Laura B. to VA’s Secretary of Natural Resources, Doug Domenech; and Cheri’s conversations with Bill Brush at Smith Mountain Lake (SML), and their work on their SMP issues.  Laura Bullard reported on the March 21 meeting between representatives from SML and Claytor Lake, including Delegate Dave Nutter, to discuss mutual issues.  FOCL Board approved motion that FOCL’s Sept 13, 2010 letter to FERC citing issues be sent to Sec Domenech with coverletter signed by Ronnie Powers.  Motion also approved to authorize CL Relicensing Committee to continue work on behalf of FOCL on issues.  Following discussion about FOCL filing with FERC as an intervener, Board approved motion that Ronnie meet with an attorney within next week-10 days to get questions answered about impact of such filing on FOCL’s nonprofit status.  Approved was also given to set up meeting with Teresa to discuss issues.

Meeting adjourned.


February 21, 2011

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Dave Gruber, John Copeland, Ranny Akers, Jackson Beamer, John Johnson, Laura Walters, Jeff Arnold, Pete Huber, Dean Jackson, Larry Moore, Mary Rhoades, Dave Dobyns, Katy O’Gee, Cheri Strenz, Larry Bandolin, Jan and John Woodward, Don Meyer, Jason Pryor, Scott Brandau, Mike McLeod, Mike Burchett, Sara Metcalfe, Tara Fowlkes

Minutes of the November 15, 2010 Board meeting were approved as written.

Organizational Development:  Dean Jackson said he would be sending out an email soon to schedule a committee meeting to work on the annual meeting.

Communications, Education and Public Relations Committee met before the Board meeting and discussed a campaign to educate the public about hydrilla; articles in newspapers and a public forum are anticipated.  Laura Walters requested that anyone with input email her.

Financial Resource:  Finance Report was accepted as presented by Bill Cunningham.   General Fund Balance:  $1,847.89.  Money Market uncommitted balance:  $2,643.90.   Total Membership funds received in 2010:  $30,614.00.

Newsletter:  Darla Jennings distributed a draft copy of FOCL’s newsletter that she hopes to send out in two weeks.  The newsletter includes Cleanup Report Summer 2010, hydrilla article, photos, 2011 schedule, and Annual Membership Form.

Environmental Resources:

Relicensing Update:  Laura Bullard reported that for Claytor Lake’s Virginia Water Protection (Section 401) permit, the State Water Control Board voted to allow drawdowns according to Appalachian’s federal license.  The draft version of the federal license, expected to be issued in June 2011, allows Appalachian to conduct drawdowns with mutual agreement with DEQ and in consultation with DGIF, DCR and other stakeholders.  Teresa Rogers with Appalachian has said she would discuss options with DGIF and present them at the next CL Technical Advisory Committee meeting Feb 28.  Ranny Akers acknowledged Laura Bullard and Cheri Strenz for their participation at the State Water Control Board meeting and in the drawdown/relicensing process.

Hydrilla Update:  Pete Huber and John Copeland reported on the CL Technical Advisory Committee’s work to develop a plan to deal with hydrilla within the next 60 days.  Several fronts are being considered, including chemical, mechanical harvesting and the use of sterile carp.  Efforts will be coordinated with the fishing community, and FOCL will serve as an educational arm.  At present, hydrilla covers 10% of the lake.  John said DGIF would have to approve stocking with carp, and would control stocking rates.  Mike McLeod said that as of April 1, permitting will require chemical applications by a licensed operator.  Jason Pryor who, with Don Meyer, has a  waterfront improvement business, will look into mechanical harvesting and report back to FOCL. 

US Army Corps of Engineers’ Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Project:  Pete Huber reported that the Corps’ best solution from the Feasibility Study is making wetlands out of sediment that is filling in the upper part of the lake.  However, excess amounts of three metals (zinc, silver, cobalt) have been found in the sediment.  The next step is to determine if the levels are too high for wetland creation.  Dave Gruber will look at the Corps’ report.  Per Mike McLeod, DEQ doesn’t have the money to do a risk assessment, which would be required of anyone wanting to disturb the sediment.

Water Quality Monitoring:  Ronnie Powers stated that they have not yet received a cost estimate from Ferrum for this year. 

Other business:  John Copeland would like to fell a couple more fish habitat trees in late March in areas that have already been identified under the Aquatic Management Plan.  

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting:  March 21, 2011


January Meeting Not Held