2010 Minutes

November 15, 2010

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Jackson Beamer, Dave Dobyns, Pete Huber, Mike Spraker, Cheri Strenz, Shep Zedaker, Mike McLeod, Mike Hoffman, Dave Gruber, Audrey Akers, Mary Rhoades, Laura Bullard, John Johnson

Minutes of the October 11, 2010 Board meeting were approved as written.

Financial Resources:  Income/Expense Report was approved as presented. General Fund:  $5,950.51; Total Assets:  $25,410.84

Environmental Resources:  Clean-up:  Now out of the water, though could have continued if funds had been available.  The same crew returned for the second year, making clean-up much more efficient; the same crew is expected next year.  Total 2010 clean-up expenses paid to date:  $56,344 (AEP $20,000; County $26,898; FOCL $9,446); only bill from County Shop to be paid.   State Park was cleaned and payment of $5,250 was received.  Clean up cost $9,000/month, or $72,000/year (8 months); estimated cost $23/ton.  Need to be looking for a pull-out area to replace Carol Metz’. 

Hydrilla:  A map has been developed showing the current location of hydrilla in the lake.  An estimated 350 acres are involved, impacting adjacent property worth $85 million. Continued spread of hydrilla is anticipated in areas ten feet deep and shallower; siltation is creating further areas for hydrilla growth.  Ronnie would like to set up a meeting of Environmental Enhancement Committee to consider the process for dealing with hydrilla.  After discussion, it was decided to include the Claytor Lake Technical Advisory Committee, and any other appropriate individuals in the meeting. The goal of the meeting(s) is to gather information and seek consensus on science-based recommendations to County and AEP for dealing with hydrilla.  Meeting proposed for 12 noon on Monday or Tuesday,  Nov 29 or 30. 

Claytor Lake Relicensing Committee:  Drawdown:  Laura Bullard reviewed activities since the last Board meeting, including DEQ’s public hearing Oct 14.  Approximately 1,000 signatures on the petition to continue drawdown have been submitted to DEQ.  The State Water Control Board (SWCB) is expected to address drawdown at their Dec 9 meeting in Richmond.  Laura asked if FOCL wished to send a representative to the meeting, and what that person may say.  Laura was selected by the Board to represent FOCL.  After discussion it was agreed that Laura could speak from comments already approved by the Board.  It’s anticipated that compromises to drawdown will be presented at the SWCB meeting. Therefore, it was also agreed that FOCL Board members and others on Darla’s email list be surveyed, to provide Laura with information from which to speak about stakeholders’ needs regarding frequency, depth, duration and timing of drawdown.   Laura will develop the questionnaire for Darla to send out by email.

Relicensing:  We are waiting for FERC’s response to comments on their draft Environmental Assessment; to our knowledge comments are still being accepted.  The letter approved at the Oct 11 Board meeting regarding dock issues was sent to FERC.  Several FOCL members met with Sen. Warner’s representative in October to express concerns.  Challenges by Smith Mountain Lake to their Shoreline Management Plan are being watched. 

Other Business:  After discussion, motion was made and approved to give bonuses to the clean-up crew (Gary $200; others $100). Membership drive, newsletter and request for dues will go out in May. More of the current maps have been printed while waiting for new map information from AEP.

Meeting adjourned.


October 11, 2010

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla “The Chef” Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Cheri Strenz, Mike McLeod, Mike Hoffman, Dave Gruber, Dave Stevenson, Audrey Akers, Kayla Gardner, Alan Stratton, Shep Zedaker, Dave Dobyns, Ranny Akers, Jeff Arnold, Laura Walters, Larry Moore, Jackson Beamer, Laura Bullard, Dean Jackson

Minutes of the September 9, 2010 Board meeting were accepted as written.

Financial Resources:  Income/Expense Report accepted as presented.  General Fund:  $9,623.60.

Clean up:  Crew is still in the water, though may have to pull out any day.  2,850 tons of debris collected since April.  No additional money yet from FEMA or AEP.  County money ran out Sept 30.  A balance is building with the County, being held until money comes in.  Payment of $5,250 for State Park clean up will be applied to County bill. 

Hydrilla Recon:  On Sept 10, Ronnie, Darla, Pete Huber, Dave Stevenson, Mike Burchett, Teresa Rogers, Skip Wiegersma and reporters from the SW Time and Roanoke Times surveyed hydrilla.  Survey of hydrilla planned for the same time every year. On Oct 6, Pulaski Co Supervisors also went out.  Tomorrow, Ronnie will meet with John Spangler of the County to map hydrilla and correlate with assessed values of adjacent properties.  The purpose is to reduce assessed values because of hydrilla.    FOCL will be calling together interested parties to develop a recommendation for the County by Jan/Feb about how to proceed with treating hydrilla and paying for treatment. Discussion was held about licensing and permitting requirements to treat: Mike McLeod–license to treat required on state level; Ranny–business license required; Laura Bullard–license and permit requirements are included in proposed AEP license.

Relicensing Committee:   Laura Bullard reported that information about DEQ’s drawdown/water quality hearing Oct 14 had been distributed in fliers, on radio, in newspapers, and by word-of-mouth.  She requested remaining petitions to submit at the hearing; over 600 signatures are expected.  Hearing will be presided over by State Water Control Board member.  A number of speakers is anticipated, including Del. Nutter and Del. Annie B. Crockett-Stark. Ranny advised speakers to be short and to the point.  Mike McLeod stated the State Water Control Board will meet following the hearing to consider any changes to the permit.

New FOCL letter to FERC:  Cheri reviewed a proposed letter in response to AEP’s Sept 10 response to FERC’s EA.  The focus was on the variance process, dock size limitations, steep slope regulations, SMP review period and dock survey.  Following discussion, the letter was accepted by majority vote with clarifications to the dock survey.

Other Business:   Dean–Drawing will be held at Nov meeting to determine Board member terms.  Darla–$900 was approved for purchase of computer dedicated to FOCL use.   Alan–is 2/3’s way through rewrite of By Laws; Dave S. and Larry Moore–presented $1,000 donation from Lake View Homeowners’ Association in appreciation for clean up of their cove; Shep–On behalf of CL Sailing Association, requested FOCL consider sending letter in support of turning old stable area at State Park into a green boating center for teaching youth about sailing and paddle sports; letter to be presented at Nov meeting.

Meeting adjourned.


September 9, 2010

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Bill Cunningham, Darla Jennings, Mike Spraker, John Johnson, Laura Walters, Mike Hoffman, Dave Gruber, Laura Bullard, Bob Strenz, Cheri Strenz, Chris Meade, Mike McLeod, Audrey Akers, Jackson Beamer, Dave Stevenson

Minutes of the August 9, 2010 Board meeting were approved as written.

Financial Resources:  Income/Expense Report was accepted as presented.  General Fund:  $11,780.94.  Clean-up has $3,000 remaining from AEP money; generally that money is saved for start-up next year.  An additional $25,00 has been requested from AEP.

Coast Guard Auxiliary Support:  On behalf of Coast Guard Auxiliary, Dave Gruber presented a request that FOCL set up safety fund to support the establishment of a Coast Guard Auxiliary Search and Rescue Detachment (AUXSARDET) and for other safety-related issues at Claytor Lake (e.g. buoys, safety brochures).  Motion was made and approved that fund be established with initial donation of $100. 

Clean-Up:  Total roll-offs collected to date this year:  160 (2,400 tons) with cost per ton of $13.  Without additional funding clean-up can continue only until next week.  Payroll is $4,000 every 2 weeks.  Claytor Lake State Park has been billed for 15 roll-offs.  Clean-up can continue if the County covers the cost.  No word from FEMA about funding.  Cheri pointed out the need to do clean-up above Lowman’s Ferry Bridge.  Ronnie responded it would require an abutement wall, property on which to pull debris, and 4′ of draft. 

Hydrilla:  A group of County, AEP, newspaper and FOCL Board representatives will be getting together with Skip Wiegersma to do a reconnaissance of hydrilla on Sept 10 at 1:30.   Laura Walters stated the public needs to be educated about hydrilla.  It is a whole lake issue whose impact and the actions to be taken need to be evaluated.  Dave Gruber questioned the role of nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorous) in hydrilla growth. 

Relicensing Committee:  DEQ has scheduled a public hearing on drawdown and water quality issues for Oct 14 at 7 pm at Pulaski Co High School.  Attendance at the hearing is encouraged.  Cheri has designed a flier to distribute and post.  Laura Bullard collected petitions for continuation of drawdown; Board approved sending copies to FERC.  Laura will collect the remaining petitions at the Oct 11 FOCL Board meeting to present to DEQ at the hearing.  Online petition will soon be available, with link on FOCL site.  Draft FOCL letter in response to FERC Environmental Assessment was reviewed and approved as modified for submission to FERC.  It was recommended that the letter be placed on FOCL website, with Facebook link, and summarized for newspaper articles. 

 Meeting was adjourned.


August 9, 2010

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Dave Gruber, John Johnson, Dave Dobyns, Laura Walters, Jeff Arnold, Dave Stevenson, Cheri Strenz, Pete Huber, Mike Burchette, Mike McLeod, Chris Dodd, Jan Woodward, Katy O’Gee, Laura Bullard

Minutes of the June 21, 2010 Board meeting were approved as written.

Organizational Development:  Twenty-one non-Board members were present at the June 26 Annual Membership meeting.  Bill Cunningham will contact Alan Stratton about finalizing amendments to the By Laws.  Thanks were expressed to Dave Stevenson for working on links to relicensing on FOCL’s website.

Financial Report was accepted as presented.  General Fund:  $14,819.34; Assets:  $33,833.16.  Year-to-date expenses exceed revenues by $7,083.33.

Clean-up:  Almost 2,000 tons of wood have been removed to date.  Clean-up has been twice as effective this year as last due to starting 2 months early and having an efficient crew who returned from last year.  Spent to date:  $35,660.  FOCL can only afford to continue operations until Sept 1.  No word from FEMA regarding funding.  Ronnie will contact AEP and the County to request additional funding.  A large amount of debris remains in the lake and lake levels are high.

FOCL Appreciation Day will be held at  Rock House Marina August 28 from 2-6 p.m.  A portion of beer sales’ money will be donated to FOCL.

Relicensing Committee:  Laura Bullard provided a summary of the committee’s formation and activities to date.  Primary issues of concern were identified and discussed:  dock regulations, permitting and variances, navigational aids, public boat launch at AEP’s picnic area, debris, aquatic vegetation, water quality monitoring, and erosion and sedimentation.  Committee members are researching relicensing proposals in their respective areas in preparation for commenting to FERC when the Environmental Assessment comes out.  Discussion was held about DEQ’s requirement within its draft water permit to discontinue drawdown.  A motion was made and approved (8 in favor, 3 abstaining, 0 opposing) that the Board support a petition for the continuation of drawdown. Several Board members volunteered to circulate petitions.

Claytor Lake State Park: Chris Dodd, new manager for the Park, introduced himself.   

The meeting was adjourned.


June 21, 2010

Present:  Ron Powers, Bill Cunningham, Audrey Akers, David Gruber, Dave Dobyns, Cheri Strenz, Mike McLeod, John Copeland, Teresa Rogers, Chris Meade, Dave Collett, Mike Spraker, Jackson Beamer, Laura Bullard, Laura Walters, John Johnson, Dean Jackson

Minutes of the May 14, 2010 Board meeting were approved with subsequent clarification that drawing for 1, 2 or 3 year terms for Board of Directors will occur at the Board meeting following the annual membership meeting.  Officers will also be elected at the following Board meeting.

Draft By-Laws:  Unanimously approved by the Board as written, subject to legal clarification.  They will be posted on the FOCL website. 

Annual Membership Meeting:  June 26, 2010, Claytor Lake State Park, Shelter #1.  Board members  are asked to arrive at 8 a.m. for set-up.    Registration will begin at 9 a.m.  Bios were requested from Board members.  The agenda for the meeting was reviewed.  Mike Spraker, as Chairman of the Nominating Committee, will handle the election process including presentation of nominees and asking for nominations from the floor.   Dave Dobyns announced that Jane Graham, a reporter for The Roanoke Times, will attend the meeting and do an article on FOCL for the Current.

Financial Report was accepted as presented.  General Fund Balance:  $11,473.39.  Ferrum College has increased their water quality monitoring fee to $6,099/yr.  Per Teresa Rogers, AEP may be able to provide more funding.   The National Committee for the New River has requested donations.  The Board approved donating $125.

Buoys are in and waiting to be deployed by the Coast Guard Auxiliary.  Dave Collett offered anchors.

Clean-up:  Due to starting earlier,  50 roll-offs have been collected compared to 9-10 this time last year.  Five are working four ten-hour days.  Currently they are below Harry DeHaven Park, and will be going to Cecil’s Chapel next.  Per Dave Collett, there might be partial funding for  clean-up at the Park.  Cheri Strenz said some people would like to take lunch to the crew.  Phone numbers for Ronnie Powers and Gary Roseberry will be put on FOCL’s Facebook site. 

Facebook:  Laura Walters is monitoring  FOCL’s site, which is getting over 100 hits a week.  She encouraged others to post.  So far 309 have befriended FOCL.  

FEMA Funding for clean-up:  According to Ronnie, FOCL is still in the running.   He received a call from FEMA last week, during which he increased FOCL’s request from $80,000 to $140,000.  This will allow for doubling the crew and increasing work to six ten-hour days, plus additional equipment and abutement wall.  Ronnie estimated that this winter’s weather brought in an additional 5,000 tons of debris.

Dam debris:  John Johnson asked Teresa Rogers how debris is handled at the Dam.  Per John, the log boom is gone.  Teresa will check into it.

Re-licensing:  Teresa expects FERC to make their Environmental Assessment report available soon.  She will let FOCL know.  A public comment period will follow.

Dave Collett:  The Board recognized with appreciation Dave’s participation and contributions to FOCL and the community.  The Board meeting was Dave’s last, as he has taken a Regional Director position with the Park Service out of Hungry Mother Park.

The meeting was adjourned.


May 17, 2010

Attendees:  Ron Powers, Darla Jennings, Audrey Akers, Dean Jackson, Lou Conner,
Ken Conner, Laura Walters, Jeff Arnold, Wayne Alexander, Cheri Strenz, Mary
Rhodes, Dave Dobyns, Shawn Utt, Mike Spraker, Jackson Beamer, Chris Meade, Ben
Lineberry, Billy Murray, John P. Johnson

Missed:  Laura Bullard is out of the country (having fun)  – Bill Cunningham’s father
is in the hospital – a card will be sent to Mr. Cunningham.  We wish him well.

Minutes of the April 19, 2010 Board meeting were approved.

Organizational Development:Annual Meeting:  Dean passed out a proposed
agenda for the meeting
a) Will start at 9 a.m. instead of 9:30
b) Ron to introduce honored guests and give a brief history of FOCL
c) Length of time for each speaker approx. 15 mins. (15 – 20 mins total for committees)
d) Election after Ferum Report on Water Quality – also a draw for the 1, 2 or 3 year re-election
e) The Organization Development Team will meet again prior to Annual Mtg on 5/27 at 6:3
f)  Bios will be provided for each board member – Darla will send out the standard form to be used

By-Laws need to be approved before annual meeting.  A revised copy has been
E-mailed to members for review and a Motion carried to be able to approve via E-mail.

Invitations:  Cheri Strenz designed the invitations to be sent to the members for
the Annual Meeting.  These were approved and Darla will send to printer.  Need
to mail as soon as possible.

Suggestion:  Cheri Strenz suggested that notes be mailed to friends or neighbors
that lived on the lake but were not members.  She had a copy of one she had
designed.  If you are interested in doing this please let Cheri know how many you

Education:  Radford students could not make it to the meeting but we had a few
copies of their report.  They will try to make it to the next one.  Darla will send
out via E-mail.

Financial Resource:  Darla presented the status of the Income/Expense accounts.
We had over $17,000 in the General Fund.  Most of these donations came after
the Newsletter was mailed out.  Approved

Environmental Resources:  Ron discussed the status of clean-up.  It started a
month early.  They are in Peak Creek now – then to Harry DeHaven Park for
complete clean-up hitting some shorelines.  Will finish up in Big Hole Holler.

Correspondence:  Mary suggested to send Dave Collett a “Thank You” card for
his service – Ron will plan an event for him at the Annual meeting.

Other Business:  Ron discussed getting with the Claytor Lake State Park personnel,
AEP and Pulaski Co. to see if provisions could be made for an abutment wall and a
place for burning debris.  Carol Metz will let her property be used for about another
year.  Discussed several sites but just not large enough.

Ron appointed a nominating committee:  Members are: John Johnson,            Mike
            , Dave Dobyns            , Cheri Strenz. There was a short meeting of the Nominating
committee after the Board meeting.

Buoys should be in about 30 days.

Next Event:  May 29th FOCL Day at MK’s Gourmet Pizzeria 4-8 p.m.

Darla will send out sign-up sheets for the June 12th festival.

No meeting in July.

John Johnson was interested in AEP’s flood gate policy and debris.  This is something
that needs to be addressed to Teresa at AEP.

Meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by:  Audrey Akers


April 19, 2010

Present:  Ron Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Jackson Beamer, Larry
Moore, Mike Spraker, Mike McLeod, Wayne Alexander, Cheri Strenz, Dave Dobyns,
Dean Jackson, John Copeland, Chris Meade, Ranny Akers, Audrey Akers, Shawn Utt,
Laura Walters, Jeff Arnold, Laura Bullard, David Collett, Dr. Carolyn Thomas

Minutes of the March 11, 2010 Board meeting were approved with the addition of
Cheri Strenz to the list of those present.

Draft By Laws:  Bill Cunningham and Alan Stratton have sent their changes and
suggestions to Dean Jackson for review by the Organizational Development
Committee. The Committee will meet soon to work on the By Laws and FOCL’s
annual meeting set for June 26, 2010.

FOCL Newsletter:  1600 were sent out recentlyFive new members have joined
and $6371 has been received in response to the newsletter.

Pulaski/Radford 1st Annual Kids Fishing Day is scheduled for May 8, 2010 at
Camp Powhatan. Dave Collett reported that 165 have signed up so far, and all
food and many prizes have been donated. Money is needed to buy fish. Motion
was made, seconded and approved to donate $100.

Facebook:  Thanks to Laura Walters, FOCL is now on Facebook.

Income/Expense Report:  $20,000 has been received from AEP for clean-up.
Endowment value is $19,700.  Report was approved as presented.

Clean-up will start ASAP. Ronnie Powers reported the abutment wall at DeHaven
Park has been repaired.  Carol Metz will allow FOCL to continue using her property
for this year. No word has been heard from FEMA regarding request for funding.
Ronnie feels the quickest way to address the large amount of debris in the lake is to
avoid long pushes by working from abutment walls. Although the State Park doesn’t
have money to donate, Dave Collett stated it is “socked in” by debris and, in view of
the large amount of people and money the park brings to the area, he asked that it
be placed high in clean-up priority.

Hydrilla is a growing problem which also requires funding. It was suggested that
FOCL spearhead getting stakeholders together to find funding for dealing with
clean-up and hydrilla. 

Claytor Lake State Park 5 year plan review meeting is 7 p.m. Thursday, April 22.
The public is invited.

Relicensing of Claytor by Appalachian Power:  for information see

Staffing for FOCL booth is needed for FOCL Day at MK’s Gourmet Pizzeria 4-8 p.m.,
May 29; and at the Claytor Lake Festival June 12. Darla will send out sign-up sheets.

Navigational Buoys:  Walmart funding, if provided, won’t be available until after
July 1. Following discussion that the buoys need to be placed ASAP, a motion was
made, seconded and approved to allocate $1,000 to purchase the six buoys and
chain, etc. The Coast Guard Auxillary will place the buoys.

2009 Water Quality Report by Dr. Carolyn Thomas of Ferrum College:  The goals
of Claytor Lake’s volunteer program are to monitor trophic status and bacterial
quality, and involve citizens in environmental protection. Volunteers for 2009 were
Litt Furr, Dean Jackson, Ronnie Powers, Laura Walters, Jeff Arnold, and Charles and
Nancy Warren. The average bacteria reading for 2009 was the lowest to date at 19.6.
Dr. Thomas speculated that Claytor’s high flow-through and cold temperature help
keep bacteria levels low.  Bacterial sources tested from site 6-A at the Allisonia boat
ramp were 2% domestic pets, 7% human, 28% wildlife, and 63% livestock. The lake’s
trophic status averaged 30.7ppb for total phosphorous, which has decreased every
year, and 4.6 ppb for cholorphyll-a, a very good reading.  Dr. Thomas was pleased
with Claytor’s average Trophic State Index of 51.39, stating there are enough nutrients
to feed the fish, but not too many to cause algae blooms.

The meeting was adjourned. 


March 11, 2010

Present:  Bill Cunningham, Darla Jennings, Audrey Akers, Jackson Beamer, Dean
Jackson, Laura Walters, Jeff Arnold, Mike Spraker, Ranny Akers, John Copeland,
Mary Rhoades, Dave Collett, Carol Hoffman, Dave Dobyns, Larry Moore, Dave
Gruber, Mike McLeod, Chris Meade, Rob Knapp, & Pete Huber

Minutes of the January 14, 2010 were approved.

Organizational Development:
Annual membership meeting scheduled for June 26, 2010 is on plan – will review
by-laws then (Dean Jackson)
Bi-Laws are still being worked on – tweaking some legal issues regarding the 501(c)3
status (Bill Cunningham & Alan Stratton)

•The FOCL newsletter was distributed for comment & review – approved and ready
for printer  (Darla Jennings & Laura Walters)
Promotional mat’l was displayed on table, committee working on creating a facebook
site for FOCL (ideas, suggestions, & comments are welcomed)  revising the FOCL
power point presentation – trying to shorten – Laura Walters

Financial Resource:
Income/Expense Report distributed & reviewed – approved (Darla Jennings)
2010 Budget was approved (need to reduce costs, encourage more membership,
and produce more revenue) – Bill Cunningham 
(a -$6806.00 is showing for year end)
Pulaski Co will assist w/funding for 2010 (Pete Huber)
AEP has expressed they see no problem funding for water quality monitoring and
clean-up ($500 will be given for MK event and $500 for the annual meeting also)

Environment Resources:
On January 27, Dave & staff deployed 110 Christmas trees in the lake near the State
Park.  Darla provided chili for the event and Mrs. Dave Collett provided dessert.

•Carol Metz’ Letter: Per Carol’s letter FOCL will have to look for other land to use in
removing debris from Claytor Lake. Pete Huber had offered a letter for tax deduction
for in-kind donation but not acceptable. Portable mulchers were discussed – looking
for other alternatives. (Darla Jennings & Pete Huber)
•Memorials on Website: It was decided a page should be set up just for Memorials
and entered as rec’d on a monthly basis. (Darla Jennings)

Other Business:
Meeting Date – The FOCL monthly meeting date has been changed to the third Monday
of the month starting April 19, 2010.  Darla Jennings will check with the Town to make
sure their meeting room will be available for this date.

6 Buoys – Dean Jackson rec’d a quote of $909.00.  It would be FOCL’s responsibility
to maintain these buoys.  The Coast Guard Aux. will place in water.  Darla Jennings
will approach Walmart for a grant.

Sea Scouts – Rob Knapp was here to discuss the sponsoring of Sea Scouts.  They
are asking for $20.00 – this had been approved in 2008.  Also they would like a
chairman from FOCL with perhaps 3 or 4 others to serve on a committee for Sea
Scouts.  Any Volunteers?  Laura Walters would make a great chairman!!

Kid’s Fishing Day planned for May 8th – the planners are soliciting for help and
donations.  A rep for this event will be asked to attend the next meeting for more

By unanimous vote welcome to Mike Hoffman and Dave Gruber as our newest Board

Meeting was adjourned.


February Meeting Not Held


January 14, 2010

Present:  Ron Powers, Darla Jennings, John Toothaker, John Johnson, Larry Moore,
Mike McLeod, Shep Zedaker, Chris Meade, Teresa Rogers, Laura Bullard, Mike
Hoffman, Jackson Beamer, Dean Jackson, Dave Stevenson, Jeff Arnold, Mike Spraker

Minutes of the November 12, 2009 Board meeting were approved with the correction
of “goes” to “does” in the fourth line of the 501c3 Nonprofit Restrictions paragraph.

Organizational Development:  Annual membership meeting is being planned for
Saturday, June 26, 2010 at Shelter 1 of the Claytor Lake State Park.

Income/Expense Report was approved as presented.   General Fund $1,975.79;
$3,000 of the $10,673.35 in money market funds will be used for water quality

Darla Jennings is paid by FOCL to work 20 hours per week. The upcoming demands
of her other employment will be such that she will be unable to continue working 20
hours a week for FOCL. The Finance Committee has approved that another person,
Audrey Akers, share Darla’s FOCL duties and pay. No increase in employee expenses
will result for FOCL. Audrey has a background in accounts payable/receivable and
customer service, and works with Darla in her other employment.  The Board voted to
approve this arrangement. 

Environmental Resources:  Christmas tree deployment date of January 27 is tentative
due to ice on the lake.  Darla will keep the Board informed of the date.

FOCL Board meetings were changed from Tuesday to Thursday to accommodate
County meetings, but this change has made it difficult for some Board members to
attend FOCL. Darla will poll Board members about changing the meetings to another
evening during the second week of the month.  February’s meeting will be held as
scheduled on Thursday, Feb 11.

By-Laws update is being worked on by Bill Cunningham and Alan Stratton.  Ronnie
asked if the Strategic Plan also needed reviewing/updating. Following discussion, it was
agreed that Bill and Alan proceed with the By-Laws update, with Board members providing
suggestions and incrementally reviewing the changes; that the current 5-year Strategic
Plan be reviewed at the March Board meeting; and that there be renewed accountability
for adhering to the Strategic Plan (e.g., Committee actions and reports). An organizational
chart, developed by John Toothaker using the Strategic Plan, is available on FOCL’s website.

Buoys:  Larry Moore produced documentation that in 2004, FOCL took responsibility for
6 buoys near the dam:  3 marking the sunken island, and 3 more along the Bullard Farm
between the island and Dublin Hollow. Those buoys are missing.  Larry said the Coast
Guard Aux would put buoys out if FOCL would buy them.  Dean Jackson will check on the
cost of the buoys.

The meeting was adjourned.