2009 Minutes

November 12, 2009

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Dean Jackson, Cheri
Strenz, Alan Stratton, Chris Meade, Alan Graybeal, Mike McLeod, Laura Walters,
Dave Dobyns, Ranny Akers, Larry Bandolin, Pete Huber, Jackson Beamer, Mike
Spraker, John Johnson, Jeff Arnold, Phillip Martin, Larry Moore, Dave Stevenson,
Mary Rhoades, Laura Bullard, Donald White (RU), Clarissa Clarke (RU)

Board Nomination:  Dave Dobyns’ nomination to the Board by Cheri Strenz was
unanimously approved.

501c3 Nonprofit Restrictions:  Phillip Martin, CPA, provided information about
501c3 restrictions.  According to Phillip, FOCL’s mission stated on its tax form is
Claytor Lake clean-up and water quality monitoring; tax implications can result
from deviating from this stated mission.  He recommended being cautious about
what FOCL goes, and suggested changing its mission if necessary.  However,
since doing so could impact its nonprofit status, he recommended FOCL contact
the IRS.  Ronnie suggested the Board revisit its strategic plan.  When asked about
FOCL’s responding to FERC on relicensing, Phillip offered it should relate to clean-up
and water quality, and that serving as a conduit of public opinion or response could
be acceptable.

FERC Relicensing Comments:  Laura Bullard asked for the Board’s response to
Appalachian’s statement in their Environmental Report Executive Summary that
operation under the new proposed license “should not have any significant impacts
on environmental resources or properties in the Project area.”  The Board discussed
information on reported use of drawdown by property owners, and concerns about
negative impacts to resources and property if drawdown is discontinued.  Need for
drawdown was expressed, and modifications, such as changing frequency, timing and
depth of drawdown were suggested.  Negative impacts on mussels were also
discussed and mitigations, such as raising and restocking mussels, were suggested.
Cheri Strenz also offered concerns about proposed dock size regulations being too
restrictive and unsafe; and Laura Bullard offered concerns about impacts of increased
boating and proposed shoreline classifications on erosion.  Following a motion by
Laura Walters and seconded by Jackson Beamer, the Board voted 13 in favor, with
two abstentions (Ranny Akers and Mike McLeod) to: 1) form a committee to craft a
comment letter to FERC by the Nov 28, 2009 deadline stating possible impacts,
alternatives and mitigations as discussed in the meeting; 2) pass the letter by Phillip
Martin for his opinion on 501c3 compliance; 3) email the letter to the Board for a
vote via email; and 4) forward the draft or letter as soon as possible to Pete Huber
for the County’s consideration in a letter they are sending FERC.  Committee
members will be: Larry Bandolin, Cheri Strenz, Alan Stratton, Dave Dobyns, and
Laura Bullard.

Minutes of October 8, 2009 Board meeting were approved with correction to spelling
of names for Larry Moore, and Dave and Susan Dobyns.

Income/Expense Report was approved as presented.  General Fund:  $4,869.10.

In-Kind Sheets for 2009 were requested by Darla by Dec 31, 2009.

Smith Mountain Environmental Committee Meeting was attended by Jackson
Beamer; more information will be provided in the future.

Organizational Development Committee is continuing to work on the annual
membership meeting

Christmas Meeting has been changed to Dec 8, 2009.

Meeting was adjourned.


October 8, 2009

Present:  Ron Powers, Darla Jennings, Dave & Susan Dobbins, David Collett, Caitlin
Worsham (RU), Clarissa Clarke (RU), Donald White (RU), Lisa Morgan (USACE),
Jeff Zylland (USACE), Mike McLeod, Wayne Alexander, Teresa Rogers, Dave
Stevenson, Jackson Beamer, Mike Hoffman, Bill Cunningham, Laura Walters, Jeff
Arnold, John Johnson, Cheri Strenz, Ranny Akers, Grant Turnwald (CLSA), Carol
Brandt (VT), Larry & Irene Killough, Laura Bullard, Larry More, John Copeland

Minutes of September 10, 2009 Board minutes were approved as written.

Claytor Lake Sailing Association (CLSA) Commodore, Grant Turnwald,
proposed that the third cove NW of Dublin Hollow be named Shep’s Cove or Shep’s
Hollow in recognition of Shep Zedaker’s role in it’s long-time use for temporary
boat mooring.  Ron recommended that the request be considered by committee or
the Board as a whole.

Radford University (RU) students Caitlin Worsham, Clarissa Clarke and Donald
White, as part of their Ethnographic Methods class, expressed their desire to learn
what FOCL is about and how it is contributing to social change in the local community.
They requested the opportunity to conduct interviews and participate in FOCL activities.  The Board was open to their request, and Ronnie suggested a float trip to view clean-up, water monitoring and hydrilla issues.

Feasibility Study, Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration, US Army Corps of Engineers
Lisa Morgan and Jeff Zylland presented an update of the study of how to
deal with sedimentation problems uplake including using such measures as dike fields
with wetlands, fish habitat structures and bioengineering for eroding banks.  Incremental cost analysis showed the five “best buy” options in descending order as:  1) hinge trees, 2) fish attractors, 3) bioengineering, 4) large dikes, and 5) dikes and dredge fill.  When
asked about dredging around boat docks to restore residential lake access, the response was that there has to be a nexus with ecosystem restoration, since that is the Corps’ focus.  Before concluding the Feasibility Study, sediment must be tested for toxins in case of
future dredging; and additional federal funding ($90,000 requested) must be secured.
They are also soliciting input from FOCL by the end of October to include, for example, any additional things they should consider, information on local services available, and any questions.

Clean-Up has concentrated on the upper end of the lake and to date has yielded 84 roll-offs (averaging 15 tons each), 527 trash bags, 105 tires, 2 freezers, 4 docks (3 converted to fish habitat), 1 boathouse and 1 pontoon boat.  The budget from the County has been spent, and funds from AEP are now being used.  Enough money must be saved from this year to operate clean-up next year until July 1, 2010 when County funding begins again.

Float trip of Claytor Lake was conducted with representatives from Smith Mountain Lake (SML) on September 24.  More information will be forth coming.

Income/Expense Report:  General Fund:  $3,580.76; Money Market:  $30,153.71,
Restricted Funds:  $10,172.19.  Contributor Appreciation Day showed a deficit of $208.38.  Report was accepted as written.

Christmas Meeting December 10 will be held at MK’s.

AEP’s Relicensing of Claytor Lake:  In notice dated September 30, FERC is soliciting
comments for the next 60 days (til November 28) on AEP’s application for relicensure.
The application is available online at www.claytorhydro.com under Claytor Relicensing / Application for New License.  According to Teresa, comments can be submitted
electronically or by hard copy as in previous comment periods.  Laura Bullard requested that notice of the comment period be sent out on FOCL e-News.  Discussion was held
regarding FOCL making comment.  Darla stated that FOCL is restricted in number of letters of support it can send on issues outside of Claytor Lake, but not on number of letters
regarding Claytor Lake. DEQ:  Mike McLeod referred Board to DEQ’s website (Programs, TMDL, Chesapeake Bay) for EPA’s TMDL goals for point and non-point sources of phosphorous and nitrogen for
Chesapeake Bay, which will impact us here.

The meeting was adjourned.


September 10, 2009

Present:  Ron Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Dean Jackson, Dave
Stevenson, David Collett, John Toothaker, John Johnson, Laura Bullard, Jeff Arnold,
Cheri Strenz, Chris Meade, Pete Huber, MerriBeth and Jim Gibson, Dave Dobbins

Minutes of August 13, 2009 Board meeting were approved as written.

Income/Expense Report:  Contributor Appreciation Day came out financially even
(+$231.69).  A balance sheet for the event was requested for the next Board meeting.
Totals for the preceding month:  $2,965.97 received; $4,772.67 disbursed.  General
Fund Acct:  $1,975.38.

Contributor Appreciation Day was a lot of work but there have been good
responses to it.  Discussion was held about benefits of having an annual membership
meeting as called for in the Bylaws starting next year.  Organizational Development
Committee would be tasked with organizing the event.

Buoys missing off sunken island near the dam have caused a number of boats
to be damaged.  Jim Gibson, Jeff Arnold and Mike Hoffman retrieved one buoy and
placed it on the island.  The other missing buoys are needed, and have been
sighted around the lake.  FOCL bought and placed the original buoys.  Uncertainty
was expressed as to who is responsible for marking the island.  AEP has proposed
under its new license (effective June 2011) to place a lateral aid to navigation at the
lakeward point of the island.

Long-standing dock dispute near the dam was recently resolved with the help of
Pete Huber according to Jim Gibson.  Pete suggested that FOCL help serve as a
mediator of conflicts around the lake.  Ronnie responded that FOCL would like to
have participation by representatives of lake communities to facilitate discussion
and communication.  Cheri suggested that because of the different issues around
the lake, it would be helpful to have the County involved in mediation as well.  Dave
S. recommended that communities be identified on FOCL’s map of the lake, which
needs to be updated this fall.

Donated pontoon boat and trailer by Mr & Mrs Wilkes has been appraised at just
under $9,000 by Conrad Bros. Because it is too nice to use for clean-up, it may be
sold as a fundraiser for FOCL.  Ronnie will ensure that this is acceptable to the Wilkes.

Tri-County Administrative Commission of Smith Mountain Lake is interested
in knowing Claytor Lake’s approach to hydrilla and sand bars.  Pam Dinkle and a
Commission Board member will join Ronnie September 24 to float Claytor Lake.
Ronnie felt it would be good to have a FOCL Board member as a member of their
Board, as an exchange of information between the groups would be beneficial to
Claytor Lake.

Letter of resignation from the Board was received from Charles Warren.  He will
stay involved as much as possible, but is too busy to attend meetings.

Clean-Up:  The 58th roll-off has been collected for the season.  They have
completed work at Nunn Hollow and both coves at Carol Metz, and will go to Harry
DeHaven before stopping around the middle of October.  AEP is funding 1⁄2 of
clean-up budget.

Army Corps of Engineers will at be the October 8 Board meeting to report on
the Aquatic Restoration Feasibility Study.

The meeting was adjourned.


August 13, 2009

Present:  Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Dean Jackson, John Johnson, John
Toothaker, Mary Rhoades, Chris Meade, Mike McLeod, Dave Stevenson, Laura
Bullard, Alan Stratton, Cheri Strenz, Austin Whitt, Jeff Arnold

Minutes for July 9, 2009 Board meeting were approved as written.

2009 Contributor Appreciation Day:  175 are expected, but will plan for 200.
Congressman Boucher’s office is to let Darla know Aug 12 if he will attend. The
t-shirts were designed by Cheri. Coolers are needed for ice; Cougar Express is
donating 200 bags. Budweiser and CVS donated water.  Tents are also needed.
Chris is collecting silent auction items. Jeff will bring dock(s) for the day.
Committee members are to be on site at 8 a.m., other Board members by 9 a.m.
Help will be needed for parking cars since the Boy Scouts will not be there to do it.

Income/Expense Report was approved as written.  General Fund:  $3,498.95.
Sponsorships for Contributor Appreciation Day:  $1700.  A letter requesting
membership dues/contributions is to go out before the end of the year; Charles
Warren is willing to do letter. Six-month tax return for July 1-Dec 31, 2008 has
been completed and is available for review through Darla. 

Clean-Up:  30+ roll-offs and numerous trash bags have been collected. They are
currently in Nunn Hollow. Miss Pulaski will be at Contributor Appreciation Day for
rides. A pontoon boat has been donated by Mr & Mrs Wilkes in Covey Cove to use
for clean-up. Discussion was held about ways in which it might be used in case it’s
too nice to use for clean-up. Ronnie will check into it. A letter of appreciation from
the Board will go to the Wilkes. Clean-up will hopefully continue until mid October.

Claytor Lake Guide has been updated, printed and is ready for distribution.

The meeting was adjourned.


July 9, 2009

Present:  Ron Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Jackson Beamer, Dean
Jackson, Ranny Akers, Laura Bullard, John Johnson, John Copeland, Mike Spraker,
Pete Huber, Cheri Strenz, John Toothaker, Laura Walters, Jeff Arnold, Larry Moore,
Alan Stratton, Chris Meade, Skip Zedaker, Carol Brandt

Minutes  for the June 11, 2009 Board meeting were approved as written.

2009 Contributor Appreciation Day:  The BBQ served at tonight’s Board meeting
will be served at the Appreciation Day. The next Committee planning meeting will
be Monday 7/13 at 6 pm at AEP’s picnic grounds.  Each Board member is to provide
an item for the silent auction; description and value of items due to Chris Meade
(chris.meade1@comcast.net) by 8/10.  Items due at FOCL Board meeting 8/13.
Four hundred invitations have been distributed; response has been good.  Fifteen
hundred dollars was budgeted for the event; cost so far is estimated at $5200.
Sponsors are being sought; $1700 in sponsorship money has been received.  Cheri
Strenz did the t-shirt and invitation designs.  July 20 is the deadline for sponsor/
contributor names for the t-shirt.  There has been no response from Congressman
Boucher about his speaking; that should pose no problem, however, as others have
agreed to speak (Dan Carson, VP AEP, Pete Huber, perhaps the Claytor family).

Income/Expense Report:  Donations are down; letter is to go out to members.
General Fund:  $7,862.20.  Report was accepted as presented.

Clean-Up:  Currently there are four men in the water at Carol Metz; a good crew.
Two will be leaving before the end for school or military.  The abutement wall at
Harry DeHaven is caving in; Dunnigan’s will put in two pilings at no charge so it
can be used again.

Fourth of July Parade:  Ms. Pulaski was in the parade decorated in new finery.

Water Quality:  Three monitorings have been done to date. 

AEP Rate Increase Hearing:  Ron Powers, at AEP’s invitation, spoke at the public
hearing put on by the SCC.  He described the ways in which AEP supports FOCL,
and the areas in which there is contention, including erosion control.

Drawdown:  There has been no mention of a drawdown this year; assumption was
stated that drawdown would not be held again.  Laura Bullard expressed
disappointment that FOCL did not take a stronger stand supporting drawdown since
75% of landowner survey respondents reported using drawdown.  Pete Huber
offered to see if the County could take action to explore options for drawdown. The
Board voted unanimously to have Pete proceed with his offer.

The meeting was adjourned.


June 11, 2009

Present:  Ron Powers, Darla Jennings, John Toothaker, Mary Rhoades, Larry
Moore, Mike McLeod, Cheri & Bob Strenz, Jeff Arnold, John Copeland,Troy Phillips,
Pete Huber, Laura Bullard, Dave Stevenson, Mike Spraker, Jackson Beamer,
Austin Whitt

New Game Warden, Troy Phillips, was introduced to the Board.

Minutes for April 9, 2009, Board meeting were approved as written.

Active Board Member Roster consisting of 24 members was reviewed.
Discussion was held about maintaining current number versus increasing to
maximum of 30 allowed by By-Laws; no conclusion reached.  Inactive members
Robert Blankenship and Mike Whitmore will be removed from the Board. 

Committee Rosters for the Financial, Organizational Development,
Communications/Education/PR, and Environmental Enhancement committees
were reviewed by Ron; many Board members are on several committees.
Support was expressed for having non-Board committee members.  Ron
encouraged the activation of the Communication Committee.

Annual Membership Meeting is called for in the By-Laws to elect Board
members (3-yr terms) and Officers (1-yr terms).  Pete suggested combining
an annual meeting with the Claytor Lake Festival.  Cheri recommended that the
Organizational Development and Communication Committees convene to explore
development of an annual meeting.

Tree-Felling Report:  John Toothaker and John Copeland showed photos of trees
being felled June 2 at Sites 1 & 2 on AEP property in Peak Creek as part of the fish
habitat enhancement project.  John Copeland surveyed the number of fish at the
sites prior to the felling, and will survey the sites again after the felling; public
response will also be measured.  A total of 14 sites are proposed.

Scenic Assessment Study by VT for AEP’s Shoreline Management Plan:  display
boards were presented and discussion was held as to how the SMP might incorporate
the study’s findings and what use the County might make of it.  Pete said information
from the study was going to be presented to the Board of Supervisors.  He
recommended FOCL survey lake residents to get their feedback on scenic and
slope issues so FOCL can accurately represent its constituency.

FOCL Letter to County regarding land disturbance on sloped land (greater than 2:1)
was discussed.  It was agreed that examples of how other localities regulate
development on sloped land be presented to the Board of Supervisors.  Pete
recommended that slope and scenery be presented as separate issues to the

Water Quality: the first monitoring samples were sent to Ferrum June 7.

Clean-Up is in progress with four people hired.  Ms Pulaski will be used for the CL
Festival fireworks June 13.

Financial Report was approved as written.  Of the $52,162.12 in current assets,
$21,090 is already ear-marked for water quality monitoring and clean-up.

2009 Contributor Appreciation Day:  In Dean’s absence, Cheri announced that
Dan Carson, VP with AEP, will be a speaker, as well as Rick Boucher if he attends.
Pete was also asked to speak on behalf of the County. 

The meeting was adjourned.


May Meeting Not Held due to board’s participation in Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce Expo


April 9, 2009

Dean Jackson, John Johnson, Larry Moore, Chris Owens, Ronnie Powers,  Mike
Spraker, Dave Stevenson, Cheri Strenz, Darla Jennings, Laura Walters, and Shep
Zedaker, Jackson Beamer, Chris Meade. .

Guest:   Bill Thompson

Ronnie Powers welcomed everyone to the meeting and all members introduced

The March minutes were approved as sent.

Dr. Carolyn Thomas and Bob,  from Ferrum College, presented water quality
results from last summer’s testing.  Ferrum is a level three water quality lab.
The results were good overall.  These results will be posted on the website. 

Water quality monitoring will begin in June this year with the first samples due
on June 6th.

Priority Area Reports (Committees)

2009 Contributor Appreciation Day. Things are progressing for this event.
The next meeting will be at the Dublin Town Center on April 24th at 6:30 pm.
Dan Carson from AEP will be at the Event. We are still working on the caterer.
Chris Owens has completed the grant request.

Communications, Education and Public Relations. No report.

Financial Resource

Income / Expense Report:  Darla noted that donations are down, probably
due to the economy.  We currently have $56,000+ in the operating fund, but
clean up starts May 15th  and much of that will be used for clean up.  This report
was approved unanimously.

Environmental Resources. A letter was sent to lake residents informing them
of the FERC relicensing process.

Bill Thompson questioned about the lake drawdown in the future which was
mentioned in the letter.  The letter gave contact information for both AEP
and FERC to express concerns.  The proposal to stop drawdown is due to
endangered mussel populations.  John Copeland explained this.

There is a letter in process which will be given to the county with regard to
slope recommendations.

The county has approved our clean up funding request.  Ronnie and others
have identified areas that will and will not be cleaned.  The areas that won’t
be cleaned will be left for animal and fish habitat.  We are in the process of
hiring three workers for the clean up process.

Darla reminded everyone that the New River Symposium will be held May
21-23 at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC.

The meeting was adjourned.


March 12, 2009

Present:  Darla Jennings, Ronnie Powers, Jackson Beamer, Bill Cunningham, Larry Moore, Mary Rhoades, John Johnson, Ranny Akers, Carol Brandt, Dean Jackson, John Toothaker, Mike Spraker, Shawn Utt, Pete Huber, Larry Bandolin, Laura Bullard

Carol Brandt, Assist. Professor in the School of Education at VT, introduced herself and expressed her interest in observing how FOCL collects and uses water quality data.  Her interest is in how people are involved by organizations in environmental monitoring.  The Board was receptive to her participation.

Minutes for February 12, 2009 were approved as written with the addition of Jackson
Beamer to list of those present at the meeting.

Organizational Development:  Dean Jackson announced that the next meeting to work on Contributor Appreciation Day is March 20 at 6:30 p.m. at MK’s.  Chris Meade has almost completed the grant application requesting $1500 from the Community Foundation for Appreciation Day.  Chris’ goal for this year is to find more grants for FOCL.  Dave Stevenson announced that the website was recently down due to Pulaski Networks going out of business; the website has been switched to SiteStar, which might result in an increased fee.  FOCL has been invited to have the Ms.Pulaski in Pulaski’s July 4 parade; motion was passed to participate.  FOCL has also been invited to have a booth at Pulaski Co. Chamber’s Business Expo May 14 and
15 at the Bob White Building; cost will be $250.  There was general agreement that it would provide good exposure for FOCL; motion was passed to participate.  Further plans will be made as to Board representation, drawings and give-away items, and the regular Board meeting May 13, which coincides with an opening event of the Expo.

Financial Resources:  Darla requested and received permission to have copies made of safety cards and information booklets in preparation for summer; John Toothaker will email current information booklet to Board members for updating.  Philip Martin will charge $300 for additional financials needed to change to 12/30/08 year end.  Expense report was accepted as written.  General Fund:  $9,461.07.

Environmental Resources:  Draft letter informing stakeholders that AEP is proposing changes as part of relicensure was distributed to the Board.  Ensuing discussion centered on FOCL’s role in conducting a public meeting.  Consensus was that FOCL is not in a position to conduct such a meeting without AEP and FERC participation, and the letter was accepted as written with emails going in advance to Teresa Rogers (AEP) and John Smith (FERC), offering to facilitate a meeting if they would attend.  The letters will be sent to approximately 2300 stakeholders March 23.

Aquatic Resources Restoration:  the Corps is waiting on funding to finalize the Feasibility Study.  Pete Huber asked if AEP’s financial assistance with the project could be included as a condition of licensure.  There was uncertainty as to whether that was possible.  A letter to Pulaski Co regarding slope will be the next letter to be prepared by the Committee.

The meeting was adjourned.


February 12, 2009

Present:  Ron Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Dave Stevenson, Larry
Bandolin, John Copeland, John Toothaker, Mike McLeod, Shep Zedaker, Laura
Bullard, Mary Rhoades, Dave Collett, Chris Meade, Phillip Martin, Ranny Akers,
Mike Spraker, John Johnson, Jeff Arnold, Shawn Utt

Financial Statement for year ending June 30, 2008, was reviewed by Phillip
Martin, CPA. He stated “everything looks good” and praised Darla’s work on
FOCL’s financial statements.

Expense Report was accepted as written. General Fund:  $12,676.43.

Budget Committee according to Bill has met and recommends FOCL change
from its current fiscal year of July 1 to June 30 to a calendar year to make the
finances of dealing with clean-up easier. Motion was made and passed to make
the change. A second financial statement review and tax return for July 1-Dec 31,
2008 will be done.

Environmental Resources Committee: 

Fish Habitat—Tree Felling:  John Toothaker reviewed the Dec 3, 2008 float trip
when fourteen potential fish habitat sites were identified.  The Committee
recommended to the Board and the Board approved that four sites, to be selected
by the Committee, be established in March and evaluated into the fall.  The
Committee is also considering creating fish habitat using existing debris in the lake.

Slope:  Ronnie distributed soil and slope maps to the Board to demonstrate the
information that is available for the lake.  These maps will be overlaid with topo
maps to further define slope, so that FOCL can ask the County to develop stricter
regulations for land disturbance in areas around the lake where soil and slope are
susceptible to erosion.  Shep recommended that FOCL contact the VT Water Center
for information.  He also voiced his opinion that FOCL should not be involved to the
extent of restricting building at the lake, but that it is appropriate to protect against

Drawdown/Public Forum:  Laura informed the Board of AEP’s proposal to
discontinue drawdown due to mussel mortality, and presented the Committee’s
recommendation that FOCL hold a public forum to inform the public of proposed
changes so that stakeholders can comment to FERC if they choose by the May 1,
2009 deadline.  Following discussion as to the feasibility and participants in such a
forum, the Board approved a motion to email Teresa at AEP to inquire of their plans
to announce the discontinuation of drawdown, and to request AEP’s participation in a
FOCL sponsored forum.

Organizational Development:  Dean announced that a letter has been sent to
potential exhibitors for the 2009 Contributor Appreciation Day in August. Chris
Meade is working on a grant from the Community Foundation.

County Comprehensive Plan according to Shawn designates a 50’ “no-build” buffer
from the 1850’ contour line around the lake in agricultural and conservation (not
residential) areas. A public hearing regarding the Plan will be held in June.

Other Business:

Laura was given permission to invite a person from Smith Mountain Lake to share
their experience with relicensure at the next regular or called meeting of the Board.

The Board approved Darla’s request that her attendance at the Environment Virginia,
and New River Symposium meetings be paid by FOCL.

Larry is following up on a license plate holder he saw saying “I’d rather be at Claytor
Lake” as a possible fund raiser for FOCL.

Ranny mentioned the possibility of having license plates with the FOCL emblem on them.

The meeting was adjourned.


January 8, 2009

Present:  Ron Powers, Bill Cunningham, Mike Spraker, John Copeland, Mike McLeod,
John Johnson, Ranny Akers, Jackson Beamer, Chris Meade, Pete Huber, David Collett,
John Toothaker, Laura Bullard, Cheri & Bob Strenz

Minutes of the November and December 2008 Board meetings were approved as

Financial Report was presented by Darla Jennings and approved as written. General
Fund:  $15,927,64.

FOCL Fish Habitat Location Trip summary and map distributed, though not discussed.

Senate Bill No. 820 (local motorboat registration fee) and House Joint Resolution
No. 627
(children’s life jacket wear requirement):  information distributed, though
not discussed.

Appalachian Power’s Shoreline Management Planning Meeting, held January 7,
was summarized by Laura Bullard, Ron Powers and John Copeland, including a brief
description of shoreline classifications, issues of slope, and the plan as it relates to
Appalachian’s application for relicensure of Claytor Hydro Project. Discussion was
held regarding FOCL’s role in the Shoreline Management Planning process.  A
committee of, among others, Ron Powers, Darla Jennings, Chris Meade, John
Copeland, and Laura Bullard, will convene to discuss the issue further. 

Pulaski County’s Comprehensive Plan, Central Planning Area (north shore of
Claytor Lake to Peak Creek), is up for public comment at public meetings January 8
(Dublin Lyons Club) and 20 (Pulaski Elementary School), from 6-8 p.m.  In lieu of
following the agenda of the present FOCL Board Meeting as planned, the decision
was made to adjourn immediately in order for Board members to go directly to the
public meeting.  The position of the FOCL Board toward the Comprehensive Plan will
be considered by committee in conjunction with the Shoreline Management Plan,
and recommendations will be brought before the Board at a later date.

The meeting was adjourned.  


FRIENDS OF CLAYTOR LAKE Christmas Meeting & Dinner, Dec. 11, 2008 [TOP]
Held at MK’s Restaurant in Dublin

Present:  Ron Powers, Darla Jennings, Gary Roseberry, Dean & Carol Jackson,
John Waugh, Barb Derr, Alan Stratton, Jackson Beamer, Joan & Dave Stevenson,
Laura Bullard, Alan Graybeal, Laura Walters, Jeff Arnold, Shawn Utt, Ranny Akers,
Mary Rhoades, Bob & Cheri Strenz, Chris Meade, Ken Bowling, Bill Cunningham,
Jeanetta Beamer, Ruth & Mike Ratcliffe, Larry Moore, Selena Wilburn, Mike & Carol
Hoffman, Don & Jennena Cressel


Minutes for November 13, 2008 Board meeting and current financial statements
were distributed. 

Presentation:  A bonus check was presented to Gary Roseberry for his service to
FOCL’s clean-up operations at Claytor Lake.

Appreciation:  Ken Bowling, President, Pulaski County’s Chamber of Commerce,
extended his appreciation to Ron, Darla and FOCL for their contributions to the
Claytor Lake area.

The meeting was adjourned and dinner was served.