2008 Minutes

November 13, 2008

Present:  Ron Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Mary Rhoades, Mike
Burchette, Cheri & Bob Strenz, Mike McLeod, John Toothaker, Larry Moore, Dave
Stevenson, Alan Stratton, Laura Walters, Jeff Arnold, Jackson Beamer, Ranny
Akers, Laura Bullard, John Johnson, Robert Blankenship, Mike Spraker, Pete Huber,
Virginia Ashe

Minutes of the October 9, 2008 Board meeting were approved as written.

Christmas Dinner is scheduled for Thursday, December 11, beginning at 5:30 p.m.
at MK’s. Cost is $25 per person, with cash bar. Guest suggestions were requested.

Income/Expense Report by Darla Jennings was accepted as written.  General
Fund:  $7907.08.  Bill Cunningham stated an interest bearing (money market)
account has been set up; and the budget has been developed, copies of which
will be available at December’s meeting.

Contributor Appreciation Day is scheduled for 10:30 to 3, August 15, 2009, with
set up beginning at 10.  Cheri Strenz presented the agenda and submitted a draft
letter to exhibitors.  She also requested archival material to display that day and
to publish in an anniversary book.

Environmental Resources Committee met on November 5, with eighteen
attending, including representatives from anglers, AEP, and DGIF.  John Copeland
of DGIF presented on fish habitat.  A motion from that meeting was presented by
Ron Powers and passed by the Board for FOCL to continue with the fish habitat
project by creating one or more pilot sites with hinged trees, provided AEP, DGIF
and the Corp of Engineers are in agreement.  AEP’s property will be visited
December 3 to make tree selections.  A motion for FOCL to assist Claytor Lake
State Park with the Christmas tree initiative (January 15 or 22, 2009) was also
presented and passed.  A FOCL-sponsored fishing tournament is also being
considered for one of the first two weekends in March, with proceeds going to the
fish habitat fund. 

Clean-up stopped October 23.  According to Ron Powers, all of the County’s
money for clean-up will probably be used; AEP’s money will be used for 2009’s
clean-up season, starting around May 15.  Per Ron, a four-man crew would be ideal.

Drawdown:  Laura Bullard reported difficulties with shoreline work due to a
slowdown in drawdown.  She requested a letter be sent to AEP requesting
adherence to pre-determined drawdown schedules, with notification as soon as
possible of any changes.  The Board was in agreement.

Other Business:  Darla Jennings encouraged Board members to join committees,
and to bring binders to the January 2009 Board meeting for updated materials.
Mary Rhoades suggested FOCL make wildlife and educational material available
for the public. Laura Bullard shared about the County’s development of a
Comprehensive Plan and encouraged participation in the Planning Commission
work sessions the second Tuesday of every month, beginning at 5 p.m. Laura
Walters announced a meeting November 18 at 5:30 at McGuires to discuss recent
tax assessments around the lake. Discussion was held about FOCL’s role in
publicizing such meetings.

The meeting was adjourned.


October 9, 2008

Present:  Ron Powers, Darla Jennings, Laura Walters, Jeff Arnold, John Johnson,
John Toothaker, Ranny Akers, Jackson Beamer, Dave Stevenson, Dave Collett,
Larry Moore, Shep Zedaker, Cheri & Bob Strenz, Mike Hoffman, Mike McLeod,
Laura Bullard, Alan Graybeal, Robert Blankenship, Pete Huber

Minutes of the September 11, 2008 Board meeting were approved as written.

2009 Contributor Appreciation Day, August 15, 2009:  Recent committee
meeting discussed possible speakers, location (still AEP picnic grounds),
stakeholders to add as participants, time (possibly 1-6 pm, with boat rides on
Ms Pulaski early and catered picnic 3:30-6), children’s activities, theme:
“Claytor Lake:  Celebrating 70 Years,” commemorative t-shirts, and invitations
to contributors; Ronnie recommended the committee create a budget and
consider sponsorships.

Income/Expense Report was approved as written.  Appalachian’s $20,000
contribution toward clean-up has been received.  General Fund:  $24,244.00.
Recommendation was made to generate list of contributors for Board members
to call to thank current contributors, and solicit donations from prior contributors.
Ronnie pointed out, and Dave Collett agreed, that the State Park will not be able
to make a clean-up contribution in 2009, and that will impact FOCL’s budget.

Clean-up is winding down; the weather and water temperature will determine
when it is stopped. To date FOCL is underspent in the County’s budget for clean-up,
though that money might be spent depending on how long clean-up continues.
Ronnie called for a meeting of the Environmental Resources Enhancement
Committee to discuss the construction of experimental fish habitats and fisherman
involvement.  Shep Zedaker asked about the possibility of Ms. Pulaski helping the
Coast Guard remove boating hazards during drawdown.  How long she will stay in
the water is uncertain; it was suggested that Dublin Developer’s might also be
willing to help. 

Other Business:  There is no update on the Corps of Engineer’s Feasibility Report.
It was voted that FOCL’s Christmas Party be held Dec. 11 at MK’s.  Mike Campbell
with the Health Dept will be invited to speak about septic tanks at the Nov. meeting.
Mike McLeod announced that the Planning District Commission has been awarded a
grant to study sewering in the PDC area to look a decreasing bacteria loads.

The meeting was adjourned.


September 11, 2008

Present:  Ron Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Dave Collett, Ken Conner,
Larry Moore, Mike McLeod, Cheri & Bob Strenz, Dean Jackson, Jackson Beamer,
Dave Stevenson, Chris Meade, John Johnson, Laura Walters, Jeff Arnold, Ranny
Akers, Pete Huber, Shep Zedaker, Laura Bullard, Robert Blankenship, Carol &
Mike Hoffman, Bill Smith

August 14, 2008, Board Meeting Minutes were approved with the following
clarifications and changes:  Boating & Alcohol:  Boat drivers can be drinking, but
are to be under the legal limit of intoxication. The Coast Guard is not involved in
alcohol enforcement.  Committee Reports:  John Toothaker suggested that one—
not each—committee be responsible for reporting each month.

2009 Contributor Appreciation Day was proposed for Aug 15, 2009, at AEP’s
picnic grounds adjacent to the dam. Ensuing discussion included adding more docks
since the dock there is small; adding the Claytor Lake Sailing Association as a
stakeholder to inform; and suggestions of other locations at which to hold the event,
including the State Park, Harry DeHaven Park, and the new Boy Scout Aquatic Center.
Dave Stevenson will provide a band; Jackson Beamer will take care of a raffle.

Office of the Year Award:  Larry Moore sent a suggestion to Wes Billings that hunting groups be included in making the selection. Chris Meade volunteered to be on the FOCL committee considering the proposal.

Income & Expense Report:  Correction was noted that Evan Walters, not Ethan, put
membership letters together. There have been 16 new members since July 1, and
$6795 in member contributions. Appalachian Power has contributed $20,000 toward
clean-up.  Darla requested inkind forms for 2007-08.  General Fund Acct:  $21,333;
with an additional $16,000 in restricted funds.

Clean-up is currently at Carol Metz, and will finish there in one month if weather holds.They are working a two-man crew, since one man broke his leg twice on the job. Payrollto date this year:  $13,661.

Tour of fishing holes was conducted the morning of Aug 14 to determine the impact of FOCL’s clean-up on fishing in the lake. Among those participating were Ron Powers, Mike Burchett, Tom Cole, Coach Lambert, John & Wanda Toothaker and John Copeland. It was discussed that many factors impact the quality of fishing at the lake. Ron recommended that FOCL create a couple mat-like structures of logs tied together and attached in coves as experimental habitat to see if they improve fishing. He also suggested targeting fisherman through a mailing to request participation and donations dedicated to improving fishing at the lake with FOCL contributions and participation.

Pete Huber’s attendance was recognized. Thanks to FOCL’s change in Board meetings to Thursdays, he or Shawn Utt will be attending the meetings.

Shep Zedaker asked on behalf of the Va Tech Sailing Club and Claytor Lake Sailing
Association for FOCL’s assistance with a fall event (Sep/Oct) starting in 2009, that
would include a cardboard boat race.  As indicated by general agreement among the
Board members, Ronnie told Shep to count FOCL in.  Laura Walters volunteered to
represent FOCL.

The Board went in to Executive Session.  Upon coming out of Executive Session,
the meeting was adjourned.


August 14, 2008

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Dave Stevenson, Dean
Jackson, Mike Spraker, John Toothaker, Jeff Arnold, Jackson Beamer, Cheri Strenz,
Wes Billings, Larry Moore, Ranny Akers, John Johnson, Harold Lambert, Mike McLeod,
Dave Dobyns, Chris Meade, Bill Fintel, Tom Cole, Mike Burchette

Opening Notes. Ronnie Powers called the meeting to order and thanked MK’s for
providing the delicious Pizza & Salad for dinner. Beth Cade of the US Army Corps of
Engineers had intended to be at the meeting but was unable attend. Pulaski County
Manager Pete Huber also intended to participate in the meeting but was unable to
attend due to another commitment. The June Minutes were approved as written.

Executive Director Darla Jennings presented the financial report. The report was
approved unanimously.

Boating & Alcohol. Board Member and Officer in the Conservation Police Wes
Billings was asked to address questions regarding alcohol consumption and boating.
He stated the following:

•Title 4.1305 applies to drinking in public and can be found in full detail online.
•Alcohol within a boat is not considered drinking in public, but it is not recommended.
•It is against the law for the driver of the boat to be driving while under the influence
of alcohol.
•A blood alcohol level of 0.08 is intoxication.
•The Conservation Police is in charge of alcohol enforcement.

Officer of the Year Award Proposal. Wes also presented to the board the idea
of FOCL sponsoring an Officer of the Year Award–an annual award given to a
peer-selected officer for the example set. Thirteen officers work the lake. The
idea is for the award to be peer-chosen w/FOCL approving. It was expressed by
Board members that this was not a good year to initiate this award in that the
stepped-up presence of officers on the lake has not been seen as all that positive
in that the officers have been a little brusque and perhaps too aggressive in
checking on boaters. Some stakeholders, including members of the FOCL Board,
have been stopped multiple times in concurrent days–not for infractions but for
a check on the safety and qualifications of the boaters. It was pointed out during
the discussion that this award could help the officers find the right balance
between helping to strive for a safe lake and annoying stakeholders. A committee
was formed (consisting of John Toothaker, Dean Jackson & Larry Moore) to study
the proposal and make recommendations to the FOCL Board.

Wes also pointed out that the officers on the lake come from 12 surrounding (some
non-water) counties and better training on the best way to patrol the lake may be
needed. But in the interest of Boating Safety, Virginia Law has tightened down since
the passage of the new law and that’s why we’ve seen this increase in the presence
of officers. Charlie Mullins is the supervisor over this area and Clark Green is the
Regional Officer over the region. Supervisor Mullins can be reached at phone
number 276-783-4860.

Thanks to the BSA. President Ron Powers thanked Larry Moore, Boardmember
serving as our liaison to the Boy Scouts of America, for the dinner and tour of the
new Claytor Lake Aquatics Center on July 31, 2008.

Aquatic Restoration Project Update. FOCL representatives met at the State Park
Conference center with the US Army Corps of Engineers on July 22, 2008. In
previous cost estimates supplied for the project, the Corps had missed the cost of a
needed study of (Habit Evaluation Protocol at an approximate cost of $50,000). A
public meeting updating stakeholders on the project tentatively set for August or
September has been postponed to Oct or Nov. The board concurred that an update
on the project is needed.

A discussion of the First Annual Claytor Lake Poker Run was presented by Tom
Cole & Mike Burchett of Rock House Marina. The Poker Run was declared a big success
by those who participated. Forty-five boats participated with 120 hands played.  It was
a great atmosphere and the weather was perfect. FOCL received $948 from the event.
The FOCL Board thanked Tom & Mike for the contribution to the organization and for
arranging and running such a fine event.

Lake Clean-up. The Clean-up operation is currently working the State Park and will
soon move to Hidden Valley. Twenty roll-offs of debris have been removed. This
number is a little short of our average but the clean-up crew has also removed 508
bags of trash–which is a significant number. It is estimated that 15 bags of trash
are equivalent to one roll-off, so this translates to another 34 roll-offs. In addition
24 tires and 2 hazmat items have been removed. Following Hidden Valley, the
Clean-up Crew will move to the Carol Metz property.

It was suggested that we have a community event for clean up similar to what the
National Committee for the New River does.

FOCL Board Member and AEP Representative on the Board Teresa Rogers reported
through Darla Jennings that $20,000 has been approved from AEP to support FOCL’s
clean-up efforts.

The Shoreline Management Committee has cruised the lake to study debris
management. It was pointed out that certain coves will remain debris filled as it’s
considered a natural ecological process. The Carol Metz property was pointed out
as a natural debris catch area. While cruising the lake, the devastation in the
hemlock tree population due to the wooly delgin insect was noted (it’s the white
powdery bug seen in the area). Hydrilla issues were not discussed during the cruise;
it was noted that bass fisherman do not regard hydrilla as a negative because it i
ncreases the habitat for fish.

Contributor Appreciation Day.  Since it has been 6-7 years since we last had a
Contributor Appreciation Day, Dean Jackson suggested we have another. At the last
one, we christened the Miss Pulaski County. A motion was passed to set one up.

One man’s debris is another man’s structure…President Ron Powers introduced
to the Board Coach Harold Lambert, a well-known crappy fisherman. Coach Lambert
pointed out that fishermen do not approve of our clean up program because it
removes “structure.” Fisherman refer to natural debris in the water as “structure”
because fish use it as a refuge and it promotes fish habitat. He pointed out that
fisherman in general do not have the appreciation of FOCL as one might imagine.

Discussion ensued: It was agreed that FOCL’s goal is to promote a healthy lake and
that all Claytor Lake Stakeholders may not agree as to what constitutes a “healthy
lake.” But a lot of what has been done by FOCL up to this point in terms of clean up
is from a view to promoting a clean lake as perceived by property owners. It was
agreed that FOCL wants to do the right thing when it comes to the Lake and that
fisherman, and their thoughts, should be included in the pursuit of a healthy lake
and the FOCL Board welcomes their input and participation in our endeavors.

FOCL Vice President Jackson Beamer pointed out that if you have property on the
lake, debris is not considered “structure” but something that is unsightly and
dangerous and lowers the value of the property around the lake in that it inhibits
boating and swimming and makes human activity on the lake dangerous and
unpleasant. It was concluded that FOCL’s goal overall is to do the right thing; but
what that is, is not always clear. But ultimately the FOCL goal is a balanced view
of what constitutes a healthy lake.

Committee Reports. John Toothaker suggested that we create a more formalized
structure for the board meetings so that one committee is responsible for reporting
a month; it was noted that this approach could promote activity in the committees
and promote better communication within the organization.

The meeting was adjourned.


June 10, 2008

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Shep Zedaker, Larry Moore, Dean
Jackson, Dave Collett, Dave Stevenson, Laura Walters, Jeff Arnold, Keith Keiper,
Mike McLeod, Jackson Beamer, John Toothaker, Wanda Toothaker, Mary Rhoades,
Cheri Strenz, Bob Strenz, Tom Cole, Mike Burchett, Laura Bullard, John Copeland

Minutes of the May 13, 2008, Board meeting were approved as written.

DEQ’s 2008 Water Quality Draft Integrated Report of all assessed waters in
Virginia will be presented at a public meeting 7 p.m., June 24, at DEQ’s Roanoke

July 6th Boat Parade: postcards were mailed and fliers are available for posting.

Board meeting date change to the second Thursday of the month was proposed
to avoid conflict with County meetings on the second Tuesday.  Motion was made
and passed that Darla email proposal to all Board members and request vote by
email; majority vote will determine change.

Pulaski Co’s Comprehensive Plan:  Laura B announced that the County’s
Comprehensive Plan for the Central Area including the north shore of the lake is
next to be worked on by the Planning Commission.  The South Area including the
south shore of the lake has already been approved by the County’s Board of
Supervisors.  Participation in the planning process is encouraged.

Income/Expense Report was approved as written. General Fund:  $17,296.30.
Philip Martin will do financials for year ending June 30, 2008. Membership letter
is being worked on by Charles Warren and will be sent out ASAP. Dean Jackson
collected $372 worth of scrap metal at Big Hole Hollow for FOCL. Claytor Lake
State Park Festival June 7 contributions totaled $642. Darla met with Mallard
Point on June 6 to encourage participation in FOCL.

Clean-Up: Ronnie, Darla, Jeff, Laura W, Dean, Mike S, Jackson, and John T burned
1200 tons of debris at Big Hole Hollow June 5. Burning is not ideal, but another
viable option has not been found.  The question of burning treated wood from
abandoned docks arose; no one knew if it is prohibited.  Miss Pulaski’s engine is
being repaired.  Three employees are being hired, and clean-up is set to start June
16 at Harry DeHaven Park, and continue up the lake with stops in Peak Creek. The
lake is extremely clean due to no recent storm events. 

AEP Debris Study Group will visit the lake June 11 to help determine guidelines
for areas to be cleaned and areas to be left with debris to provide natural habitat.

Aquatic Restoration Feasibility Study partners Corp of Engineers, AEP, FOCL,
Pulaski Co, DCR and Isaac Walton are meeting June 11 to discuss completion and
report of the feasibility phase.

Shoreline Management Plan Group will meet June 20 at 9 a.m. at AEP’s Pulaski
Service Center. Participation is encouraged. 

Hydrilla:  Ronnie reported that shoreline property owners are grouping together to
have Skip Wiegersma treat hydrilla for $1.49/1’x40’.  According to Larry, Lloyd
Hipkins at Va Tech is someone to contact about other invasives such as curly pond

Sea Scout Program Sponsorship:  Motion was made and passed that FOCL sponsor
a Sea Scout Program at Claytor Lake;  Shep, Dave C, and Laura W will serve as
committee members. 

American Heritage Paddle of the New River to commemorate the 10th anniversary
of it’s designation as an American Heritage River began at the headwaters of the New
in North Carolina and will continue into West Virginia.  A “passing of the paddle”
ceremony is scheduled at Claytor Lake State Park June 13 beginning at 5 p.m.

The Board then went into Executive Session.  Following the session, motion was made
and passed that Ronnie contact prospective Board members about joining the Board.

The meeting was adjourned.

There will be no July Board meeting.


May 13, 2008

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Dave Stevenson, Dean
Jackson, Mike Spraker, John Toothaker, Laura Walters, Jeff Arnold, Jackson,
Beamer, Bob and Sherry Strenz, Dave Collett and Wes Billings

Ronnie Powers called the meeting to order and congratulated Darla for her 10th
year anniversary with FOCL.

The April Minutes were approved unanimously.

Alan and Bill are working to review the Bi-Laws.  We also are looking at the list of
Board members and need to decide what to do about inactive members.  We have
17 active members and can have 25-30.  Alan will report next meeting on this for
us to make a decision and take action.  WE will also have elections next meeting. 

Ronnie encouraged everyone to think of who they know that might be good active

Dean and Laura updated everyone on the Fourth Boat Parade.  It will be on Sunday
the 6th of July at 2:00 pm and begin at the state park.  The parade will be the same
route as last year.  Laura noted that participation has dwindled and suggested that
we send postcards to our mailing list to encourage participation.  Laura will donate
the postcards.  This motion to send postcards to those on our mailing list was
approved.  Laura will email advertising flyer for everyone to post.  Sponsors need to
be turned in to Laura by the end of the week.

Darla presented the income and expense report.  The largest expense was $1790 for
new maps.  This report was approved unanimously.

Ronnie noted that with Mary Rhodes leaving, the Environmental Resources Enhancement
Committee needs a new Chairperson.

We have sent AEP a letter requesting that they fund half of clean up.  The county is
funding the other half.  AEP suggested that we present clean up as a program for them
to fund as their budget has already been set.  We are in the process of doing this.  We
also requested part-time funding for the Executive Director position.  Clean up will begin
June 14th on the upper end of the lake in the Peak Creek and Harry DeHaven areas.
Ads are out for employees and the county has been notified.  The annual labor cost of
clean up is approximately $30,000.00

We will receive bi-monthly reports on labor costs this year from the county so as to
monitor and not overspend.  We will be burning this Thursday at Carol Metz’s and then
Big Hole Hollow.  There is approximately 1170 tons to be burned.

Darla has a sign up sheet for the June 7th Festival at the State Park.  Sign up to help,

Friday June 14th will be the American Heritage Paddle Run, which will float the entire
New River.  John Copeland is working on this and there will be more info to come.

Laura Bullard noted that our meeting time was the same as the County Planning
Commission.  If we were interested in changing our meeting time, perhaps more of
the county officials could attend.  Discussion ensued and Ronnie was asked to check
with some of the county officials to see if they would in fact attend if we changed our
meeting time.  We will discuss again next month.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15.

The next meeting will be at the New Boy Scout Aquatic Center.


April 8, 2008

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Ranny Akers, Mike
Spraker, John Toothaker, Mike McLeod, Larry Moore, Dean Jackson, Alan Stratton,
Dave Stevenson, Larry

Minutes of the March 11, 2007 Board meeting were approved as written.

Financial Resource Report
•Income/Expense Report was reviewed by Darla Jennings.
•Total income since last report $3,058.92
•Two largest parts of income: $1,300 dividend check from endowment plus
$1,325 membership income.
•General Fund account:  $22,162.25
•Upcoming expenses:  $1,790 for 500 maps to get through the 2008 water season
were ordered. The maps are geographically the same as our previous maps but
have a different cover that is not FOCL-oriented. However we will be affixing FOCL
stickers on the front in order to tie the maps to us.
•It was noted that 1000 maps will last about 2 years thus the decision to order the
500 to get us through this year while we undertake the effort to update and
improve the map to have the entire lake on one side.
•It was noted that the establishment “Awful Arthur’s,” in Roanoke has our map
hanging on their wall.
•Additional expense: FOCL placed an ad in a recent Roanoke Times in the section
“Discover the New” for $250.
•Larry Moore moved that the Financial Report be approved as written. Seconded
and approved.

Sea Scouts at Claytor Lake
•Larry Moore, FOCL Board member and representative of the Boy Scouts of America,
made a presentation regarding BSA activity at Claytor Lake.
•An effort is being made to establish a Sea Scout Base at Claytor Lake. Larry proposed
that FOCL be a sponsor of the organization. Cost for sponsorship is $20/year.
Sponsorship responsibilities of FOCL would be to provide 2 committee members to a
committee of 5 that oversees the Claytor Lake Sea Scouts in their endeavors.
•The Sea Scouts organization is youth-driven and runs all year. Starting membership
likely to be 5-10 Scouts. FOCL’s commitment would be more time-based, less financial;
the 5-person committee (with 2 FOCL members) would guide the Sea Scouts as they
develop their self-directed program.
•Conrad’s Marine has agreed to become a sponsor. If FOCL also becomes a sponsor,
Conrad’s & FOCL would “own” the charter of the Claytor Lake Sea Scouts Program.
•Discussion ensued regarding sponsorship. It was decided to table the discussion to a
future meeting after fully examining the responsibilities that FOCL would be undertaking.
•The June FOCL Board Meeting will be held at the new BSA Aquatic Center. Dinner will
be served.

Executive Session
President Ron Powers asked the board to go to executive session to discuss Board
Member issues. Larry Moore moved that we go to executive session. Seconded and
approved. A motion was made to leave executive session. Seconded and approved.

Larry Moore moved to accept the resignation of boardmember Mary Rhoades while
thanking her for her service to the Friends of Claytor Lake. It was also noted that
she would be welcome and encouraged to attend future Board Meetings as her
schedule permitted. Seconded and approved.

The meeting was adjourned.


March 11, 2008

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Jeff Arnold, Laura
Walters, Laura Bullard, Mike Spraker, John Johnson, Robert Blankenship, John
Copeland, Jackson Beamer, Dave Stevenson, Ranny Akers, Alan Stratton, Dean
Jackson, Shep Zedaker, Mary Rhoades, John Toothaker, Wayne Alexander, Dave
Collett, Mike McLeod, Wes Billings

Minutes of the Feb 12, 2008 Board meeting were approved as written with one

Income/Expense Report for Feb 12 to Mar 11, 2008 was approved as submitted.
General Fund Acct:  $20,721.95.

National Committee for the New River has requested a donation in exchange for
providing FOCL one full page in their quarterly publication.  FOCL’s logo will appear
as a sponsor. Ronnie’s recommendation to donate $500 was approved by the Board.
FOCL will request that our mailing list be added to their mailing list, and that they
link our website.

Board Orientation:
FOCL PowerPoint Presentation by Laura Walters was reviewed and updates were
Organizational Chart was reviewed by John Toothaker and changes were suggested.
2007-08 Budget was reviewed by Bill Cunningham with discussion of various line
Code of Ethics and Policy Statement was reviewed by Alan Stratton.  Motion was
made and passed that Board members sign and return them to Darla Jennings at
Board meeting; Darla will email copies to Board members to print off for their binders.
By-Laws:  Within the next 90 days, Alan Stratton will compare current By-Laws
against most recent Strategic Plan to make changes for Board to review.
Strategic Plan from Feb 2007 was distributed and aspects were highlighted by Ronnie.
Discussion ensued as to the need for committees to establish benchmarks for objectives;
for all important FOCL documents to include original adopted dates and subsequent
amended dates; and for the maintenance of a list of important documents.

The meeting was adjourned.


February 12, 2008

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Jackson Beamer,
Ranny Akers, John Johnson, Dave Collett, Jeff Arnold, Mike Spraker, John
Toothaker, Mike McLeod, Mary Rhoades, Larry Moore, Dean Jackson, Alan
Stratton, John Copeland, Dave Stevenson, Joan Stevenson, Dr. Carolyn Thomas,
Laura Bullard, Jack Reau, Phillip Martin 

Judy Furr, who recently passed away, was recognized as a charter FOCL Board
member, as noted in FOCL’s meeting minutes of January 1993. Minutes of the
November 13, 2007 Board meeting were approved as written. 

Financial Resource Report. Financial Statement for year ended June 30, 2007 was
reviewed by Phillip Martin, CPA, and accepted as written.Income/Expense Report
for Nov 13, 2007 to Feb 12, 2008 was reviewed by Darla Jennings and accepted
as written.  General Fund account:  $24,028.29.  The only outstanding bill is $2700
due Ferrum College for water quality monitoring.Restricted Funds placement:  Bill
Cunningham reported that $9600 in restricted funds has been invested in a 6 month
CD at 4.69%.  The principle, which can be borrowed against, is temporarily restricted
by AEP; the interest is not restricted. 

Environmental Resources Enhancement—Ferrum College 2007 Water Quality
:Dr. Carolyn Thomas reported better water quality for 2007 than last year
due to the drought and resulting lower non-point source run-off.  Bacteria levels
were well within health standards, and water quality is being well maintained.  

Membership Committee. A Code of Ethics and Policy Statement developed by the
Committee with Alan Stratton’s help were accepted by the Board as presented.
Board Orientation is scheduled for the regular FOCL Board meeting March 11, 2008;
all Board members are asked to attend and bring their binders. 

New River News, a publication by the National Committee for the New River, was
brought to the Board’s attention by Ronnie Powers because of our overlap in interests,
and as an example of a quality publication FOCL may wish to emulate. Dave Collett
suggested that FOCL ask about contributing articles to the New River News. Discussion
was also held about encouraging public participation in FOCL’s clean up efforts on the

The meeting was adjourned.


Meeting Cancelled for January 2008