2007 Minutes

November 13, 2007

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Jackson Beamer, Dean
Jackson, Mike Spraker, Laura Bullard, John Johnson, Dave Collett, Mike McLeod,
Mary Rhoades, John Toothaker, Alan Stratton, Larry Moore, Dave Stevenson

Minutes of September 11, 2007, Board meeting were approved as written.

Directors’ & Officers’ Insurance:  Bill Cunningham summarized policy coverage.
Following discussion of the Board’s degree of risk and need for insurance, a decision
was tabled until the January meeting at which time Alan Stratton will report on his
research of the issue.

Organizational Chart:  John Toothaker was commended for his fine work.  The chart
will be on FOCL’s website.

Financial Resource Report:
Darla Jennings reported that FOCL owes Gary Roseberry $900 in reimbursements,
and Ferrum one-half of the amount for water quality monitoring when their report
is received (due in January).
General Fund:  $26,553.07.
The Finance Report was approved as written.

Drawdown letter to Appalachian Power encouraging the resumption of drawdowns
in the future was approved as written.

Clean-up:  The Board went into Executive Session to discuss clean-up.  After coming
out of Executive Session, a motion was made and passed that FOCL settle up with
Pulaski County for the 2007-08 clean-up budget over-run up to $10,000. 

Christmas Meeting & Dinner:  Dec 11, 6 p.m. at MK’s Gourmet Pizzeria.  Cost of $25 per person will not include alcohol.  Fish, primerib and chicken will be on the buffet.  A motion was made and passed that FOCL pay for invited guests.

The meeting was adjourned.


Meeting was cancelled for October


September 11, 2007

Present: Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Mike Spraker, Robert
Blankenship, Dave Collett, John Johnson, Dean Jackson, Alan Stratton, Dave
Stevenson, John McMullin, Charlie Warren, Shep Zedaker, Laura Bullard, Alan

Minutes of August 14, 2007 Board meeting were approved as written.

Directors’ & Officers’ Insurance: In Henry Leonard’s absence, Darla presented a
proposal from The Cincinnati Insurance Companies for $1 mil D&O liability coverage
for $750 annual premium. The Board asked Darla to contact Henry for a list of
what the policy specifically covers, and to contact Pulaski Co. attorney and staff to
clarify coverage under the County.

Financial Resource Report:
Income/Expense Report was approved as written.
General Fund: $29,998.04
Clean-up expenses 7/1/06-6/30/07: $14,749.72; since 7/1/07: $1,176.05
FOCL is paid up for its portion ($6700) of the Feasibility Study of the Aquatic
Ecosystem Restoration Project; Ronnie anticipates the next phase (Engineering
and Design) to be considered next spring.

Organizational Chart: Darla will email to Board members.

Inkind Reports from Board members needed.

Communications Report:
Membership letter results: 91 donations to date; 32 new members.

E-news: Dave Stevenson reported 240 subscribers. Templates are available for
a small monthly fee that provide a more professional look and simplify maintenance
of subscribers. The Board approved Dave’s further exploration of templates. Dave
will send E-news rough drafts to all Board members before sending out final drafts.

Neighborhood Captain Report: Dave Stevenson reported that his neighborhood
meets annually, and they are spending a lot of money to clean up debris that
continually washes into their cove. Discussion was held as to how to get approval
for a boom barrier they would like to use.

Clean-Up: The crew is leaving Peak Creek and is going to the State Park. It is going
well and 630 tons have been collected to date.

Drawdown: An email from Teresa Rogers of AEP proposed starting drawdown Nov
19, reaching 5′ by Nov 24, and starting refill on Dec 8, contingent on sufficient inflow.
The Board approved the dates.

The meeting was adjourned.


August 14, 2007

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Mike Spraker, Ranny
Akers, Dean Jackson, John Johnson, Larry Moore, Mike McLeod, Mary Rhoades,
John Toothaker, Shep Zedaker, Paul Caruso, Laura Bullard, John Copeland

Minutes of June 12, 2007, Board meeting were approved as written.

Boat Parade July 1, 2007, had a good turn out and went very well. Darla has
sponsor appreciation plaques and donation letters to be distributed by Board
members who solicited sponsorships.

Organizational Chart was developed and presented by John Toothaker based on
FOCL’s recent strategic planning. John was commended for his work.  He asked for
review and feedback..

Year End Report for year ending June 30, 2007, presented by Darla showed FOCL
in good financial shape having done better than budgeted, thanks, in large part to
the response to last year’s membership letter and State Park Festival donations.
The report was approved as written. 

Income/Expense Report was approved as written. General Fund:  $30,240.45
Community Foundation Report shows the Endowment at $18,630.

The 1200 membership letters sent this fiscal year resulted in 77 donations at an
average of $130/donation; there were 22 new member donations.  Discussion was
held regarding including boat owners who are not lake property owners in membership
mailings. Darla would like to explore investment of FOCL funds. Ronnie reminded the
Board that funds will be needed if the Ecosystem Restoration Project goes forward with
the next phase. 

Inkind Forms are requested by Darla for hours and services donated 7/1/06–6/30/07.

Boater Safety:  Dean Jackson provided copies of House Bill No 2374 which was passed requiring phasing in of boater safety education.

Wishing Well Donation of $145 by Shiloh Christian Churches Bible School was presented by Dean Jackson.

Hydrilla:  Mike Spraker reported that in mid July Skip Wiegersma treated for hydrilla using the herbicide Komeen at his place, the Fintel’s, Water Front Farms, Blackberry Ln and the State Park.  He stated the treatment was effective and hydrilla growth was less than prior years.

Clean Up:  Ronnie reported that a three man crew of employees is working with Gary
Roseberry.  They started at the dam and are now at Harry DeHaven; they collected 26
loads.  They will be going to the Park.

Drawdown:  Discussion was held regarding the timing and depth of drawdown this year. Laura Bullard was asked to contact Teresa Rogers with AEP for more information before the Board makes its recommendation at the next Board meeting.

Commendation:  On Shep Zedaker’s recommendation, Ronnie was commended for the quality of his presentation on FOCL to the District 8 Coast Guard summer meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.


June 12, 2007

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, John Johnson, Jeff
Arnold, Laura Walters, Alan Stratton, Mary Rhoades, Dean Jackson, Jackson
Beamer, Dave Collett, Lou Conner, Ken Conner, Judy Wolford, John Toothaker,
Larry Moore, Shep Zedaker, Dave Stevenson, Mike McLeod, Teresa Rogers, Ranny
Akers, Laura Bullard

Minutes of April 10 and May 8, 2007, Board meetings approved as written.

Priority Area Reports (Committees):
Financial Resources:  Income/Expense report approved as written.
General Fund:  $8,015.39
Approximately $800 in donations received during CLSP Festival, June 9.

Organizational Development:  Please put up boat parade fliers; contact Laura
Walters for more. More prizes need to be donated.  A meeting will be held at MK’s
Thursday, June 14, at 6:30 to discuss boat parade and Code of Ethics.

Environmental Resources Enhancement:
Clean up process:  A 2-man crew has been hired to work with Gary Roseberry;
they will start Friday, June 15, near the dam.

Communications, Education and Public Relations:
Remainder of Board meeting taken preparing membership letters for mailing.

Meeting adjourned.

July 10, 2007, Board meeting cancelled.


May 8, 2007

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Dean Jackson, John
Johnson, Mike Spraker, Alan Stratton, Laura Bullard, Teresa Rogers, Mike McLeod,
Krystal Kearns, John Toothaker, Dave Collett, Mary Rhoades, Dr. Carolyn Thomas

Minutes of April 10, 2007 Board meeting will be reviewed at next Board meeting. 

Ferrum College 2006 Water Quality Monitoring Report:  Dr. Carolyn Thomas
gave Claytor Lake an overall “good report card” for 2006 water quality.  E. coli
levels were below minimum state standards. The Trophic State Index (TSI), which
combines Chlorophyll A, Total Phosphorous and Seechi (visibility) Depth readings,
has increased slightly every year to 54.8 for 2006. According to Dr. Thomas
everyone is working to keep the TSI increasing at a natural rate and not have it
accelerated by human causes. 

Landowner and Fishermen Issues PowerPoint Presentation by John Toothaker
was reviewed by the Board. John asked for feedback and stated the finished product
will be presented to fishing clubs. Darla reported that printing 1,000 copies of the
Claytor Lake Guide will cost $326 and the Bass Federation will pay $250 of that cost.

New River Symposium will be held at Radford University May 31 through June 2
and there is one free admission available through FOCL for Thursday and Saturday.

Organizational Development, Code of Ethics Review:  Alan Stratton will work
with Dean Jackson to build on FOCL’s draft Code.

Financial Report: approved as written.

General Fund: $14,785.37

Other Business:  Armed Forces Day Celebration will be held at the State Park May
19 starting at 2:00.

The meeting was adjourned.


April 10, 2007

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Dean Jackson, Laura
Walters, Jeff Arnold, John Johnson, Wayne Alexander, Laura Bullard, Mary Rhoades,
Mike Spraker, Ranny Akers, Jackson Beamer, Mike Whitmore, Dave Stevenson,
Larry Moore, John Toothaker

Minutes of March 13, 2007, Board meeting were approved as written.

Strategic Plan has been emailed to everyone.  Ronnie stressed the importance of
committees working on their respective goals and objectives.

2007 New River Symposium at RU, May 31-June 2. Dr. Rick Van Noy provided
information and encouraged FOCL’s support and participation.  Board approved
sponsorship and exhibit for $500, to include registrations for 5: Darla, Laura W.,
Mary, Dave S., Ronnie.

Committee Reports:
Organizational Development:
Code of Ethics Review:  
Copies distributed by Dean who asked for reactions via
email.  Alan will be presenting his review to the Board at a later date.
Directors’ & Officers’ Insurance:  Darla will get Kent Welsh’s help completing the
application and submit for a quote.  Pulaski Co. insurance will cover FOCL events
which involve Miss Pulaski (e.g., boat parade).
Board of Directors:  Certificates of Appreciation will be given to members leaving
the Board:  Randy Tucker, Larry Bandolin, Gary Weddle.
Boat Parade Update: Sunday, July 1 @ 2 p.m.  New prize category changed to Best
Team Spirit. Donated prizes are requested; Dean will email a list of previous sponsors.
A budget is needed for decorating Miss Pulaski.  Committee will meet May 17 @ 7:00
at MK’s; everyone is invited to attend.  Inclusion of Miss Pulaski in Pulaski’s July 4th
parade was also discussed; all Board members and their families are encouraged to

Financial Resources Committee:  Darla reported $4,500 will be coming from the
County for clean-up; they will be hiring 3 people in addition to Gary Roseberry.
projected kick-off is May 15; all equipment has been repaired.

Financial Report:  approved as written.
General Fund:  $16,506.20
Endowment:  $18,630.00 as of 12/31/06.  Distribution of $640 anticipated in May;
Board needs to decide what to do with it.
Restricted Funds:  $9,600 for investment only.  Committee is looking at best way
to maximize return on the money.

Claytor Lake Guide to be printed; Bass Federation will reimburse half the cost and
distribute at bass tournaments.

Membership letter to go out in May will be written by Charles Warren.

Communications, Education and Public Relations Committee:  Laura W. reported
on the Clean Community Council which met last week; Ronnie did a nice presentation
on behalf of FOCL’s Road Committee.  The State Park Rd will be cleaned up one time a
week, spring to fall.  FOCL’s lake clean-up has been funded through the Clean Community Council’s budget.  A clarification of their budget is being worked on.

Environmental Resources Enhancement: Goals will be emailed to Board members.
Ferrum will do water quality monitoring presentation at May’s Board meeting.  Eight
applications have been received for 3 openings for clean-up; $9/hr; 90 days of work.

Other Business:

AEP relicensing work study update meetings will be held at AEP’s Pulaski Service
Center, May 16 and 17.

Coast Guard vessel examination:  initially April 21; followed by two per month.

Boater Safety classes:  Mary suggested information on them be included at FOCL’s
booth at the New River Symposium.

FOCL committees:  All Board members are expected to be on at least one committee; Ronnie also encouraged non-Board member participation on committees.

The Board then went into Executive Session.

New Board members approved by the Board:  John Toothaker, John Copeland and
Mike McLeod.

The meeting was adjourned.


March 13, 2007

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Jackson Beamer, Laura Walters, Jeff
Arnold, John Johnson, Mary Rhoades, Sherry Strenz, Dean Jackson, Dave Stevenson,
John Toothaker, Dave Collett, Henry Leonard, Bill Cunningham, Sheldon Matzie, Alan
Stratton, Laura Bullard, Mike Whitmore, Gary Ellerman, Elden Horton

Minutes of January 9, 2007, Board meeting were approved as written.

Executive Director’s Report:

Financial Report:  Approved as written

General Fund:  $17,001.11
The following upcoming events were brought to the Board’s attention:  3/16 Open
House at National Committee for the New River; 3/24 Boater Safety Class; 4/10-12
Environment Virginia Conference; Water Quality monitoring begins in May; 6/9 Claytor
Lake Festival (FOCL will have a booth); 4th of July Boat Parade (Committee needs to
meet).  A late fall ‘07/spring ’08 fundraiser was suggested; Board will take into
consideration.  Permission to restock FOCL shirts was granted by the Board.

Directors’ and Officers’ (D&O) Insurance Review by Henry Leonard of BB&T.
Nonprofits have some protection from suits, but D&O Insurance is advisable.  Premium
estimated at under $1500 for ∏ to $1 million coverage ($1,000 deductible).  Clean-up
is covered by Pulaski Co.  Board approved motion to complete D&O application to get
quote and policy to see what it covers; copy of County insurance policy also to be gotten to see how it covers FOCL.

Strategic Plan Review: Gary Ellerman has provided a draft from the Feb 11 retreat;
completion of Appendix C (identifying goals and objectives under each priority area)
will create strategic plan.  Ronnie requested that existing committees, which correspond with priority areas, identify respective goals and objectives at their next meetings.

Code of Ethics Review:  Alan Stratton affirmed the importance of a Code of Ethics; he will continue his review of FOCL’s proposed Code with the aide of a book he has ordered.

Board of Director Listing:  Inactive Directors will be called to ascertain their continued participation.

Clean Community Council was contacted by Laura Walters regarding cleaning up the
State Park Rd; they have agreed to do so.

Boater Safety Class needs a part-time instructor; contact Robert Blankenship.

US Coast Guard Auxiliary Boat Inspections is being headed up by Mike Whitmore;
dates April through Sept have been set and will be publicized.

New River Watershed Roundtable:  Laura Bullard has asked their support in securing grants for erosion control.

Environmental Resources Enhancement Committee:  Mary Rhoades distributed a list of goals suggested by the Committee and asked for review and feedback.

National Committee for the New River:Elden Horton introducedthe 30-year old
organization aimed at protecting the New River.

Meeting was adjourned.


Meeting was cancelled for February


January 9, 2007

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Ranny Akers, Robert Blankenship, Alan
Stratton, Dean Jackson, Shep Zedaker, Dave Stevenson, Gary Roseberry, Larry
Moore, Mary Rhoades, Dave Collett, Gary Ellerman, Mike Whitmore, Jeff Arnold,
John Johnson, Mike Spraker, John Copeland, Bill Cunningham, Laura Bullard

Minutes of November 14, 2006 Board meeting were approved as written.

Executive Director’s Report:
Financial Report:  Approved as written.
General Fund:  $12,801.73
Financial report for year ending June 30, 2006 prepared by Kent Welsh was
distributed and discussed.  Other than usual operating expenses, FOCL is
presently debt-free. 

VDGIF:  John Copeland with Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
presented on fish habitat.  Discussion was held as to how to mitigate lack of
cover in Claytor Lake.

New Board Members Robert Blankenship, Shep Zedaker, Larry Moore, Johnson
and Teresa Rogers were inducted. 

Board Retreat:  FOCL’s Strategic Plan and By-Laws will be reviewed with Dr.
Gary Ellerman as facilitator.  Tentative dates of Feb 11 or 18 selected.  Dave
Collett will check availability of new State Park center.

Gary Roseberry was presented with a FOCL t-shirt and monetary bonus in
recognition of his hard work and dedication to FOCL’s clean-up operation.

AEP:  Teresa Rogers announced that Relicensing Studies kick-off meetings will
be held Jan 24 and 25.  Consultants will go over studies and schedules.

Other Business:  Ronnie Powers asked the Board to be thinking of ways to
acknowledge the Bullard family for placing their property under conservation
easement.  Robert Blankenship announced that House Bill 1627 mandating
boater education is now before the Virginia legislature.  Shep Zedaker
suggested that, as part of Relicensing, FOCL encourage navigational marking
of the lake according to Coast Guard standards.

Meeting was adjourned.