2006 Minutes

November 14, 2006

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Alan Stratton, Mike Spraker, Dave
Collett, Mary Rhoades, Jackson Beamer, Carol Jackson, Ranny Akers, Laura
Walters, Jeff Arnold, Laura Walters, Sharon McGuire Dave Stevenson, Sherry
Vandyke, Bill Cunningham, Mike Whitmore, Teresa Rogers, Wayne Alexander,
John Johnson, Betty Johnson

Minutes of October, 2006 Board meeting were approved as written.

Financial Report:  approved as written. General Fund:  $23,663.87. $9,600.00
of the General Fund balance is restricted funds.

Committee Reports:
Membership: The committee is working on a Board Member Code of Ethics.
The board was given a copy and asked for comments and /or suggestions to
be emailed to Darla for discussion at the January meeting.
Education:  Laura Walters discussed the grant with Boat US for the safety
brochures and signage for all public boat ramps.
Clean-up: Gary Roseberry reported that 50 containers were removed from
the lake during clean up and discussed the equipment problems that we had
which caused delays in getting started.  Plans are to work on the equipment
through the winter so that we will be ready to go by June 1, 2007.  Ron Powers
said that we will revisit the work plan of our clean up model prior to the next

Robert Blankenship was appointed to represent FOCL in regard to VA Safe
Boating Alliance Bill.

Sherry McGuire asked if FOCL could somehow help with clean up of State Park
Road.  She and other businesses would be willing to help if FOCL could organize.
Ronnie suggested that a task force committee be appointed to address these
issues.  Sherry McGuire, Laura Walters, Ranny Akers and John Johnson agreed
to make up the task force.

Laura Walters agreed to represent FOCL on the Clean Community Council.

Meeting was adjourned.


October 10, 2006

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Dave Stevenson, Laura Walters, Jeff
Arnold, Larry Moore, Mary Rhoades, Alan Stratton, Laura Bullard, Dean Jackson,
John Johnson, Robert Blankenship, Mike Spraker, Joe Revard, Carolyn Revard

Minutes of September 12, 2006 Board meeting were approved as written.

Executive Director’s Report:
Financial Report approved as written. General Fund:  $16,292.03. Endowment:
$14,780. Total Value of 2006 Contributed Services (In-Kind):  $222,925. Income
expected:  $10,000 from State Park for clean-up. Disbursements expected:
$6,700 to Co. for Feasibility Study; $2,300 for water quality monitoring; $1,700
to Kent Welsh for financials. Donation from lake homeowner Brenda Turner of
$9,600, to be invested. Finance Committee will explore investment options and
make a recommendation to the Board.

November 14 Board meeting to be held at State Park’s new conference center.

Ferrum College’s Environmental Symposium Nov. 8, 9, 10; FOCL representatives

Boy Scouts:  Board representative Larry Moore gave a presentation on the
development of the Claytor Lake Aquatics and Adventure Base of the Blue Ridge
Mountains Council Reservation in Pulaski Co. The Aquatics Base Central Building
is expected to be completed by next spring. 

Membership:  Dean Jackson reported they are working on a Board member
Code of Ethics, and a community action plan.
Education:  Plans to meet November 1, 2006.

Clean-Up:  According to Ronnie Powers, we are “limping through” the end of
clean-up season, and the clean-up model has failed; meetings will be held this
winter to re-create a model that works.  When questioned about the impact of
lake relicensure on clean-up, Ronnie responded that FOCL is asking AEP to
consider creating an upstream catch-basin for debris as other reservoirs have

Board December meeting and Christmas Party will be held December 12.
The Board voted unanimously to go to MK’s on Claytor Lake Park Rd for buffet
dinner if it can be worked out by MK’s. The Board then went into Executive
Session to discuss membership. Following Executive Session, the Board voted
unanimously to seat RObert Blankenship and John Johnson on the Board. The
meeting was adjourned.


September 12, 2006

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Gary Roseberry, Alan Stratton, Shep
Zedaker, Dave Stevenson, Lou Conner, Ken Conner, Ranny Akers, Mike Whitmore,
Dave Collett, John Johnson, Jeff Arnold, Dean Jackson, Teresa Rogers, Joel Miller,
Robert Blankenship, Laura Bullard, Sonny Tarpley, Joyce Tarpley, Larry Moore

Minutes of August 8, 2006 Board meeting were approved as written.

Executive Director’s Report:  Budget Committee of Kent Welch, Ronnie Powers,
Bill Cunningham and Darla Jennings met and few changes were made from last
year; “Donations” category was changed to “Membership.”  Contributions resulting
from recent membership letter totaled $15,307.

Financial Report:  approved as written.

General Fund:  $16,418.12. Pulaski Co. is still owed for Ecosystem Restoration
Feasibility Study; and $400 is owed for “No Wake” signs. 

Membership Committee:  Dean Jackson reported they’d met twice since last
Board meeting.  The Committee recommended amending FOCL’s Strategic Plan
to add a Community Action Committee; motion was made and unanimously
approved.  New Committee will consist of representatives from lake communities
who will serve as contacts to disseminate lake and FOCL information, and help
in organizing communities. 

Bass Federation Nation:  Conservation Director Robert Blankenship introduced
his national organization, which includes 2,000 tournament fishermen in Virginia.
He noted common goals and concerns with FOCL and the benefits of a closer
relationship with the lake, residents and FOCL.  They are looking at grant funding
opportunities to enhance boater safety and habitat restoration; and will be working
with Shep Zedaker to mark the lake with buoys.  They can also assist FOCL with
the dissemination of information:  Gary Roseberry requested that Bass members
slow boats down around Miss Pulaski because of the danger of swamping her, and
the danger to workers in the water. 

Finance Committee:  Ronnie Powers reported that In-Kind contributions for the
year ending June 30, 2006, totaled $182,000, down from last year.  The Committee
also recommended that Executive Director, Darla Jennings, be given a raise from
$12/hr to $15/hr; motion was made and unanimously approved.

Lakeview Community:  Dave Stevenson reported that his homeowners association
would like to look into ways to prevent debris from collecting in their community’s
cove.  After discussion as to the merits and dangers of floating booms, the Board
moved and unanimously approved Lakeview’s going forward with a study and
subsequent report to the Board.

Scrapbook:  Lou and Ken Conner have created a scrapbook using FOCL material
from Laura Walters; continued contribution of material, new and historical, was

Boy Scouts:  Larry Moore, Boy Scout representative for FOCL’s Board, reported on
the construction of their Aquatic Camp center, to be completed by next summer.
He stated that 9,750 youth and adults participated in camp in Pulaski Co, which has
the largest Boy Scout Council Camp in the U.S.

Relicensing:  Teresa Rogers reported that public comments on the study plans are
due to FERC by Sept 18, with AEP’s revised study plans due to FERC Oct 18.  Revised
draft study plans can be seen at www.claytorhydro.com.

Dead Cow:  FOCL’s role in dealing with dead animals in the lake has yet to resolved.
Laura Bullard will pursue development of a voluntary contact list of livestock owners
on the lake, and report back to the Board.  

Drawdown:  Tentatively scheduled to begin Nov 20, with refill starting Dec 9.  Teresa
Rogers will confirm and make public announcement.

Meeting adjourned.


August 8, 2006

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Dave Stevenson, Joan
Stevenson, Mary Rhoades, Greg Rooker, Fran Rooker, Ken Conner, Lou Conner,
Shep Zedaker, Casie Kyle, Teresa Rogers, Ranny Akers, John Toothaker, Laura
Walters, Jeff Arnold, John Johnson, Mike Spraker, Laura Bullard

Material distributed:  poster for distribution:  “The New River Has Taken a Wrong
Turn Please Help Us Clean It Up.”  Brochures by DCR:  “Local Watershed Management
Planning in Virginia:  A Community Water Quality Approach;” and “A Virginian’s
Year-Round Guide to Yard Care.”  Card produced by FOCL for distribution: “10 Ways
to Have a Fun Safe Day on Claytor Lake.”  Also available:  “Virginia Watercraft Owner’s
Guide” by DGIF.

Minutes of June 13, 2006 Board meeting were approved with correction of Skip
Zedaker to Shep Zedaker.

Executive Director’s Report:  Membership letter sent out July 1 has resulted in
receipt of $14,682 in membership dues and $775 for Endowment from 81 donors. 

Financial Report:  approved as written.

General Fund:  $23,267.12

Newbern Fall Festival:  Following discussion, it was decided there is insufficient
interest to warrant setting up a FOCL booth.

Boat Parades:  Darla reported they went well.

Dead Cow:  Fran Rooker described their recent experience trying to dispose of a
dead cow in the lake.  Cow owner Laura Bullard stressed need to concentrate efforts
on first contacting owners, and suggested the development of a contact list of
livestock owners adjacent to the lake.  Following general discussion of what to do
with dead animals in the lake, the issue was passed on to Laura Walters and
Education Committee for follow-up, including a gathering of interested individuals
and agencies.  

Power Point Presentation:  Lures/Property Rights: developed and shown by
John Toothaker for Board review, is intended to enlist the aid of fishing clubs in
encouraging fishermen and boaters to respect lakefront owners and their properties.
John is also developing a brochure, “A Claytor Lake Guide,” listing lake resources
and amenities (locations of public bathrooms, etc.).  The Education Committee will
look at the best ways to disseminate this information.  Bill Cunningham also reported
that waterfront property owners can strengthen their property rights by leasing from
AEP those parts of their property (e.g. docks) which extend into AEP-owned areas.
Posting “No Trespassing” signs can also help, and trespassers can be charged. 

FERC/APCO Workgroups:  Teresa Rogers provided a schedule of important
relicensing dates, and a list of upcoming Study Plan Workgroups at AEP’s Pulaski
Service Center.  FOCL would like representatives at each of these groups. 

Board Development:  Dave Stevenson has restarted his neighborhood home
owners’ association in Lakeview, and has set up the association on Yahoo Groups
(“Lakeview Association”).  Dave was acknowledged as providing a blueprint for
having FOCL representatives in all neighborhood groups. 

Clean-up hasn’t started yet due to equipment repairs, but hopes to launch this
Thursday, August 10.  Approximately $5,000 is owed to Coltrane’s for work on
the platform.

Aquatic EcoSystem Restoration, Feasibility Phase, is still in progress according
to Beth Cade with the Corps of Engineers.  Ronnie has solicited donations from
his neighborhood toward FOCL’s contribution. 

Friends of Claytor Lake State Park is a new group being formed by Shep Zedaker
and Dave Collett to benefit the park

The Boy Scouts will be sending a representative to be on FOCL’s Board.  They will
also be donating $1,000 to FOCL.

Meeting Adjourned.


June 13, 2006

Present: Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Laura Bullard, Jeff
Arnold, Laura Walters, Alan Stratton, Mike Whitmore, Dave Stevenson, Ranny
Akers, Dave Collett, Dean Jackson, Skip Zedaker, John Johnson, Ken Connor,
Lou Connor, Charlie Warren, John Toothaker, Mary Rhoades

Minutes of May 9, 2006 Board meeting were approved with correction as
follows to New Business, Claytor Farm Concept Plan: “. . . The Plan was
presented to the Pulaski County Planning Commission tonight.”

Financial Report: approved as written. General Fund: $5,792.39. Endowment:
$15,892 reported by Foundation as of 12/31/05; $14,505 on Darla’s books.

Claytor Lake Festival was considered successful with improvements over last
year and lucrative donations to FOCL. Dave Collett reported a 30% increase
in vehicles over 2005.

John Johnson, lake property owner, presented concerns over fishing hooks on
his property because of the danger to his grandson and dogs, and requested
FOCL’s assistance. John Toothaker, another property owner, also cited
examples of fishermen not respecting his property. Ensuing Board discussion
considered it an educational issue with possible legal implications since it
may be trespassing. Alan Stratton will look into the legalities of it. The
Education Committee was asked to consider the issue, including checking
DGIF’s and AEP’s positions.

Committee Report:
Membership: he annual boat parade is July 2. Posters are available and
sponsors have been gotten. It needs to be publicized. The Committee has also
decided to more actively seek and keep track of membership and Laura Walters
has drafted a membership application. Charlie Warren has taken on revenue
enhancement as a part of Membership and has drafted a letter to include with
the application which provides FOCL facts and requests support. A motion was
made and unanimously approved by the Board to accept the letter, fact sheet
and membership form, and discussion was held as to ways of getting this
information out including through mailings and distributions through
neighborhoods and campgrounds.

Clean-up: AEP has the conveyor at Smith Mountain Lake for repairs. HT
Bowling is working on flotation devices for the conveyor. The bottom of the
platform has rusted out. Anticipated start of clean-up is early next month,
with the Park early on the list. After discussion, it was decided it would
be good PR to have Miss Pulaski in the 4th July Town Parade, and perhaps
invite boat parade winners to participate.

The Board then went into Executive Session to discuss Board membership and
Board Development Committee issues.

Following Executive Session the meeting was adjourned.


May 9, 2006

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Alan Stratton, Mike Spraker, Dave Collett,
Mary Rhoades, Jackson Beamer, Dean Jackson, Ranny Akers, Laura Walters, Jeff
Arnold, Dave Stevenson, Chris Pearson, and from Ferrum College: David Johnson,
Stephanie Gillispie, Carolyn Thomas, Julia Bishop

Minutes of April 11, 2006 Board meeting were approved as written.

Financial Report:  approved as written. General Fund:  $7,473.79. Anticipated
disbursements:  $1,750 to Kent Welsh, Accountant; $500 to Shop-eez for 2005
cleanup; $6,700 to Pulaski County for FOCL’s share of the Corps of Engineers
Feasibility Study; $3,600 to GMCO Maps; $600 to 11West. Endowment Fund:

FOCL financial situation discussed including brain-storming of funding sources; Laura
Walters suggested a concerted membership drive; discussion of number of lakefront
property owners; percentage of stakeholders that contribute to FOCL—{of the 1469
stakeholders in the FOCL database; only 47 have given in 2006 (3.2%). The most ever
given was 100 in 2004 or 6.8%.}Kent Welsh has prepared our financial statements
and copies were handed out to each Board member to be reviewed and discussed at
the June Board Meeting

Re-licensing:  Our letter to FERC stating our position on re-licensing issues was
submitted on time. It was noted how difficult it was to submit the letter online and
was mentioned that that difficulty could be a deterrent to communicating to FERC.
Alan was commended along with Bill, & Laura for their excellent and thorough work
regarding the letter.

Water Quality Study Presentation was made by Ferrum College. Some highlights
from the presentation:  10th year of this study (began in 1996)—Phosphorous,
Chlorophyll A, Clarity (through Secci depth) measured at 12 sites along lake—E
Coli levels are measured at 6 sites—1.6m avg secci depth—closer to dam, less
phosphorous—Ecoli is the new bacteria measure—the New River and Claytor Lake
are classified by DEQ as Impacted Virginia Waterways but note 75-80% of all
Virginia waterways are classified as impacted.

Discussed the validity of volunteer water sample collection workers. Conclusion from
Ferrum Representatives:  though perhaps initially frowned upon, the practice is now
accepted and encouraged; volunteers are adequately trained and used for appropriate
jobs, do a very thorough job and a volunteer program promotes stewardship and cost

There is an Environmental Symposium at Ferrum College November 8-10, 2006. We
were encouraged to attend–especially Thursday, November 9th when volunteer
workers would be recognized.

Claytor Lake Festival, June 10:  Discussion was held regarding staffing the FOCL booth,
and it was noted that the next Board meeting will be after the Festival.

Committee Reports:
Education:  We have 200 50’ rule signs; FOCL logo stickers still need to be applied to
them; they will be sold for $15/each as a fundraiser (cost $5). The brochure promoting
boater safety will most likely be put out for the boating season of 2007. We discussed
how to sell these signs and will mostly rely on individual sales.
Membership:  Meeting immediately after the Board meeting to discuss the July 2nd
boat parade.
Clean-up: Trustees have been assigned so we will be able to start on time, May 15th.
AEP is refurbishing conveyor for us under Gary Roseberry’s direction. We may be in
one of the best positions we have been in in a long time for Lake Clean-up with the
on-time start date and with the lake in relatively good shape due to no recent
high-water events. We are planning to start at Harry Dehaven Park and work our
way to the dam and back.

New Business
Claytor Farm Concept Plan. The Board was made aware of a proposed development
plan for a retreat along the north bank of the lake just down river from Lowman’s
Ferry Bridge. The Plan was presented to the Pulaski County Board of Supervisors tonight.

Meeting was adjourned.


April 11, 2006

Present:  Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Jackson Beamer, Ranny
Akers,  Teresa Rogers, Alan Stratton, Dean Jackson, Dave Stevenson, Charlie Warren,
Mary Rhoades, Dave Collett, Litt Furr, Laura Bullard

Minutes of March 14, 2006 Board meeting were approved as written. Financial Report:
approved as written General Fund:  $8,796.96

Anticipated disbursements:  accounting bill $1,500; balance due on water quality
testing $1,100; balance due on Feasibility Phase $6,395; maps ordered $3,600; bonus
for Gary Roseberry.

Endowment Fund:  $14,505.00   A financial statement has been received from the
Community Foundation.  The fund is fully funded now, and a $640 dividend is expected.
It will be the Board’s decision what to do with the dividend.

Maps:  An additional 1,000 are being printed at a cost of $3,600. Dean Jackson should
receive them within the next 2 weeks.

Calendar:  Darla provided list of upcoming activities April-July, and requested volunteers
all day for FOCL’s booth at Claytor Lake Festival June 10, starting with set-up at 8 a.m.
July Boat Parade will be July 2, with registration 11-1 and parade at 2.

2004-2005 Financial Report and Water Quality Testing:  Speakers were not
present; no reports given.

Committee Reports:  Water Quality Committee:  Reminder by Mary Rhoades that
she and Larry Bandolin met with Mike McLeod of DEQ and Dr. Johnson of Ferrum to
identify testing sites that would not overlap.

Issues & Concerns for FERC: Recent FERC scoping meetings were reviewed with
primary issues identified as aesthetics, sedimentation, erosion, and project vs.
nonproject lands.  Schedule of upcoming relicensing deadlines provided including
submission of comments and study requests by May 6, 2006, study plan hearing
on July 20, 2006, and study group formation.  Important issues and studies
identified at recent special FOCL Board meetings were further discussed. Alan
Stratton will incorporate comments, study concerns and issues into a FOCL letter
to FERC by May 6 deadline.

New Business:  Ronnie is sending a letter to the Scouts requesting annual financial
support and a representative to serve on FOCL’s Board.   Shep Zedaker is interested
in being a Board member and was unanimously approved by the Board to be installed.
Additional Board members will be sought by the Board Governance Committee from
DGIF (John Copeland), Isaac Walton League, DEQ, Soil and Water Conservation, and

Clean-Up:  FOCL has initiated request for trustees to work this year.

Roanoke Times article:  Discussion was held about April 10 article which states
Claytor Lake is contaminated with PCB’s and advises against eating the fish. 

Meeting was adjourned.


March 14, 2006

Present: Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Alan Stratton, Mike Spraker, Dave
Collett, Teresa Rogers, Mary Rhoades, Mike Whitmore, Jackson Beamer, Laura
Bullard, Bill Cunningham, Dean Jackson, Ranny Akers, Laura Walters, Jeff
Arnold, Shep Zedaker

Minutes of February 14, 2006 Board meeting were approved as written.

Financial Report: approved as written. General Fund: $14,310.24 (includes
FOCL’s share to be paid toward Feasibility Phase) Endowment: $14,505.00

Corps Public Meeting: Further discussion was held.

Bylaw review: Assisted by Alan Stratton, Board reviewed and discussed
Bylaws relative to Board Member inactivity and resignation. General
consensus was that all of the Bylaws should be reviewed by committee. Darla
Jennings and Alan Stratton volunteered to participate in the review.

Federal funding in amount of $65,000 for Aquatic Restoration Project
Feasibility Phase is being requested by Corps of Engineers. FOCL worked with
Pulaski County to write letters of support to legislators Rick Boucher, John
Warner and George Allen, asking for their lobbying support.

Claytor Lake Festival, June 10: Discussion was held regarding setting up
barge with fireworks.

US Coast Guard Auxillary Flotilla 83: Operations Officer, Shep Zedaker,
described the Auxiliary’s increased presence and capabilities on the lake,
including operations 12 hours/day every weekend, Memorial Day to Labor Day;
and free boater safety classes and checks and towing and rescue. Contact
information will be provided.

Committee Reports:
Education: 50′ rule signs have been made and are waiting for FOCL logo
stickers; they will be sold for $15/each as a fundraiser. A brochure draft
listing boater safety rules was circulated.

Drawdown: Teresa Rogers reported that AEP in conjunction with DGIF has set
drawdown to begin this year on Nov 20, with refill beginning Dec 9, weather
and water supply permitting. Drawdown of 5′ should be reached by Nov 25.

Relicensing: AEP’s preapplication document is available for review at
www.claytorhydro.com. FERC has scheduled local meetings April 5 and 6 to
invite public comment. Public written comments and study requests are due
to FERC by May 6. Study plans will be proposed by AEP and issued by FERC,
followed by formation of study work groups consisting of stakeholders.
Ronnie suggested FOCL develop written comments for submission to FERC by May
6. A special Board meeting was called for Mar 21 to discuss same.

Meeting was adjourned.


February 14, 2006

Present: Ron Powers, Darla Jennings, Alan Stratton, Dave Stevenson, Mary
Rhoades, Brian Watson, Bill Kittrell, John Copeland, Dave Collett, Laura
Bullard, Mary Lopez, Teresa Rogers, Dean Jackson, Laura Walters, Jeff
Arnold, Alex Rygas

Minutes of January 10, 2006 Board meeting were approved as written.
Financial Report: approved as written. General Fund: $15,124.39. Endowment
Fund: $14,255.00

Executive Director’s Report: Opinion of Corps’ Public Meeting (1/21/06):
Darla will forward Larry Bandolin’s email to other Board members; further
discussion tabled until next Board meeting.

Board Member Question: Garrett Weddle, who is presently unable to be active
as Board member, asked Darla if he should be taken off the Board; Alan
Stratton will review Bylaws for guidance.

FOCL’s In-kind: Darla has submitted report to Corps showing $11,869.40 in
matching in-kind toward Eco-System Restoration Project Feasibility Study.

Newsletter Printing: Board approved Darla’s printing additional copies of
newsletter on her printer.

Claytor Lake Festival: will be one day, on June 10.

Mussel Study Report: Brian Watson reported the mussel study conducted at
last drawdown was a quick study to get idea of trend of impact of drawdown.
Of those mussels flagged and numbered at six sites (Bullard, Walters/Arnold,
Mallard Point, Furr, Bandolin and Spraker); mortality was high with the
majority of mussels (55.5%) not found, which Brian attributed to predation.
Brian concluded the drawdown does impact the mussels, though determining the
percent of mussels impacted will require further study. He reported drawdown
timing doesn’t seem to matter since predation was a bigger factor than
temperature in mussel mortality; and he recommended minimizing drawdown
impact by decreasing depth (5′ is better than 8′), and frequency (every
other year is better than every year).

AEP: Teresa Rogers will bring to next Board meeting an outline of timing
with regard to relicensing and studies, including a timeline for an official
study of drawdown. She recommended that FOCL hold off on doing a survey of
landowner use of drawdown.

Committee Reports: Education: Cheri Strenz is having 50′ rule signs made,
using her own money. Membership: Board members are to keep their contributor
call list contact sheets, and send contact information updates to Dave
Stevenson. Dave encouraged FOCL’s serving as a rallying point around which
lake communities can organize, including “Community Captains” and webpage

New Business: The Board approved holding the annual July 4th boat parade on
Sunday, July 2.

Meeting was adjourned.


January 10, 2006

Present: Ronnie Powers, Darla Jennings, Charlie Warren, Paul Caruso, Teresa
Rogers, Dean Jackson, Dave Stevenson, Laura Walters, Jeff Arnold, Ranny
Akers, Jackson Beamer, Mike Spraker, Bill Cunningham, Laura Bullard, Mary
Rhoades, Larry Bandolin

Minutes of December 13, 2005 Board meeting were approved as written.
Financial Report: Approved as written. General Fund: $741.18. Darla will
ask the County to allow FOCL to pay its portion of the Ecosystem Restoration
Feasibility Study in installments.

Smith Mountain Lake Association is looking for a FOCL representative to help
them work on a legislative agenda regarding boater safety issues at Smith
Mountain. Jackson Beamer volunteered.

Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration public meeting January 21 at NRCC. Darla has
publicized it through local media. The meeting will provide a progress
report on the Feasibility Study and ask for public input. Board members are
encouraged to participate beginning at noon with set-up.

Mussel Report: Brian Watson will report at the next Board meeting. Larry
Bandolin reported generally high mortality of mussels, due mostly to
predation. He considered the study to be qualitative rather than
quantitative, and stated that more study needs to be done before a
conclusion can made about the affect of drawdown on the mussels.

AEP Re-licensing: Teresa Rogers reported that AEP is proceeding with its
re-licensing application process for Claytor Lake with the Federal
Regulatory Commission (FERC). April 6 is the approximate date of the first
scoping meeting where stakeholders will have an opportunity to share
concerns and issues that need to be addressed. More information can be
found at www.claytorhydro.com

Contributor Contact by Board: A script developed by the Membership
Committee to say “thank you” to FOCL contributors was presented and approved
by the Board. Darla distributed contributor names and contact information
and sheets to Board members present. Contact is to be made ASAP and
information sheets are to be turned in to Dean Jackson at the public meeting
January 21.

Meeting was adjourned.