2005 Minutes

November 8, 2005

Present: Ron Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Mike Whitmore, Alan
Stratton, Mary Rhoades, Dave Stevenson, Laura Bullard, Ranny Akers, Dave
Collett, Wayne Alexander, Dean Jackson, Laura Walters, Jeff Arnold, Jackson
Beamer, George Martin

Minutes of October 11, 2005 Board meeting approved as written. Financial
Report: Approved as written. General Fund: $5,622.89 Contributed Services
(Inkind) through June 30, 2005. Discussion of hours captured to date with
suggestions of additional contributions that might count toward inkind for
2005 and 2006.

Map: George Martin, publisher of latest FOCL map, was present to discuss
changes to current map. Following discussion of various options, motion was
passed to order for delivery by March 1, 2006, 1000 folded, waterproof maps
incorporating identified corrections. Mr. Martin will contact FOCL in August
2006 to discuss producing the map digitally, allowing for more significant

Committee Meetings: Membership, Nov 10, 7:00 at El Ranchero, Dublin.
Education, Nov 17, 7:00 at Laura Walter’s & Jeff Arnold’s

Mussel Report: Brian Watson has flagged mussels at several sites as part of
his study of the affect of the drawdown on the mussels. He will report the
results of his study at a future FOCL meeting.

Contributor Contact List: Ron Powers would like Board members to contact all
those who have contributed money to FOCL to thank them and solicit their
comments about the issues facing the lake. The Membership Committee will
develop a telephone script. Laura Walters and Dave Stevenson will provide a
list of contributors.

Clean-up Report: Clean-up from the lake finished one week early due to low
lake levels, with a total of 115 roll-offs (1750 tons) of debris collected
this year. Ron Powers suggested a bonus for Gary Roseberry of $500.

December Dinner, Dec 13, 2005: Site will be determined and Board members
will be notified by email. Dinner will be dutch with the exception of
special invitees.

AEP Representative: Teresa Rogers will be replacing Wayne Alexander on
FOCL’s Board.

Meeting was adjourned.


October 11, 2005

Present: Ron Powers, Darla Jennings, Jackson Beamer, Larry Bandolin, Mary
Rhoades, Dave Stevenson, Laura Walters, Jeff Arnold, Ranny Akers, Dean
Jackson, Wayne Alexander, Frank Simms, Mike Whitmore, Mike Spraker, Bill
Cunningham, Dave Collett, Laura Bullard, John Copeland, Bill Kattrell,,
Brian Watson, Dr. Dick Neves, Chasity Stevens

Minutes of September 13, 2005 Board meeting approved as written. Financial
Report: Approved as written. General Fund: $2,175.85

Drawdown: Presentations on freshwater mussels by Dr Dick Neves, VT, and
Brian Watson, DGIF; followed by discussion of pros, cons and options for
drawdown. Frank Simms, AEP Hyrdro Support Manager, and Bill Kattrell, DGIF,
agreed to two week, five foot drawdown beginning Oct 31. Brian Watson to
study affect on mussels; FOCL to ascertain amount of shoreline work done by
property landowners during drawdown.

Claytor Lake Organizational Handout: Ron Powers tasked Board members with
creating organizational chart of Claytor Lake partners.

Committee Reports: Education is working on “50′ Rule” sign; Membership
needs to meet; no report from Water Quality.

New Business: New River Blue Way will be reported on at subsequent Board

Meeting adjourned.


September 13, 2005

Present: Ron Powers, Darla Jennings, Bill Cunningham, Laura Walters, Jeff
Arnold, Mike Spraker, Dave Stevenson, Dave Collett, Mike Whitmore, Laura
Bullard, Wayne Alexander, Alan Stratton

Minutes for August 9, 2005, Board meeting were approved as submitted.

Financial Report: Approved as submitted. General Fund: $4,533.91 Endowment
Fund: $13,690.00

Executive Director Report: FOCL will not be able to apply for a water
quality grant through DEQ because we do not sample during the winter. A
quality assurance plan is also required in order to apply for a DEQ grant;
Dr Johnson from Ferrum will prepare a plan by December. Canaan Valley
denied FOCL’s grant request to fund a full-time executive director.

Committee Reports: Education met 9/6 and recommends creating “50 foot no
wake” signs, and fliers summarizing safety rules; they would also like to
meet with DGIF, Pulaski Co, Sheriff’s office, State Police, AEP and Coast
Guard Auxiliary to address safety education and enforcement. Shoreline
Management guidelines will need to be considered with regard to signs.

Drawdown: Following discussion of Brian Watson’s recommendations for
protection of mussels, motion was made, seconded and passed with one
abstention and one opposing vote to recommend to AEP that drawdown begin Oct
31 and refill begin Nov 21. Another motion was made, seconded and
unanimously passed to inform DGIF that FOCL will comply with some of the
recommended changes this year, and to ask that DGIF conduct a study during
the drawdown to assess its effect on the mussels.

In-Kind: Totals are being determined for year ending June 30, 2005.

Mission Statement: Tabled.

Clean-up Report: Big Hole Hollow ramp has cost $10,600, with part of
construction donated by Dublin Developers. A total of 81 roll-off
containers equally 1,215 tons of debris has been removed from the lake,
despite getting started two months late. Ron Powers recommended paying a
bonus to Gary Roseberry who has been instrumental in the success of
clean-up; Ron will come back to the Board with a suggested amount.

Map: Mike Spraker presented changes suggested by the Map and Membership
Committees. The Map Committee will discuss the changes with map maker
George Martin and report back to the Board.

New Business: Laura Walters reported getting a complaint because FOCL’s
Board meeting minutes for the last two months haven’t been on the website.
She will check with Randy Tucker.

Meeting was adjourned.


August 9, 2005

Present: Ron Powers, Darla Jennings, Wayne Alexander, Mary Rhoades, Mike
Spraker, Alan Stratton, Larry Bandolin, Ranny Akers, Dean Jackson, Laura
Walters, Jeff Arnold, Bill Cunningham, Dave Collett, Willlie Richardson, Laura
Bullard, Cheri Strenz

Minutes: None were submitted as there was no Board meeting in July.
Financial Report: approved as presented. General Fund: $10,180.73 Endowment
Fund: $13,690.00

Executive Director’s Report: In-kind forms are needed ASAP. Wachovia Payroll
Services were set up in anticipation of FOCL paying clean-up crew, but were
discontinued due to prohibitive costs. DEQ funds are available for water
quality grant. Darla Jennings will work with Dr. David Johnson of Ferrum to
write and submit grant application by August 29 deadline. Larry Bandolin
will clarify next year’s water monitoring sites with Dr. Johnson. The
decision was made to not participate in Newbern’s Fall Festival this year.
FOCL is almost out of maps. The total purchase price of maps was $4,079, and
the total income for sales 7/1/04 to date has been $4,203.85. The Map
Committee will make changes to the map and submit it to George Martin this
fall for delivery of updated maps by March 1, 2006.

Hydrilla: Mike Spraker reported that a first treatment for hydrilla was
administered three weeks ago along approximately 6,000′ of shoreline on the
upper end of the lake. Several lakefront owners contracted together with
Skip Wiegersma of Aquatic Nuisance Plant Control. Total cost was $5,700
(less than $1 per foot). The hydrilla was gone within 36 hours, and Mike was
well pleased with the service provided by Skip and Co. Plans are to treat
again next year.

Committee Reports: Membership will meet with the Map Committee on 8/25 at 7
pm at Laura Walter’s and Jeff’s Arnold’s.

Clean-up: Finding trustees has been problematic this year, though currently
there are two working with Gary Roseberry. The State Park has requested
help with clean-up. A ramp at Big Hole Hollow is being constructed (part for
free by Dublin Developers), which will provide a debris drop-off site more
convenient to the lower end of the lake.

Mission Statement: Ron Powers asked Board Members to review the statement,
which is considered wordy, for possible revision. (“The Friends of Claytor
Lake is dedicated to conserving and protecting the Quality, sustainability
and tranquility of the environment of Claytor Lake for all.”)

Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Phase has begun. The Boy Scouts
have been invited to become a partner in local funding.

Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance for FOCL’s Board is being explored by
Bill Cunningham.

Sign Proposal: Cheri Strenz, lakefront owner, brought up safety issue of
boats passing too close to docks, endangering swimmers. The law requires 50′
clearance. She is willing to go to sign company, and put $500 into project
of having signs made for posting by dock owners, informing boaters of the
law. She suggested this as a fund raiser for FOCL. The suggestion was
turned over to the Education Committee.

Siltation: Ron Powers and Jeff Arnold reported on their flight up river to
Fries, which showed that silt is coming into the lake from a number of
different sources. The New River Watershed Roundtable is also looking into
the issue of run-off.


June 14, 2005

Present: Ron Powers, Darla Tucker, Bill Cunningham, Dean Jackson, Garrett
Weddle, Dave Stevenson, Joan Stevenson, Alan Stratton, Jeff Arnold, Laura
Walters, Laura Bullard, Wayne Alexander, Ranny Akers, Willie Richardson,
Larry Bandolin, Andy Morikawa, Mike Spraker, Dave Collett, Jackson Beamer,
Mary Rhoades, Shelly Eastridge, Mike Whitmore

Minutes of 5/10/05 were accepted as written. Finance Report was approved.
General Fund Balance: $11,755.32

Endowment Update: Andy Morikawa, Executive Director of the Community
Foundation of the NRV, gave an overview of the Foundation and FOCL’s
participation. The Foundation currently has 80 funds totally $2.3 million in
assets. FOCL’s Agency Endowment Fund was endowed in 2004 when it surpassed
$10,000 and was included in the Foundation’s pool of investment funds.
Growth in 2004 was over 14%. The Foundation charges 1% for managing FOCL’s
fund and distributes annually 4.5% of that fund to FOCL, provided the amount
doesn’t invade the principal. Annually the Board will decide what to do with
the distribution.

Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Public Meeting: 6/21/05, 7 p.m., Rooker Hall,
NRCC. The Corps will present a history and overview of the restoration plan
to the public. FOCL has publicized the meeting extensively. All Board
members are encouraged to attend. A practice meeting will be held with the
Corps 6/16/05. A public signing of the Cost Share Agreement will be held
6/27/05 at 5 p.m. at Claytor Lake State Park. Pulaski Co will sign the
Agreement on behalf of itself and FOCL.

Committee Reports:

Membership-7/3 Boat Parade; judges: Ranny Akers, Pete Huber, Eddie Hale,
Bill Parker, Nancee Waugh. Following the parade, Miss Pulaski will be pulled
out of the water, cleaned up at the County shop (volunteers needed) and
entered in the 7/4 parade in Pulaski.
Water Quality-The first water samples have been taken from same locations as
in the past.

Clean-Up Report: Clean-up hasn’t started yet. Repairs are continuing on the
equipment, and there are no trustees available yet from the jail. Discussion
was held regarding hiring help. Darla Tucker has had people inquiring about
volunteering to help with clean-up. Ron Powers will check with Pete Huber
6/15 a.m. about getting help.

New Business: Dean Jackson proposed that FOCL sponsor a vessel exam day by
the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Motion was made, seconded and approved. Scheduled
for 7/16 from 10-2 at Harry DeHaven Park.

Meeting was adjourned.


May 10, 2005

Present: Ron Powers, Darla Tucker, Bill Cunningham, Jackson Beamer, Dean
Jackson, Mike Spraker, Ranny Akers, Alan Stratton, Laura Walters, Laura
Bullard, Dave Stevenson, Dave Collett, Wayne Alexander, Mike Whitmore, Mary
Rhoades, Bill Hurlebaus, Alice Hurlebaus

Minutes of 4/12/05 Board meeting were approved as written. Financial Report
was approved. General Fund Balance: $9,990.31

Endowment Update: Andy Morikawa will be at the June Board meeting.
Claytor Lake State Park clean up agreement: Dave Collett has initiated a
proposal that CLSP pay FOCL to clean up debris in park coves twice a year.
He anticipates funding will be approved.

Ecosystem Restoration Project: Feasibility Phase cost of approximately
$400,000 will be split 50-50 between federal and local sponsor (partners).
Four local partners identified: AEP, DCR, Pulaski Co and FOCL. Cost share
agreement must be signed with Corps and $75,000 cash from local partners
must be in escrow account by end of May. (Remaining local share of $115,776
will be covered by in-kind services.) FOCL’s cash share is $13,908, which
Pulaski Co will cover at present since FOCL does not currently have the
funds and FOCL can’t pay the money directly due to its 501c3 status. Motion
was made, seconded and passed with one dissenting vote that FOCL commit to
the payment of $13,908 to Pulaski County toward the Feasibility Phase of the
Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Project. Clean-up at CLSP, if it comes
through, will cover our cash commitment.

Committee Reports: Education needs to set a meeting date.

Membership: next meeting 5/17 at El Ranchero to finalize 4/3 Boat Parade

Water Quality: Larry Bandolin & Mary Rhoades met with Mike McLeod of DEQ who
assisted with getting access to DEQ data, and marked DEQ test stations on
FOCL map. They also met with David Johnson of Ferrum who marked Ferrum’s
test stations. About ∏ of stations are duplicated. Ferrum will adjust
station locations to avoid duplication.

Hydrilla Report: Treatment cost is beyond FOCL’s ability to pay, therefore
FOCL will make information and resources available to property owners in
case they wish to arrange for treatment themselves. FOCL will ask that
hydrilla problem be included in Ecosystem Restoration Project Feasibility
Phase study. If newspapers are alerted to hydrilla issue, they should be
directed to primary sources (experts, treatment companies) rather than
quoting FOCL.

Clean Up: Gary Roseberry will be back. Four trustees have been requested
from the Regional Jail. The bottom of the boat has been painted, and the
County is rehabing the truck and doing maintenance. Additional equipment
being considered is knuckle boom and two floatation platforms. The boat is
due in the water by 5/16. Landmark Builders is tentatively scheduled to
build a ramp at Big Hole Hollow in mid June.

Armed Forces Day concert at CLSP 5/21, 2-4 pm..

Darla Tucker, Executive Director, was recognized for her 5th anniversary of
service to FOCL, and the Board was reminded to NEVER TAKE HER FOR GRANTED.

Meeting was adjourned.


April 12, 2005

Present:  Ron Powers, Darla Tucker, Mike Spraker, Alan Stratton, Ranny Akers,
Artie Kasney, Wayne Alexander, Paul Caruso, Laura Bullard, Dave Stevenson,
Dean Jackson, Larry Bandolin

Announcements:  Cannonball Stafford and Gerry Fain passed away. 

Minutes of 3/8/05 meeting were approved with a correction to the spelling of
Ranny Akers’ name.

Financial Report was approved.

General Fund Balance:  $10,378.21

AEP has donated $4,000 toward clean-up and $4500 toward water quality.

Environment Virginia 2005 Conference:  Darla attended 4/10-12 at VMI.
Her report will be forthcoming.  Canaan Valley Institute paid her $75 registration.
A motion was made and passed for FOCL to pay $133 for her lodging.

Park Funding:  Claytor Lake State Park will get a total of 3 new employees.

Membership Committee has started working on the boat parade for 7/3.
A boater safety class will be held 4/30. 

Hydrilla Committee has formed but hasn’t met yet. They would like coverage
of hydrilla in the newspapers.

Water Quality Review:  Larry Bandolin and Mary Rhoades will see Mike McLeod
of DEQ to look at their data base and see where they are testing.

Aquatic Ecosystem Project:  The Technical Advisory Committee will meet 4/26.

FOCL April 2005 newsletters were prepared for mailing.

The meeting was adjourned.


March 8, 2005

Present:  Ron Powers, Darla Tucker, Bill Cunningham, Mike Spraker, Dean Jackson,
Dave Stevenson, Alan Stratton, Laura Walters, Jeff Arnold, Wayne Alexander, Larry
Bandolin, Garrett Weddle, Laura Bullard, Mary Rhoades, Mike McLeod, John Copeland,
Dave Johnson, Ron Coake

Board Member Update:  Cannonball Stafford is still in Pulaski Hospital. Rannie Akers
had surgery at the VA Hospital today.

Minutes of February 8, 2005, Board meeting were accepted as written.

Financial Report was approved.

General Fund Balance:  $3139.72  (One-half of water quality bill is yet to be paid.)

Newsletter is not ready yet due to waiting for articles.  Darla Tucker requested a
committee to go over draft when is it ready so as not to have to wait until the next
Board meeting to get it approved.

Endowment Fund:  Andy Morakowa of NR Community Foundation will review the
Fund with the Board at the next meeting.

Claytor Lake maps: approximately 500 left.

Environment Virginia 2005 Conference:  Darla Tucker received a scholarship
from the Canaan Valley Institute to attend.

Hydrilla Report:  Larry Bandolin with Mary Rhoades followed up Larry’s e-mail
report on treatment options to reiterate that there are few options other than
non-specific chemical control, which can adversely affect the environment. Mike
Spraker has covered a portion of the lake bottom with filter fabric to see how that
works.  Ron Powers has gotten a third quote for treatment from Kevin Tucker of
Virginia Beach, which is in line with the other two quotes ($100,000/yr for two
treatments).  The Hydrilla Committee will get together to review questions and
issues.  It was suggested that FOCL serve as a source of information only and
not make recommendations as to treatment, or attempt to raise money for
treatment, leaving that to property owners/communities. 

Water Quality Review:  Dr. Dave Johnson with Ferrum’s water testing (Life
Science Division) stated that FOCL’s monitoring, which started in 1996, has been
a good program but conceded it may have run its course.  In general water
quality has deteriorated, with the exception of 2004 when the quality was
similar to 1996 levels.  Mike McLeod with Dept of Environmental Quality reported
they test water one time per month from six stations (all below the bridge), April
through October.  Discussion revolved around the question of why FOCL is
collecting data, and whether to continue.  Darla Tucker pointed out that FOCL’s
501©3 status is tied to doing quality monitoring.  A motion was made and passed
that current water quality collection and testing be continued this year, and that a
committee be formed to consider modifications to future monitoring.  Larry
Bandolin will chair committee; Mary Rhoades volunteered to participate, and
representatives from DEQ and Ferrum were recommended as additional members.

Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration: In-kind list is still being evaluated.  Next Technical
Advisory Committee meeting is March 29.

Claytor Lake State Park activities: Earth Day, April 23; Mary Rhoades is helping
organize; FOCL information will be made available. For Armed Forces Day, May
21, bands are scheduled to play. FOCL’s Boat Parade will be July 3.

The meeting was adjourned.


January 11, 2005

Present:  Ron Powers, Darla Tucker, Jeff Arnold, Laura Walters, Laura Bullard,
Mike Spraker, Garrett Weddle, Wayne Alexander, Dave Stevenson, Mike Whitmore,
Ranny Akers, Cannonball Stafford, Alan Stratton, Dave Collett, Pete Huber, Mary

New Board Members seated:  Alan Stratton, Wayne Alexander, Dave Collett,
Larry Bandolin (in absentia)

New Officers seated:  Jackson Beamer (in absentia), Vice President, Laura
Bullard, Secretary

Minutes of December 14, 2004 Board meeting were approved as written.

Financial Report was approved.

General Fund Balance:  $6,949.31

Endowment Fund:  Mrs. Nancee Waugh has contributed another $5,000, putting
the total in the Fund at $12,100.  The Fund can now begin earning interest as an
active endowment.   Questions arose as to how the Fund is being invested, how
best to maximize return and whether to put the interest back into the Fund.  It
was suggested that the Board review the contract with the New River Community
Foundation.   Darla Tucker will ask Andy Morakowa of the Foundation to attend
the next FOCL Board meeting.  It was suggested that all Board members contribute
some amount to the Endowment.

Grants:  The request for $4300 in grant money from CE Richardson to cover water
quality testing for 2005 was denied.  There is a need to find funding. Dave Collett
suggested the Isaak Walton League as a grant source.

Request for Support:  Dave Collett requested FOCL’s support in getting adequate
operating funds through Virginia’s General Assembly for new facilities being built at
Claytor Lake State Park beginning March 2005.  Currently there are no operating
funds allocated.  A motion was passed to send a letter under FOCL letterhead in
support of operating funds for both Claytor Lake and New River Trail State Parks.
Individuals were also encouraged to send letters and e-mails to legislators within
the next couple weeks. 

Committee Structure: Discussion was held about revitalizing FOCL’s four
committees:  Board Development, Communications and Education, Resource
Enhancement, and Membership.  Currently Membership is the only active
committee.  Committees can include non-Board members, thereby involving
more people in FOCL.  It was suggested that having the committees report at
Board meetings would encourage accountability.   Laura Walters is developing
a PowerPoint presentation to use in promoting FOCL.  It was suggested that
one FOCL representative in each neighborhood (“Neighborhood Captains”) be

Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Update: The Technical Advisory Committee
met today; $195,000 must be raised (includes in-kind) for the Feasibility Phase.
Commitments must be in place by spring.  Funding will be sought through State
Legislature, and Boucher.  The entire cost of the project is estimated at $195,000.
The next Technical Advisory Committee meeting will be Feb 1, 2005.

FOCL’s Newsletter, which has a distribution of 1400, will be drafted in February.
Suggested items were: letter to Legislature in support of State Park operating
funds; FOCL’s e-news; calendar of upcoming lake events; clean-up summary;
invitations to renew memberships, join committees and become “Neighborhood
Captains; and updates on hydrilla and ecosystem restoration.

Hydrilla:   Last week Skip Wiegersma of Aquatic Nuisance Plant Control and crew
with Ron Powers viewed affected areas from a boat.  Skip will send breakdown of
options for treatment.  A hydrilla subcommittee (Ron, Dana & Mike Spraker, Diane
Whitehead) will review the information.  Funding for treatment must decided by the
first treatment date in mid-June (grants, the County or individual contracts)

Shirts can be ordered through Darla Tucker. Bill Cunningham is having hip surgery 1/14/05.

The meeting was adjourned.