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Claytor Lake
FOCL Clean Up Day-2015-32

The 2015 All Lake Clean Up got started dodging weather as Claytor Lake was plagued by showers on Saturday and cooler temperatures and wind on Sunday. The Friends of Claytor Lake kept at it getting volunteers both by land and water to help collect trash floating along the shoreline and in the water. Tires, plastic bottles, styrofoam, diapers, cigarette butts, and more were all collected and put in dumpsters provided by Pulaski County for disposal.

Mountain 2 Island Paddleboard Company also got involved in the evening during calmer waters collecting trash in the upper part of Claytor Lake.

FOCL Clean Up Day-2015-02

There were 3 locations to drop off trash from volunteers and boaters.

  • Claytor Lake State Park Boat Ramp
  • Harry DeHaven Park Boat Ramp
  • Shop-Eez Boat Ramp


The Friends of Claytor lake were able to collect:

  • 45 bags of trash
  • 9 large blocks of styrofoam
  • 1 raft
  • 1 basketball
  • 2 plastic chairs
  • 2 large buckets
  • and a toaster oven.



claytor lake

Claytor Lake

The 2015 Claytor Lake Festival got kicked off with great weather and great attractions.  The Friends of Claytor Lake showcased all of our current projects to visitors including installing Fish Habitat, Clean Up, Native Vegetation project, Boater Safety, and our brand new Claytor Lake map, which you can purchase HERE.

Mrs. Virginia Andrea Crigger was on hand to welcome people into the FOCL booth as well as the United States Coast Guard who performed 2 great water rescue exercises for the festival crowd just off the beach at the Claytor Lake State Park.

claytor lake

Izaak Walton League meeting-06

Last night the Claytor Lake chapter of the Izaak Walton League were gracious enough to invite The Friends of Claytor Lake to their grounds for our June Board Meeting. We had a great time talking with members from the league about projects we have on Claytor Lake. Izaak Walton League president Russell Alls talked about the good that FOCL is doing for lake residents and wanting to team up with the league to further the cause of keeping Claytor Lake beautiful for everyone.

claytor lake


claytor lake

claytor lake

Today the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Conservation Police Department, Claytor Lake State Park, Virginia’s Wounded Warrior Program, Pulaski County, Southeastern Bassmasters, and The Friends of Claytor Lake.

Veterans were treated to a morning of boat rides, fishing, and great food as we all thanked them for their service to our nation and the sacrifices they made.


AEP, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, Pulaski County, and The Friends of Claytor lake spent last week moving mountains of rock and concrete to build new fish habitat in the lake channel out from Harry DeHaven Park.

claytor lake

new-river-symposium-09The Friends of Claytor Lake participated in the annual New River Symposium last Tuesday hosted by Radford University at the Selu Conservancy. Organized by Rick Roth, from the RU Geospatial Department, and Rick Van Noy, from the RU English Department. The Symposium included organizations along the New River including the New River Conservancy, Friends of the New River, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, Radford University, Appalachian State University, American Electric Power, and The Friends of Claytor Lake.

The symposium discussed areas of need and concern including; Recreation & Culture, Watershed Science, Fisheries Science, and the state of Dams along the whole New River watershed. A final panel was introduced to discuss various topics involving these areas and future efforts to improve the New River watershed.

claytor lake

claytor-lake-american-flag-03The American flag has stood as the symbol of freedom for more than 200 years. It is the most recognizable flag in the world, signifying the power and glory of democracy of this great nation. The American flag is rich with history and a source of pride for all Americans.
In my opinion, every household in America should be proud to display “Old Glory“, every day not just on Memorial Day or on the 4th of July. However , outward display of American pride and patriotism comes with responsibility. Too often people will display the flag incorrectly or somehow allow it to become neglected and unserviceable. The United States Flag Code establishes advisory rules for display and care of the national flag of the United States of America.

– The flag should be lighted at all times, either by sunlight or by an appropriate light source.
-The flag should be flown in fair weather, unless the flag is designed for inclement weather use.
– The flag should never be dipped to any person or thing. It is flown upside down only as a distress signal.
– The flag should not be used for any decoration in general. Bunting of blue, white and red stripes is available for these purposes.
– The blue stripe of the bunting should be on the top.
– The flag should never have any mark, insignia, letter, word, number, figure, or drawing of any kind placed on it, or attached to it. The flag should never be used for receiving, holding, carrying, or delivering anything.
– When the flag is lowered, no part of it should touch the ground or any other object; it should be received by waiting hands and arms.
– To store the flag it should be folded neatly and ceremoniously.
– The flag should be cleaned and mended when necessary.
– When a flag is so worn it is no longer fit to serve as a symbol of our country, it should be destroyed by burning in a dignified manner.

While boating and fishing on our beautiful lake , I’ve noticed several American flags that have become unserviceable, some reduced to tatters of its formal glory. I’ve no doubt this is not the intent of the homeowners but somehow the flag has become forgotten or hasn’t been replaced in a timely manner.
If you or someone you know is displaying an unserviceable American flag, please take it down or ask them to do so and properly dispose of it. If I can assist you with that please email me at patriot@focl.org, I will come pick up the flag and will dispose it in a dignified manner.

Thank you

John Schutte, lake stakeholder and veteran

While boating on Claytor Lake, John Schutte a lake sake holder and veteran noticed that a number of American flags had become unserviceable.  Some were reduced to tatters of their formal glory.  In responsible to John’s observations, the Friends of Claytor Lake (FOCL) and U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary unit Flotilla 83 invite the public to honor the American flag by giving us your unserviceable flag.  There are four locations at which you can take your flags. 

Conrad Brothers Marine – RT 100, Pulaski

Ship on Site – 7351 Peppers Ferry Blvd, Fairlawn

The Raymond Ratcliffe Memorial Transportation Museum  – 51 Commerce Street, Pulaski

The Sportsman – 2947 Little River Dam Road, Radford

All retired flags will be appropriately disposed of by VFW Post 776.

For additional information please contact: Laurence D. Moore, Public Affairs Officer, Flotilla 83 and FOCL Board Members at larrydm@vt.edu or 540-639-4887

claytor lake


claytor lake


claytor lake

Claytor Lake

Supporters of The Friends of Claytor Lake showed up in force for the Committee Foundation of the New River Valley’s 2nd Annual Give Big Day. Give Big Day was purposefully chosen to correspond with recognized Earth Day to help committee foundations and organizations raise money for programs that help their communities. FOCL’s goal, aside from raising money for its many lake programs, was to show just how supported we are in the community on and around Claytor Lake. 171 donors showed up to raise FOCL to the top of the GiveBigDay leader boards and win a $3,100 grant from CFNRV. To say we achieved this goal would be an understatement. The Friends of Claytor Lake is fortunate to have such loyal supporters allowing us opportunities to provide vital programs to Claytor Lake. Thank you all so very much!

Claytor Lake
Claytor LakeClaytor Lake
Claytor Lake

The Friends of Claytor Lake, in cooperation with the Technical Action Committee comprising of members from AEP, Pulaski County, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, Department of Environmental Quality, and lake stakeholders, have put together a document to aid homeowners on Claytor Lake with steps to dredge areas of their dock and/or waterfront from the effects of siltation from the New River.  Special thanks to Jim Kelly, Larry Bandolin, and Laura Bullard. You can read and download the report HERE.

Claytor Lake

The Friends of Claytor Lake were proud to honor Laura Bullard as the 2014 Volunteer of the year. Her years of service and dedication to FOCL as our Secretary, her work with AEP’s Shoreline Management Plan, her tireless efforts on Drawdown and Mussel Salvage can’t be replaced and we are proud to have her as a member of our organization.

Claytor Lake

Claytor Lake
FOCL, Pulaski County, Bass Federation, VDGIF, and Claytor Lake Stakeholders held its first Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting today to discuss issues surround Claytor Lake. Discussions involved proposed abutment in the upper part of Claytor Lake on Clark Road for FOCL’s clean up program, discussions around concerns of the Pulaski County water intake and formulating a plan to repair the sediment hampering the intake which led to the cancellation of 2014’s drawdown, the drawdown now scheduled for November 2015, dredging for the county intake and putting together plans for homeowners to obtain permits to dredge around their docks and boat lifts, updates on FOCL, VDGIF, AEP, and DCR’s native vegetation program, discussions around the current AEP Shoreline Management Plan, and information about this summer’s Bass 4 Grass fishing tournament being held as a fundraiser for more native vegetation to be planted in Claytor Lake.

Claytor Lake
FOCL met with local Claytor Lake Bass Anglers, BASS Federation, and The Rock House Marina to discuss the 2015 Bass 4 Grass fishing tournament which will be held this August as a fundraiser to aid FOCL in planting native vegetation into Claytor Lake to continue its efforts in restoring Claytor Lake to its more natural state.